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Update 0.6.3

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Carrier Control Changes

  • Try an alternative control scheme for aircraft carriers, perfect for fans of real-time strategy games! It only takes two mouse buttons to operate a carrier. If you've already mastered controlling your carriers the "old fashioned" way, you don't have to change a thing because the new controls are optional.
  • This new control scheme is disabled by default, and can be enabled via the "Controls" tab in Settings. The alternate mode sets commands for movement and squadron target acquisition with the right mouse button. The two-button controls let the game respond faster to your commands.
  • More Differences:
    • Issue commands for movement and changing course for autopilot with the right mouse button.
    • Won't drop squadron selection on a left click.
    • Won't clear a drag selection of squadrons if nothing is caught in the drag-selection frame.
    • De-select squadrons and your carrier by pressing "Esc".
    • Activate a manual "Alt" attack using both the left and right mouse buttons.
    • Priority targets for secondary/AA armament may be set to the right mouse button when the carrier is selected, or to the left mouse button even if a squadron is selected, not the carrier itself.
    • When the two-mouse-button control mode is enabled, autopilot waypoints are added by hitting the right mouse button.
  • Controls for some other ship classes will also change when you enable this mode:
    • Priority targets for secondary/AA armament are set using the right and left mouse buttons for all ships.
    • Autopilot waypoints are added and can be changed by clicking the right mouse button.

New Controls

The new update brings other changes related to aircraft carriers:

  • We're disabling the "Alt" attack feature for Tier IV and V carriers -- this change should bring better balance to carriers at lower tiers, where most warships have weaker or non-existent AA defenses.
  • To see if you can use the "Alt" attack (manual squadron attack) feature for a particular carrier, check the "Flight Control" module and the "Aircraft" section of the ship parameters .
  • Fighters may now be removed from a fight with enemy aircraft via an "Alt" attack -- when any carrier withdraws a squadron from action this way, it'll always lose one aircraft. (This rule applies to all carriers except Saipan, as it has only three fighters in a squadron.)
  • During a battle, the game interface won't hinder zooming the camera in and out, though scrolling through game chat with the mouse is an exception
  • Your Division mates aircraft squadrons are shown in yellow.
  • Enhanced system of mouse-click target acquisition -- look for an accuracy increase when selecting multiple game elements (ships and planes) clustered at a single point.
  • Once a carrier is destroyed, her squadrons maintain their position after fulfilling a particular order rather than returning to the carrier's final sinking location.
  • Fighters with a speed higher than their targets will reduce speed as necessary while maintaining their attack -- this allows fighters to steadily hold their targets in their sights and makes it harder for strike aircraft to approach their targets (The attacked strike aircraft could drop bombs or torpedoes with no increase in dispersion).
  • We're adding a contour line that encircles key areas instead of buoys in the "aircraft" camera view.

U.S. Carrier plane torpedo changes

The following values were changed for automatically-released torpedoes from U.S. carrier planes:

  • For Martin T3M torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 32%; approach radius reduced by 24%.
  • For Martin T4M torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 32%; approach radius reduced by 25%.
  • For Douglas TBD torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 28%; approach radius reduced by 24%.
  • For Grumman TBF torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 26%; approach radius reduced by 21%.
  • For Grumman TBM-3 torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 24%; approach radius reduced by 20%.
  • For Douglas AD1 torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 22%; approach radius reduced by 15%.
  • For Douglas BTD-1 torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 20%; approach radius reduced by 16%.
  • For Douglas XSB2D torpedo bombers: Torpedo release distance decreased by 20%; approach radius reduced by 16%.

Aircraft Carrier Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the following carrier issues:
    • The minimap and tactical map will now always display the initial part of the course for squadrons.
    • Fixed a bug which made enemy squadrons invisible to the aircraft camera view while still appearing on the minimap during a Cyclone.
    • Fixed the ability to differentiate between single and double mouse clicks, preventing situations when an "Attention to Sector" order given using the minimap resulted in the selected squadron heading that way too.

