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G.W. Tiger (P)

G.W. Tiger (P)

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G.W. Tiger (P)

Battle Tier
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[Client Values; Actual values in
Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.
2,650,000  Credits Cost
44088 HP Hit Points
74.9/7529.24/78 t Weight Limit
  1. Commander
  2. Gunner
  3. Driver
  4. Radio Operator
  5. Loader
  6. Loader
600640 hp Engine Power
35/10 km/h Speed Limit
1416 deg/s Traverse
8.0121.89 hp/t Power/Wt Ratio
YesYes Pivot
// mm Hull Armor








Shell Cost
750/950/500900/1200/640 HP Damage
44/55/26853/66/296 mm Penetration





1.82 r/m 

Standard Gun

Reload Times
Nominal: 33 s
50% Crew: 40.88 s
75% Crew: 35.69 s
100% Crew: 31.64 s
Rammer: 28.48 s
Vents: 30.94 s
Both: 27.85 s
Both and BiA: 27.24 s
Both and Max Crew %: 26.11 s

See Crew, Consumables, or Equipment for more information.





1.3 r/m 

Standard Gun

Reload Times
Nominal: 46 s
50% Crew: 56.98 s
75% Crew: 49.76 s
100% Crew: 44.11 s
Rammer: 39.7 s
Vents: 43.14 s
Both: 38.82 s
Both and BiA: 37.98 s
Both and Max Crew %: 36.41 s

See Crew, Consumables, or Equipment for more information.
Rate of Fire






Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 1 (750 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1365
50% Crew: 1102.5
75% Crew: 1260
100% Crew: 1425
100% Crew
Vents: 1455
Rammer: 1582.5
Both: 1620
Both and BiA: 1657.5
Both and Max Crew %: 1725

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2115
50% Crew: 1852.5
75% Crew: 2010
100% Crew: 2175
100% Crew
Rammer: 2332.5
Vents: 2205
Both: 2370
Both and BiA: 2407.5
Both and Max Crew %: 2475

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 2 (950 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1729
50% Crew: 1396.5
75% Crew: 1596
100% Crew: 1805
100% Crew
Vents: 1843
Rammer: 2004.5
Both: 2052
Both and BiA: 2099.5
Both and Max Crew %: 2185

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2679
50% Crew: 2346.5
75% Crew: 2546
100% Crew: 2755
100% Crew
Rammer: 2954.5
Vents: 2793
Both: 3002
Both and BiA: 3049.5
Both and Max Crew %: 3135

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 3 (500 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 910
50% Crew: 735
75% Crew: 840
100% Crew: 950
100% Crew
Vents: 970
Rammer: 1055
Both: 1080
Both and BiA: 1105
Both and Max Crew %: 1150

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 1410
50% Crew: 1235
75% Crew: 1340
100% Crew: 1450
100% Crew
Rammer: 1555
Vents: 1470
Both: 1580
Both and BiA: 1605
Both and Max Crew %: 1650

See here, here, or here for more information.






Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 1 (900 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1170
50% Crew: 945
75% Crew: 1080
100% Crew: 1224
100% Crew
Vents: 1251
Rammer: 1359
Both: 1395
Both and BiA: 1422
Both and Max Crew %: 1485

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2070
50% Crew: 1845
75% Crew: 1980
100% Crew: 2124
100% Crew
Rammer: 2259
Vents: 2151
Both: 2295
Both and BiA: 2322
Both and Max Crew %: 2385

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 2 (1200 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1560
50% Crew: 1260
75% Crew: 1440
100% Crew: 1632
100% Crew
Vents: 1668
Rammer: 1812
Both: 1860
Both and BiA: 1896
Both and Max Crew %: 1980

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2760
50% Crew: 2460
75% Crew: 2640
100% Crew: 2832
100% Crew
Rammer: 3012
Vents: 2868
Both: 3060
Both and BiA: 3096
Both and Max Crew %: 3180

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 3 (640 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 832
50% Crew: 672
75% Crew: 768
100% Crew: 870.4
100% Crew
Vents: 889.6
Rammer: 966.4
Both: 992
Both and BiA: 1011.2
Both and Max Crew %: 1056

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 1472
50% Crew: 1312
75% Crew: 1408
100% Crew: 1510.4
100% Crew
Rammer: 1606.4
Vents: 1529.6
Both: 1632
Both and BiA: 1651.2
Both and Max Crew %: 1696

See here, here, or here for more information.
Damage Per Minute



0.67 m 

With 50% Crew: 0.83 m
With 75% Crew: 0.725 m
With 100% Crew: 0.642 m
With BiA: 0.628 m
With BiA and Vents: 0.615 m
Maximum possible: 0.589 m

