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Aircraft Carrier | U.S.A. | Tier VIII
Tech Tree Position
Research price120000 exp
Purchase price9,000,000 Credits
Hit Points48,200 
Secondary Armament #1
127 mm/38 Mk.12 on a Mk.24 mount8 х 1 pcs.
Firing Range4.5 km.
Rate of Fire10 shots/min.
Reload Timesec.
HE Shell127 mm HE Mk32 
Maximum HE Shell Damage1,800 
Initial HE Shell Velocity792 m./s.
Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell%
AA Defense
127 mm/38 Mk.12 on a Mk.24 mount8 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second64 
. . . Firing Range5.01 km.
20 mm Oerlikon on a Mk.4 mount40 х 1 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second144 
. . . Firing Range2.01 km.
40 mm/56 Bofors on a Mk.1 mount9 х 2 pcs.
. . . Average Damage per Second101.7 
. . . Firing Range3.51 km.
Maximum Speed32.5 knot
Turning Circle Radius1 070 m.
Rudder Shift Time17.3 sec.
Surface Detectability Range13.01 km.
Air Detectability Range10.16 km.
Battle Levels

Yorktown — American Tier VIII aircraft сarrier.

The Yorktown-class ships entered service between 1937 and 1941 as the first mass-produced aircraft carriers of special construction in the U.S. Navy. They were designed with the limitations of international naval armament agreements in mind, but despite this, the American designers skillfully crafted these 20,000-ton aircraft carriers to be swift, spacious, and well-equipped. During the initial year of the war in the Pacific, ships of the Yorktown class, along with the Lexington-class carriers, constituted the primary strike force of the U.S. Navy.


Hull Hit Points
Main Turrets
Secondary Gun Turrets
AA Mounts
Torpedo Tubes
Hangar Capacity
Research price
Purchase price
Yorktown (A)48,20013102840/9/8 0940,000
Yorktown (B)50,10013102850/3/6/8 30,0003,300,000
Attack Aircraft Speed
Research price
Purchase price
F4U-1D Corsair Tiny Tim 0450,000
F4U-1D Corsair Tiny Tim 18,0001,500,000
Torpedo Bombers Maximum Torpedo Damage
Hit Points
Research price
Purchase price
TBF Avenger5,0671211,870 0450,000
AD-1 Skyraider3,6331261,950 18,0001,500,000
Bombers Maximum Bomb Damage
Hit Points
Research price
Purchase price
SB2C-4 Helldiver 0450,000
SB2C-4 Helldiver 18,0001,500,000
Engine Maximum Speed
Research price
Purchase price
Propulsion: 120,000 hp32.5 0400,000

Compatible Upgrades

 Slot 1 
Air Groups Modification 1
Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1
Damage Control Party Modification 1
 Slot 2 
Damage Control System Modification 1
Aircraft Engines Modification 1
 Slot 3 
Secondary Battery Modification 1
Smoke Generator Modification 1
Torpedo Bombers Modification 1
Attack Aircraft Modification 1
Aerial Torpedoes Modification 1
 Slot 4 
Damage Control System Modification 2
Attack Aircraft Modification 2
Torpedo Bombers Modification 2
Bombers Modification 1
Airstrike Modification 1
 Slot 5 
Flight Control Modification 1
Concealment System Modification 1
Squadron Consumables Modification 1

Player Opinion


Warning. The data presented in the AA Defense sidebar section may be incorrect.
Refer to the in-game Port screens for more useful data.

Combat Capability - Smoke Curtain Generator

Yorktown's tactical attack aircraft and tactical bomber squadrons can deploy smoke through Smoke Curtain Generators in battle. The consumable works the same as with smoke generators on surface ships, but uses the aircraft to direct the smoke screen. Her tactical aircraft, like most others, are equipped with boosters and consist of only one attack flight, and they do not return to the aircraft carrier.


Activate the consumable with its assigned key. Tactical squadrons are available at the start of the battle. The squadrons do not return to the carrier; the full preparation time must elapse again before they can be launched again.


