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Queen Elizabeth

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Incorrect informations

In the ship description is stated that the ship has the same Turret Traverse Speed of Orion and Iron Duke (72 seconds for 180° turn), which is incorrect, those are outdated informations, the Turrets now rotate 180° in 54.55 seconds just like Kongo ones, it is also stated that the ship has better AA that even New Mexico, but it's entirely wrong, sure the two ships have a difference of roughly 1 Km in the range of their AA, with Queen Elizabeth haveing Long Range AA at 5.8 Km and Medium Range AA at 2.5 Km, and New Mexico haveing Long Range AA at 4.2 Km, with Medium Range AA at 3.5 Km. But New Mexico, as with all US Battleships, from T6 and onward, has the strongest AA of all researchable BBs of all Factions, which is the distintive trait of all US BBs; much like the Turtleback Armor is the distintive Trait of the German BBs.