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Company battles

Company battles

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Company battles

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Company battles — a special type of battle, which differs from the rest in that the company is created by the commander, and all players are connected by in-game voice communication. Recruitment of fighters to the team is carried out through a point system.

After the readiness of all the fighters in the company, the company goes to the lobby, where a team for the battle is selected for it. The selection algorithm requires the presence of at least four teams in the lobby, despite the fact that in the company battles the balanced weight of the teams is not taken into account. The tactics of company battles in World of Tanks on various maps are determined by the team.

Each team after the battle receives experience and credits, depending on the damage they caused, highlights, etc. However, the winning team, in addition to their own experience and credits earned, receives a rather significant percentage of the enemy’s earnings, which is why the payouts for the winnings are quite significant, and the losing team leaves in a big minus.

There are four battle levels in company battles: a junior company, a middle company, a champion company, and Absolute Company. In each, only a certain level of equipment and a minimum / maximum number of equipment points are allowed. World of Tanks company video of battle fights will help in the training and training of combat.

The mode is removed from the game in Update 0.9.19

Junior company

The number of points: minimum 20, maximum 40.

Light Tank Tiers: 1-3.
Medium Tank Tier: 1-4.
Heavy Tank Tier: 4.
TD Tier: 2-4.
SPG Tier: 2-4.

Medium company

The number of points: minimum 40, maximum 60.

Light Tank Tiers: 1-4.
Medium Tank Tier: 1-6.
Heavy Tank Tier: 3-6.
TD Tier: 2-6.
SPG Tier: 2-6.

Master Company

The number of points: minimum 60, maximum 90.

Light Tank Tiers: 1-8.
Medium Tank Tier: 1-8.
Heavy Tank Tier: 4-8.
TD Tier: 2-8.
SPG Tier: 2-8.

Absolute company

The number of points: minimum 90, maximum 150.

Light Tank Tiers: 1-10.
Medium Tank Tier: 1-10.
Heavy Tank Tier: 4-10.
TD Tier: 2-10.
SPG Tier: 2-10.