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A few things to know

Vanguard is a real solid ship, but lacks short range AA, like Lion (B hull) and Conqueror, so if fighting against Carriers, one must use a captain with a specific AA build. In the ship page is reccomended for slot 4 Damage Control System Modification 2; I say that players shuold try to play a few games, best if in Coop Battles, to see how the ship reacts to Fires, since those are a more common threat compared to floods, if the ship reacts badly and catches Fire like dry wood, then insert Damage Control System Modification 2, otherwhise place in slot 4 Propulsion System Modification, to increase the ship acceleration and deceleration time. Considering that the ship Rudder shift time is just 9.7 seconds, upgrades to Rudder shift time are a low priority, but in case even with 9.7 seconds, players still have a hard time dodging Torpedoes, then insert Steering Gear Modification 1, in slot 4, this will reduce the shift time by 20% making Vanguard Rudder the fastest of any Battleship present in game up to date.