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Update 0.7.1

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Vive la France!

A number of events dedicated to the French Battleship branch will debut upon Update 0.7.1's launch.

New Collection

Players will be able to start a new Collection based on the new French Battleship branch. Collectable items will consist of the following items: • Stylized photos of the French and Allied ships • Coats of Arms and badges • Weapons related to French Naval history

These collectibles will be both earnable in special "Vive la France" missions and purchasable in the Premium Shop.

Unique Commander: Jean-Jacques Honoré

Upon completing the "Vive la France" Collection, players will be awarded a brand new Unique French Commander, Jean-Jacques Honoré.

This battle-hardened veteran comes with an enhanced variation of the "Expert Marksman" and "Adrenaline Rush" skills, along with 10 free Skill Points. Upon recruiting, he will be trained for the Tier I cruiser Bougainville.

Win Early Access to French Battleships

Players will be able to receive a unique "Vive la France" containers by completing a series of Combat Missions. Upon unboxing these containers, players will have a chance to earn a Combat Mission token which grants early instant access to Tier V-VIII French battleships: Bretagne, Normandie, Lyon, or Richelieu.

New French Port: Marseille

The sun-lit port town of Marseille will be available for all players as a new selectable Port. Enjoy the scenery of this magnificent city and her calming sea shores.

Clan Battles: Season “Island of Ice”

Clan Battles Season 2 is on its way! Show your Clan's prowess in the new Season “Island of Ice”! Season will start from February 10 to last until April 16.

Clan Battles Prime Time is from 16:30 - 20:30 PT (19:30 - 23:30 ET) on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

All Clans will be reset to the default, value but will receive 50 bonus points (maximum - 150 pts) for the first battle played in every League in the “Hotspot” season (except for the Squall League).

Specially for the battle-hardened sea wolves, we're adding a new league this season: the new Hurricane League.

The Hurricane League does not contain any interim groups and there are no limits to boosting your Clan's Rating. To get into the League, your Clan must fight through a series of five Progression Battles and win at least three of them. Alternatively, if your Clan loses all their points, they must win three out of five Relegation Battles to keep from getting kicked out of the Hurricane League.

Introduction of the new league will not affect the process of receiving a flag for cruiser Stalingrad. The series of the combat missions remain just the same; the general value of the prizes won’t change, either. However, their contents will be slightly different as compared with the prizes of Season 1.

Besides that, we’ve prepared special achievements for the players and Clans in the new season. You need to play at least one battle in each of the below leagues to get a respective achievements:

Name Criteria
Squall League Be in the Squall League or higher in Season "Islands of Ice"
Gale League Be in the Gale League or higher in the Season "Islands of Ice"
Storm League Be in the Storm League or higher in the Season "Islands of Ice"
Typhoon League Be in the Typhoon League or higher in the Season "Islands of Ice"
Hurricane League Be in the Hurricane League or higher in the Season "Islands of Ice"
Island of Ice Be the top team in the Season "Islands of Ice"
NOTE: Between February 10 and 16, all players who will have played at least one Clan Battle will be able to reset Commander skills and mount the required upgrades for free.

Tier X Ships for Clan Battles

When the Season starts, any player that has played a Clan or Random Battle with a Tier VIII–X ship will get the following three special tier X ships for temporary use: Japanese Cruiser Zao, Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi, and American Battleship Montana.

  • The ships are given for temporary use and will be removed from accounts with the release of Update 0.7.2.
  • Rented ships can only be used in Clan Battles.
  • A special timer will appear next to the ship in the Port to warn you about the remaining rental time.
  • You can't mount a camouflage of any type on rented ships.
  • You will be able to re-assign Commanders to rented ships without penalty.
  • Rented ships will bring the same amount of valuables after a battle as your own researchable tier X ships.
  • After a ship is removed, her Commander will be automatically sent to the Reserve, while the upgrades, consumables, and signals will be moved to the player's Inventory. Any experience accumulated on the ship is transferred to the starting ship of the corresponding nation.
  • If the ships have alternative modules (like Shimakaze’s torpedo tubes), you can mount them for free.
  • If a Commander is recruited for a rented ship separately, their specialization will be changed for the starting ship of the corresponding nation.
  • If a Commander recruited to helm a rented ship is subsequently reassigned to a different ship, his specialization will automatically change to the ship he's assigned to at the moment when the Update goes live. Commander skills, however, will not be reset.
  • Ships will be issued with slots, but the slots will be removed from accounts once the relevant ships are also removed.