For more details, see Crew



0.79 m 

With 50% Crew: 0.979 m
With 75% Crew: 0.855 m
With 100% Crew: 0.757 m
With BiA: 0.741 m
With BiA and Vents: 0.725 m
Maximum possible: 0.695 m

For more details, see Crew



4.8 s 

With 50% Crew: 5.946 s
With 75% Crew: 5.192 s
With 100% Crew: 4.602 s
With GLD: 4.184 s
With BiA: 4.501 s
With BiA and Vents: 4.403 s
With both and GLD: 4.003 s
Maximum possible: 3.837 s

For more details, see Crew or Equipment



5.2 s 

With 50% Crew: 6.442 s
With 75% Crew: 5.625 s
With 100% Crew: 4.986 s
With GLD: 4.533 s
With BiA: 4.876 s
With BiA and Vents: 4.77 s
With both and GLD: 4.337 s
Maximum possible: 4.157 s

For more details, see Crew or Equipment
Aim time
1010 deg/s Gun Traverse Speed
10° Gun Arc
-2°/+48°-2°/+48° Elevation Arc
2115 rounds Ammo Capacity
2020 % Chance of Fire

290 m 

With 50% Crew: 227.8 m
With 75% Crew: 259 m
With 100% Crew: 290 m
With Recon and Situational Awareness: 304.7 m
With Coated Optics: 319 m
With Binocular Telescope: 362.5 m
Maximum possible: 415.2 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment

290 m 

With 50% Crew: 227.8 m
With 75% Crew: 259 m
With 100% Crew: 290 m
With Recon and Situational Awareness: 304.7 m
With Coated Optics: 319 m
With Binocular Telescope: 362.5 m
Maximum possible: 415.2 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment
View Range



310 m 

With 50% Crew: 250.2 m
With 75% Crew: 286.6 m
With 100% Crew: 323.3 m
With 100% Signal Boost: 372 m
When affected by 100% Relaying: 341 m
Maximum possible: 465.4 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment



710 m 

With 50% Crew: 573.1 m
With 75% Crew: 656.4 m
With 100% Crew: 740.5 m
With 100% Signal Boost: 852 m
When affected by 100% Relaying: 781 m
Maximum possible: 1065.9 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment
Signal Range
Values are Stock - click for Top

Additional Statistics
(Top Configuration)


  • Stationary: 3.7%
  • When Moving: 1.4%
  • When Firing: 0.3%

Terrain Resistance

  • On Hard Ground: 1.25
  • On Medium Ground: 1.44
  • On Soft Ground: 2.4

Dispersion Change Values

  • Turret Contribution
  • Rotation: 0.61
  • Shot Recoil: 5.75
  • Suspension Contribution
  • Acceleration: 0.42
  • Turning: 0.42

With 100% Crew




The G.W. Tiger (P) is a German tier 8 self-propelled gun.

Conceptualization of a heavy SPG mounted on an elongated Porsche Tiger chassis. It is known that Ferdinand Porsche intended to develop the SPG; however, the work was never started.

The G.W. Tiger (P) leads to the G.W. Tiger.

Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables




Tier Gun Penetration
Rate of fire
Aiming time

VIII 17 cm Kanone 72 44/55/268 750/950/500 1.82 0.67 4.8 6750 140000
IX 21 cm Mörser 18/1 53/66/296 900/1200/640 1.3 0.79 5.2 5900 245000



Tier Engine Engine Power
Chance of Fire on Impact

VII 2 x Maybach HL 120 TRM 600 20 1840 35500
VIII 2 x Porsche Typ 101/1 640 20 1840 54000



Tier Suspension Load Limit
Traverse Speed
Rmin Weight

VII G.W. Tiger (P) 75 14 0 21000 20000
VIII G.W. Tiger (P) verstärkteketten 78 16 0 21000 36000



Tier Radio Signal Range

III FuG 5 310 50 630
VI FuG 7 415 70 8160
IX FuG 12 710 150 43200

Compatible Equipment

Low Noise Exhaust System Class 1 Heavy Spall Liner Camouflage Net Class 2 Coated Optics Class 1 Experimental Optics Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive Improved Configuration Innovative Loading System Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Class 1 Modified Configuration Class 1 Improved Rotation Mechanism Class 1 Binocular Telescope Class 1 Gun Rammer Class 1 Turbocharger Class 1 

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Natural Cover Chocolate Optical Calibration Aim Tuning Experienced Firefighters 100-octane Gasoline 105-octane Gasoline Manual Fire Extinguisher Pre-Battle Maintenance Large First Aid Kit Large Repair Kit Duty Comes First Shell Organizer Orderly Ammo Rack Focus on Target Increased Focus Small First Aid Kit Small Repair Kit Gearbox Intricacy Steady Hand Combat Course 

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


+ Best alpha damage of any tier 8 artillery; can deal serious damage to any tank in the game.