  • Tactical Attack Squadron preparation time: 126 seconds
  • Tactical Bomber Squadron preparation time: 144 seconds
  • Consumable action time: 10 s
  • Smoke screen dispersion time: 60 s
  • Action radius: 530 m
  • Cooldown time: 90 s
  • Number of consumables: 2


  • Planes have a decent health pool that allows them to get closer to drop payloads on enemy ships.
  • High durability and high patrol radius on fighters
  • Good Speed of 32.5 knots, and decent Maneuverability for a CV
  • Tactical squadrons are able to create long smoke curtains for friendly ships, specially when combined with engine boost
  • Tiny Tim rockets have high alpha damage, penetration and fire chance
  • Attack aircraft are reasonably fast.


  • All planes perform poorly against smaller, more nimble targets
  • Only 6 Tiny Tim rockets are launched per attack run and have questionable accuracy that causes poor performance against smaller ships.
  • bombers have low alpha damage and have a sparse spread pattern, making their damage verry unreliable.
  • Unable to swap out Tiny Tim rockets against HVAR rockets, further reducing Yorktown's effectivity against smaller vessels
  • Low fighter view range (2 km)
  • Tactical squadrons take long to replenish, requiring the player to manage his planes more carefully than on other carriers


Researchable upgrades for Yorktown:

  1. Hull: Upgrade to Hull (B) for improved survivability, maneuverability and AA. Research of this module unlocks progression to Essex.
  2. Tactical Rocket Aircraft: Upgrade to F4U-1D Corsair for improved plane HP, restoration time and an extra plane for the squadron.
  3. Torpedo Bombers: Upgrade to AD-1 Skyraider for improved plane speed, HP and restoration time.
  4. Tactical Dive Bombers: Upgrade to SB2C-4 Helldiver for improved plane HP and restoration time.

Optimal Configuration


The recommended upgrades are:

Commander Skills


Yorktown equips the following consumables:

Aircraft Carrier:

All aircraft carrier consumables are automatically activated.

Tactical Attack Aircraft:

Torpedo Bombers:

Tactical Bombers:


Note: Use of the Juliet Charlie signal makes detonation impossible.


Historical Info

Historical Gallery


Ship Change Log

See here for links to Update notes.

  • Available for testing by supertesters in the game starting from Update 12.9.

Testing Changes

  • DevBlog 476:
    • Preliminary characteristics.
  • DevBlog 478:
    • Changed the parameters of the Patrol Fighter consumable:
      • Patrol Fighters' arrival time increased to standard parameters.
      • Patrol Fighters' HP increased by 30%.
      • Activation time when enemy aircraft enters their action radius reduced by 50%.
      • Reload time reduced from 10 to 5 s (Unlisted change).
  • DevBlog 485:
    • Removed the preparation time for tactical attack aircraft and dive bomber squadrons at the start of the battle. They will now be ready to use immediately at the start of the battle.
  • DevBlog 488:
    • Researchable Torpedo bomber parameters were changed:
      • Maximum torpedo damage reduced from 5,067 to 3,633.
      • All other parameters are adjusted accordingly.
    • Stock Bomber parameters were changed:
      • HP increased from 2,520 to 2,760.
      • Bomb damage reduced from 6,200 to 5,600.
      • All other parameters were adjusted accordingly.
    • Researchable Bomber parameters were changed:
      • HP increased from 2,630 to 2,890.
      • Bomb damage reduced from 6,200 to 5,600.
      • All other parameters were adjusted accordingly.
    • Patrol Fighters consumable parameters were changed:
      • Number of fighters increased from 5 to 7.
      • Action radius increased by 14%.
  • DevBlog 495:
    • "Patrol Fighter" consumable parameters were changed:
      • Air visibility radius increased from 2 to 5.5 km.
  • DevBlog 500:
    • Stock Attack Aircraft parameters were changed:
      • Aircraft preparation time increased from 115 to 125 s.
    • Researchable Attack Aircraft parameters were changed:
      • Aircraft preparation time increased from 105 to 115 s.
    • Stock Bomber parameters were changed:
      • Aircraft preparation time increased from 131 to 140 s.
    • Researchable Bomber parameters were changed:
      • Aircraft preparation time increased from 125 to 134 s.
  • Update 13.0:
    • Available from the paid progression line of the U.S. Aircraft Carriers Event Pass, during Update 13.0.
    • The Hero of Midway permanent camouflage was added.
  • Introduced into the game as a researchable ship in Update 13.2.
  • Update 13.2:
    • Included additional description for the Patrol Fighters of the ship.

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