Distinctive Insignias

Decorative parts for your Patches will now have a chance to be randomly included in your Daily Containers as an additional item. These Patch parts will be assigned their own separate slot in the Container; in which they will not come in place of other rewards. If a player receives a duplicate of an already owned Patch part, compensation of 15,000 Credits will be issued per patch.

You can view player's insignia in detail on their profile page. To do that, just go to the player's profile and click on the Distinctive Insignia.

Searching for a Clan

Improved Clan search system will be introduced in Update 0.7.1 that will allow players to find their best-suited Clan faster and easier.

The Clan feature will now have a "Recommendations" section. To search for a Clan, press the "Join a Clan" button to see 3 Clans and a set of parameters according to which these Clans were selected. If none of the proposed Clans suits you, you can press the "Next" button to see another set of Clans. Should you find a suitable Clan, click on the button prompt on screen to send your application request to the Clan Commander and the other members eligible to recruit new members. You may also view detailed information by clicking on the Clan's name to visit their Clan Base.

For more accurate Clan search, you can specify your own game preferences by indicating your preferred battle types and preferred language. Similarly, the Clan Commanders can specify their Clan preferences in regard to players.

Displayed Parameters
Play in a Division Clan Battles Participation in Operations
Average Ship Tier Preferred days for playing Clan Battles Average number of battles in Operations
Communication Language Communication Language Communication Language
Players’ activity level Players’ activity level Players’ activity level

If there are not enough Clans in the "Participation in Operations" category to be displayed, additional Clans from the "Clan Battles" category will be shown here. If they are not enough either, then clans from the "Play in a Division" category will be displayed.

Clans are displayed in a similar manner when they are not enough in the "Clan Battles" category: the suitable Clans from the "Participation in Operations" are selected first, then the Clans from the "Play in a Division" are shown.

The "Recommendations" section won't be visible for players currently in a Clan.

Balance Changes

  • Tier X American aircraft carrier Midway will have her aircraft replaced as follows:
    • The Vought F4U-4 (tier IX; cruise speed: 178 knots; HP: 1,910; loadout – 54; average damage per second: 70) fighters are replaced with the Vought F4U-1 (tier VIII; cruise speed: 169 knots; HP: 1,700; loadout: 61; average damage per second: 63) ones.
    • The Grumman F8F (tier X; cruise speed: 181 knots; HP: 2,060; loadout: 48; average damage per second: 80) fighters are replaced with the Vought F4U-4 (tier IX; cruise speed: 178 knots; HP: 1,910; loadout: 54; average damage per second: 70) ones.
    • These changes are meant to provide for a better balance between Midway and her Japanese counterpart Hakuryu.

Maps & Locations

The new map, "Sleeping Giant" has been introduced for Tier IX- X battles conducted in "Domination Mode". This map will be available for Random and Co-op Battles.

  • Features elements of islands, straits and free flanks.
  • In the Domination mode, Key Area on the left flank is surrounded by large yet low-rising islands suitable firing from behind.
  • Between the Key Areas on the right and in the center, there are several straits that allow movement from one Key Area to the other *while remaining under cover.
  • The map is designed relatively symmetrical and gives equal opportunities for both teams.
  • This map is designed based on the Chinese coast -- watch carefully, and you can catch several references like the seemingly endless Great Wall of China and a pagoda of the Youguo Temple.

After looking into player feedback, we've reworked two maps "Trap" (Tier VIII - X Battles) and "Tears of the Desert" (Tier IX - X Battles) to encourage more dynamic gameplay.