Visibility Changes

Ship on Fire

  • When your ship is on fire, its visibility immediately increases by 3km for enemy ships and by 2km for enemy aircraft. The increased visibility effect disappears immediately after you extinguish the fire.

Firing Main Battery

  • We changed the concealment mechanics. Now the visibility of the ship when firing from the main battery is always equal to the maximum range of fire at the moment of taking the shot. This change will eliminate the cases where the ships with a small visibility radius could shoot at the target in direct line of sight while remaining unnoticed. Using obstacles for the visibility -- landscape and smokes -- will not change.
  • When using modifiers (spotter, modernizations or commander’s skills), the visibility range of the ship will increase in accordance with the current radius of fire.
  • If a ship is on fire, her visibility may exceed her shooting range. In this case, the visibility radius will not change when shooting.
  • Shooting from the main battery increases the visibility by the value in meters for visibility from the aircraft according to the formula: [main battery caliber in mm] x 2 x 10. (For example, a 203mm main battery fire will increase visibility from the aircraft by 4,060m.)
  • A ship's increased visibility radius lasts 20s after the last shot.
  • This only applies to the "ship and aircraft" visibilities: Now, a hull is as detectable from the shot of her “top” guns. For example, a "top" Mogami hull with 155mm guns has an identical penalty to her concealment as from 203mm guns.

AA Defense and Secondary Battery

  • As soon as the AA defense and secondary battery guns start firing, visibility to enemy aircraft increases by 2km. When a ship's secondary battery fires, the increased visibility lasts for 20s after the last shot (identical to the main battery,) though for the AA defense, there’s no timer as the effect disappears immediately.
  • This rule only functions for the "Ship - Aircraft" mechanics. When firing the AA defense or secondary battery guns, there’s no increase in the distance you become visible to other ships.
  • If a ship isn't detected when it takes a shot because of a smoke screen or terrain feature, the effect disappears immediately.

Other Interface Changes

  • We added a smokescreen duration timer, which displays in the right corner next to the "Detected" icon. The timer is only visible to you and only works to display the duration of your own smokescreen.
  • Timer statuses:
    • Neutral: The timer counts down the time remaining until the first smoke circle starts to fade away.
    • Warning: The timer goes into the 'Warning' status 10 seconds before the first circle of the smokescreen starts to fade away.
    • Dispersed: The timer will show the time remaining until the last circle of the smokescreen completely fades away.
  • Added an indicator to the game showing the maximum speed at which a player's ship will be effectively hidden by the smoke. If that speed limit is exceeded, the indicator displays a warning.

More Changes

  • Battle chat offers a scrolling feature and will save all chat communications for the entire battle, accessible by hitting "Enter" or by clicking inside the chat box.
  • We're fixing the key mapping and assignment system, meaning you'll be able to customize the control presets to best match your own preferences -- now you can assign commands to all keyboard keys except "Enter" and "Esc".
  • Clarified text showing the number of battles until the pink Team Damage status is removed.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies and streamlined the Commander rank system.
  • Added new British Commander images.
  • Clan tags no longer display in Clan chat.
  • If you save your login data, you won't see an option to enter the game without registration.
  • An "Old" mark will be added to ships in your statistics like the Tier VII destroyer Hatsuharu which have been removed or revamped but continue to exist in the game for the sole purpose of gathering statistics.
  • For test ships, the imaginative text "Test Ship" will be displayed in place of the combat characteristics when the ship is in Port -- the display for ships you don't have in Port will read "Soon".
  • Added an option to change soundtracks by pressing the > key to go to the next track, and < to switch to the previous one. You can reassign the keys in the "Controls" tab of Settings.
  • Made it possible to give a quick command by pressing "F3" in the aircraft camera mode.
  • For ships with a torpedo armament: After you switch to artillery after torpedoes, the last type of shell fired is selected by default. To load a different type of shell, you'll need to hit the corresponding key (Default "1" for HE and "2" for AP) again.
  • With the release of Update 0.6.3, all customized keyboard and mouse settings will be reset to the standard ones. After the update, you'll be able to change the settings to suit your preferences.

