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  • When selling a ship in your port, the ship and camouflage mounted on them no longer sell together; now the camouflage dismounts and moves to your inventory.
  • Message indicating captains have chosen the incorrect ship and battle type to fulfill campaign tasks no longer displays in Russian.
  • Fixed carrier camera switching to tracking camera when several navigation points are set via Shift, even if you’ve turned off the "Switch off Shift on aircraft carriers" option.
  • The final Task for Mission 3 of "The Hunt for Bismarck" campaign mistakenly awards an unmountable Secondary Battery Modification 1. Update changes that reward to an Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1. If you won the Second Battery Modification 1 via the Task, you’ll have the Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 credited to your account if the Battery Modification is still in your inventory. To avoid a Credit loss, please don’t sell the incorrect upgrade, and wait for the release to have it changed to the right one. If you sold your Secondary Battery Modification 1, it won’t be exchanged for the correct one.