  • "Trap" has smaller map dimensions for easier maneuverability and positioning, providing for encounters at any distance, while preserving all its unique peculiarities -- the active zone was decreased by 3km from each map side in order to increase the intensity of player's actions in battle.
  • "Tears of the Desert" is more comfortable for cruiser Commanders.
    • The main special trait of this map—a range of islands in the central part was kept as is, with an added a 'shelter' in the form of an island in the very center of the center.
    • The key adjustment is the change of starting positions of the teams -- one team spawns in the southwest and the other in the northeast.
    • Flanks were revised by adding more 'shelters' -- active zone was decreased by 3km from each map side in order to increase the intensity of player's actions in battle.

Sound Changes

Change of weather conditions during battle will now be accompanied by special warning sound effects.

  • Upon selecting "Ultra High" audio quality, the sounds of shells hitting ships, the sound of ship destruction, surface explosions and the sound of guns firing at a long distance from your ship will be greatly improved while you're in Binoculars view.
  • The distance of battle audibility has been increased by improving dimensional processing of sounds.
  • Upon using an Aircraft Carrier with the War Drums sound mod enabled, players will hear music processed differently depending on their camera angles.
  • Added voiceovers for Operation "Narai" and The Ultimate Frontier.
  • Disabled national voiceovers for Pan-Asian ships. The voiceovers specific for the player's region or the voice mod selected in the settings will be played instead even if the national voiceovers are selected.
  • Fixed the issue that caused incorrect behavior of the sound played for traverse movement of turrets for small ships. This fix affected mainly destroyers and some cruisers.

New Content

  • Added new consumable "Revolutionary" camouflage with the following bonuses:
    • -3% to surface detectability range
    • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship
    • +75% to the XP earned in a battle
    • +30% to the Credits earned in a battle
  • With the Update 0.7.1 only the following ships are available for in-game purchase with Doubloons: Alabama, Tirpitz, Perth, Kii, Duca d'Aosta, Loyang, Leningrad, Atago, De Grasse, Hood, Yubari, Sims, Molotov, Admiral Graf Spee, Błyskawica. You can also find these ships in the Premium Shop.
  • The ships remaining on regular sale are the most popular and "comfortable" to play, and the most representative of their nation and ship type. Other ships will be periodically available for purchase.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Two new game graphics options were added to Settings "Very Low" and "Maximum" -- these preset modes can be only set in the game manually.
    • The "Very low" preset disables most of the settings or sets them at the lowest level, which improves the game performance.
    • "Maximum" preset enables most of the functions and maximizes the picture saturation, but consumes the most video adapter resources.
  • Changed the window that notifies the player of the achievement of a new level in the Service Record -- level descriptions in the Profile tab were revised as well.
  • Fixed the geometrical shapes and textures of Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Duguay-Trouin, Henri IV, Graf Zeppelin, Duke of York, and Des Moines. These changes have a negligible effect on the ship’s performance.
  • Hood: Fixed the armor geometry in the Port view in order to make it more accurate as compared to the visual model (hit points of the casemate, aft end, superstructures and the bow were redistributed while keeping the overall HP the same). These changes have a negligible effect on the ship’s performance.
  • Langley: Fixed the position of the ship in the "Naval Base" Port.
  • The lifetime of the player's application to join a Clan is 5 days long. After this period expires the application is removed.
  • After leaving a Clan, the player can join another Clan only in three days’ time.
  • Starting from Update 0.7.1, the players can dismiss the ARP and Dragon commanders they don’t need any longer -- you won’t be able to receive these commanders again after you dismiss them.
  • Fixed the bug that minimized the Division chat after the battle.
  • Fixed the sound of the main battery shots for battleship Musashi.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented viewing a player’s profile on the ‘Team score’ tab.
  • Fixed the textures of Hull A for battleship Bismarck.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented cruiser Mogami from enjoying bonuses of unique Yamamoto Isoruku commander personalization.