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This should be our generic one henceforth:


Missing camos

These are known to be missing from this page as of Template:today. Common:

  • Type 3: Ranked (probably the same as Type 3)
  • Halloween 2018 (probably same as Halloween 2016)
  • Azur Lane
  • Ovechkin
  • WG Fest 2018


  • The Freedom premiums awarded in the Sharks vs. Eagles event (four total?)
  • Others from the American cruiser arc
  • Black Friday "B" variants have a camo called "Special - [ship name]" (four of them)
  • Azur Lane (there appears to be five? of them}
  • Country - WV'41
  • Maple Leaf - Haida
  • Sincerely and Firmly - Prinz Eitel Friedrich (Nerves of Steel mission final reward)
  • Snowy - Hatsuharu, Nurnberg, Icarus, Dallas, Normandie (Mighty Prinz campaign)

iDuckman:na (talk) 23:40, 16 January 2019 (UTC)