Balance and Ship Changes

  • We've read your feedback carefully and concluded that "stealth firing" -- shooting when you're invisible/not spotted on open water -- causes more pain than profit. In Update 0.6.3, we’re making a ship's detectability after firing a main gun shell equal to that ship's maximum firing range the moment it fires. This change should eliminate situations in which ships with minor detectability range could fire while remaining invisible to the enemies. This change applies to firing over open water only -- it won't apply firing from behind obstacles like terrain and smoke screens, and there will be no increase in detectability after firing secondary or AA guns.
  • Concealment still provides advantages for ships with low observability, but in order to inflict damage with impunity, you need to use smokescreens, terrain, and your ability to maneuver like a pro. We'll closely monitor the situation after the update, and we'll make the necessary changes to combat characteristics of individual ships if their combat effectiveness needs adjustment.
  • Please note that this change will affect only the visibility mechanics as applied to detection by sea and will not affect the visibility mechanics between ships and aircraft. Ships will be detected from the air the same way they are detected in update 0.6.2.

Special Offers

  • After the release of Update 0.6.3, we'll offer a 95% discount Elite Commander XP when you reset your Commander Skills to help you feel comfortable with the new concealment mechanics, as well as Combat Missions to earn Elite XP for resetting Commander Skills. One victorious battle with a Tier V ship earns you 30,000 Elite Commander XP points!
  • In addition, you can earn 10,000 Elite Commander XP when you:
    • Win a battle with a Tier VIII / IX / X destroyer.
    • Win a battle with a Tier VIII / IX / X cruiser.
  • By winning a battle with a Tier X destroyer and a Tier X cruiser, you'll earn a total of 90,000 Elite Commander XP, and be able to retrain eight Commanders with 19 Skill points.
  • We're also accounting for the fact that certain ships have been upgraded to increase the range of fire and enhance concealment (cruisers and destroyers). Two such upgrades are available in-game:
    • Gun Fire Control System Modification 2
    • Concealment System Modification 1
  • When the update releases, we're offering a 50% discount for all upgrades that can be installed in the same slot in place of the above upgrades:
    • Slot 3:
      • Main Battery Modification 3
      • Secondary Battery Modification 3
      • AA Guns Modification 3
      • Torpedo Tubes Modification 3
    • Slots 5 and 6:
      • Target Acquisition System Modification 1
      • Steering Gears Modification 3
  • This lets you sell the upgrade you installed earlier to get a concealment or firing range bonus, and install any other upgrade without a Credit loss.
  • We'd like you to feel comfortable trying out new tactics -- the changes coming with Update 0.6.3 will be followed by the possibility to selectively redistribute Skills for several Commanders free of charge and change any of their related upgrades.
  • Both special offers will be available for 10 days from the update release date.

Other Ship Changes

  • In addition to the changes to the detectability mechanics changes, we introduced the following:
    • Concealment System Modification 1 upgrade gets an additional "+5% to the maximum dispersion of enemy shells that fire on your ship".
    • Cruisers Ibuki, Zao, Baltimore, Des Moines, Neptune, Minotaur, Roon, Hindenburg, Dmitri Donskoi and Moskva will get an accuracy increase for their main caliber artillery, giving them a tighter grouping of shells inside the dispersion ellipse (sigma increases from 2.0 to 2.05).
    • This change gives additional protection to destroyers and cruisers that mount Concealment System Modification 1 and previously relied only on camouflage for protection. It'll be most noticeable when you're under fire from large-caliber guns at long range, when the dispersion ellipse (which defines the scatter of shells) is larger. This means when you enter close-range combat for control of a point, you'll need to worry more about the nearest enemies, and not more passive foes who prefer to stay further from the action.
    • Improving the accuracy of Tier IX and X cruisers is aimed at strengthening their role as universal ships, with guns that can threaten any target.

