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The strong and weak points seems to being copied straight from the Admiral Hipper page. However, it's questionable, as it lists a B-hull (I don't think the premium has multiple hulls, can't recall without owning it). Another question I have: what is the quality of the AA? The Hipper which has for 99% the same AA is listed as questionable, whereas the slightly weaker Prinz AA is Very strong? Also: is the HE disappointing? It looks stronger and better than the Hipper's HE.

Maybe someone who own's it, can rewrite it a bit, as the information now is rather.... Unreliable? Anymn:eu (talk) 18:47, 11 September 2016 (UTC)

my review after 0.7.4 and ranked experience

since the latest patch (0.7.4) the prinz eugen has a heal, which with the 20% extra heal flag repairs 270 hp a second. (potential of 7.560 HP per heal) this allows the ship to be agressive, hunt dd's and actually engage a battleship if played correctly. (using island and nose forward to tank damage/stay hidden until you can use your 2x3 torps per side with excellent angles)

the AA is nothing special but can be made durable with the correct upgrades and captain skills.(i suggest using the AA range upgrade because otherwise its just doesn't have real reach. the AA range is decent without and good with the tier 4 captain skill for extra range. in practical battles (for instance in ranked) it will shoot down a few planes if the carrier wants to take you down, but when the carrier wants to take down your teammate next to you and leaves his plains a bit too long in your bubble you will deal significant damage without def AA fire. i have not tried def AA fire out yet because the hydro is too good to give up in ranked.

speed is respectable and manoeuvrability with rudder shift upgrade is nothing to be ashamed of. (without it is sluggish) can get it up to 33.1 knots with speedflag.

concealment is below average, concealment upgrades/skill is a must to get it down to 11.5.

the guns are excellent, yes you only have 8 but they are accurate, rather fast turning and 17.5km range (can't increase range) base reload is 13s (I suggest u get AR adrenaline rush for better reload after taking damage) the HE shells are below average with the fire chance but thanks to its accuracy they can work (try to get the tier 3 perk for 3% extra fire chance) they also deal excellent damage to battlships thanks to their accuracy, taking of 4.000 to 6.000 hp per salvo off is not uncommon, but does require a broadside BB and perfect aim.

the AP however is amazing, german 203mm AP with 5.900 citadel dmg and good pen with excellent arcs and good shell speed. u will do 4.000+ dmg a salvo versus broadside BB's when aiming correctly and absolutely devastate enemy cruisers, which u can engage agressively thanks to turtleback citadel, awesome hydro and good overall armour. BUT most importantly the heal allows you to do this, take damage and heal it back up.

you will get punished by long range heavy AP, USA cruisers or BB's thanks to plunging fire which negates your citadel turtleback shape. close quarters giving broadside is never recommend but versus cruiser you won't really get citadeld, you will get penned but not citadeld. (bb's can still ruin your day though)

in my hands this ship has 2 roles; 1: sniper, get long range and kite with its excellent accuracy or behind an island if going out would be suicide.(watch out: its excellent arcs means that it wont reach high so high island will block shots) 2: brawler, surprise enemy's by aggressively flanking them around an island, use your hydro to spot them and last minute torpedo them, or simply park nose in to their broadside and citadel them. you can take broadside damage from cruiser because of your turtleback, be careful with BB's though, and after taking dmg, heal.

the Prinz eugen is a excellent tier 8 cruisers which can reward smart play extremely well. (also makes good credits)