We'll monitor these ships closely after the release of Update 0.6.3 and will make any necessary adjustments.

  • Normal firing range of the main guns increased for the following:
  • We increased the normal firing range of the main guns increased for the following and changed some ship stats to improve their combat effectiveness and make gameplay more fun:
    • New Mexico: From 13,580m to 14,620m.
    • Colorado: From 15,180m to 17,120m.
    • Dunkerque: Improved the characteristics of the ship-borne aircraft: The aircraft's tier changed from Tier VI to VII, its hit points increased from 1,180 to 1,350 and average damage per second increased from 45 to 51.
    • Fubuki: From 9,054m to 10,470m.
    • Akizuki: From 9,236m to 11,330m.
    • Hatsuharu: From 8,436m to 9,850m.
    • Shimakaze: From 9,810m to 11,370m.
    • Yūgumo: From 10,050m to 10,950m.
    • Grozovoi: Reduced the reload time for the SM-2-1 guns from 5s to 4.2s, increased normal firing range from 10,330m to 10,970m.
    • Udaloi: Set a more precise minimum firing range for main guns.
    • Z-52: Reduced the normal detectability range by sea from 8,100m to 7,740m.
  • The increase in the normal firing range affects the ultimate firing range with all modifiers, including the Gun Fire Control System, upgrades and Commander Skills.
  • Fixed the operation of the "Manual Fire Control for AA Armament" Skill on the following:

Economic Changes

  • We adjusted the the reward system for carriers to provide greater consideration of individual achievements in combat after considering ship profitability and reading your feedback. Now, carrier captains who perform well in battle will earn more Credits and XP compared to Update 0.6.2. On average, a "decent" battle should bring 10%-25% more XP and Credits as compared with the prior economics, while a poor battle should bring an average 10%-25% fewer rewards in XP and Credits.
  • For example:
    • Poor battle: deal less than 30% damage to a single enemy ship.
    • Good battle: deal damage to enemy ships that adds up to at least 300% of their total HP and sink at least three enemy ships.
  • We've also increased the XP and Credit-earnings ratios for:

A Surprise Gift

  • April Fool's Day is celebrated the world over, and we wanted to offer you a special gift: It's an eventual free Port slot! With a (non-playable) submarine in it!
  • You'll find it in the Port immediately after the update releases.
  • If you enter the Port during the week immediately following the release of Update 0.6.3 you'll get that shiny new port slot, a Shchuka-class submarine, and a Commander.
  • Again, you can't enter battle in any mode with the submarine, dismiss its existing Commander or recruit a new one.
  • You can't sell the sub, but you can hide it by applying filters in your Port.
  • You won't be able to level up or retrain the Commander who's also added to your account.
  • You can't mount camo, upgrades or consumables beyond Commemorative and Signal Flags will be allowed.
  • When the sub is removed from your account, all Commemorative and Signal Flags taken off it will be transferred to your Inventory.
  • You won't be able to see its armor layout in Port.
  • The sub and its Commander will disappear in the update following this one, but the sub's Port slot will be added to your account to use as you see fit. Hopefully, you'll put a newly-researched ship in it!

Ship Appearance Changes

  • We improved the appearance of Premium Tier II and III ships using a special technology for improved rendering of thin elements (mostly the ship's rigging) without affecting game performance, on the following ships:
  • Fixed minor visual artifacts present at low and medium graphics settings for:
  • Dunkerque: Added practice guns to the main gun turrets, which won't affect combat performance.
  • Akizuki: Fixed intersection of a torpedo tube with the crane beam, added a rangefinder.
  • Indianapolis: Mk33 Director now works with the main battery guns.
  • Reworked Port armor visual display of:
  • Added a permanent camouflage for Ryujo:
    • -3% to detectability range by sea.
    • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking the player's ship.
    • +30% to XP earned in battle.
    • Camouflage cost: 1,000 Doubloons.

Technical Updates