+ Best stock gun alpha damage, penetration and burst radius of any tier 8 artillery.

+ Surprisingly good hull armor for an SPG, can get the random lucky bounce.

+ Unappealing to ram due to weight and hull armor thickness.

+ Lower than average gun dispersion while turning the hull makes up for its lack of gun traverse.

+ Supersonic shell speed with the 17cm Kanone 72; shells take about an average of 3-4 seconds to reach their max range.

+ Extreme gun range that sees the most usage on large maps like Frontline where it can lob shells halfway across the map almost 1500m away from its target. Ensures its own safety.


- Poor mobility, struggles to relocate.

- Narrow gun traverse arc.

- Paper-thin casemate armor negates the hull armor's usefulness.

- Enormous target with very poor concealment.

- Under risk of running out of shells in longer games.

- Its own range becomes a con in smaller maps; comes with terribly narrow artillery arc on Random Battles.


The G.W. Tiger (P) is very different from its predecessor, the G.W. Panther. The G.W. Tiger (P) is significantly less mobile, while gun performance is more about damage than accuracy.

The outstanding feature of the G.W. Tiger (P) is its lack of mobility. Due to weak engine and abysmal ground resistance it will often struggle to reach even 20 kilometers per hour in stock configuration. The term "slug" would even seem out of place since it's beyond sluggish.

The engine upgrade delivers a meager 6.67% more power, in exchange for an eye-watering 31.000 experience. You'll still want this upgrade, as improved mobility is desperately needed, but the difference won't be spectacular. If you have credits to spare, consider using a fuel consumable, which will make movement less painful.

Relocating between firing positions is time consuming, and a retreat from an exposed position will be as slow as it will be hazardous. It might be prudent to instead opt for a perhaps less rewarding but safer position further back. The practically non-existent camouflage rating of the G.W. Tiger (P) provides another reason to choose a position as far back as possible.

Should your team push hard on one flank and leave the other wide open, the G.W. Tiger (P) will be hard pressed to keep up with the other tanks, even if it does not stop to lob a single shell at the enemy.

Alternatively, you could stay in place to provide support fire, take your chances with enemy tanks possibly exploiting the flank left open by your team mates, and hope for the best. However, realize that the low mobility of the G.W. Tiger (P) makes it extremely difficult to defend against scouts, especially ones that move horizontally to you, forcing you to turn.

The combination of fire and movement is unfortunately not very practical due to the slow speed, low tank traverse rate and narrow gun arc of the G.W. Tiger (P). Should you attempt to utilize the reload time of the gun for movement, the time needed to traverse the tank, the direction of the target, and the direction of your movement and back to another target can be substantial, especially when tough terrain is involved. There will be comparatively few seconds left to move the tank when aim time is accounted for, thus slowing the already sluggish movement rate of the G.W. Tiger (P) down to a crawl.

What the G.W. Tiger (P) does offer, however, is the most powerful stock gun of any tier VIII artillery. The 17 cm "Kanone 72" is in terms of damage, penetration and burst radius more akin to the 180/183mm top guns of some tier IX/X SPG’s than the 152/155mm guns of other tier VIII SPG’s. If you want a hard-hitting gun but can't stand the lengthy reload of the biggest guns, the 17 cm "Kanone 72" might suit you.

The top gun of the G.W. Tiger (P), the 21 cm "Mörser 18/1" is a different beast altogether with a lot worse accuracy, a lot longer reload, but a devastating effect on enemies. This gun deals 1100 alpha damage if it penetrates, which can only happen to some light tanks, tanks with paper thin armor, or vehicles with an open roof. The longer reload of the top gun means fewer shots fired, less time spent acquiring targets, and more time available for movement. A 21 cm Mörser can also be found as the top gun of similar tier IX and tier X German SPG's.

Despite its drawbacks, it remains a favorable choice for Frontline. It is undeniably powerful as an attacker, but can be challenging to navigate back towards your side covering a distance of about 3km if your defenses fail as a defender. When positioned well, its shell's almost 60-degree impact arc at max range, shell speed and the wide coverage span enable you to effectively gun down almost everyone on the map from the attack side. As a defender, it is strongly recommended to retreat until you reach a point just beyond the border of the last area where the pillbox batteries are located, given your sluggish speed in the case of a defense breaching you'll become a juicy target for everybody.

Current as of version

Early Research

  • Immediately research the suspension, preferably with free experience, to be able to fit an Artillery Shell Rammer and a Gun Laying Drive.
  • Alternatively, you may want to fit the Enhanced Longitudinal Torsion Bar, to be able to leave the suspension for last.
  • Research the top gun or engine, depending on whether you want a gun with higher alpha damage or improved mobility.
  • The upgraded gun is lighter than the stock gun.

Suggested Equipment

Artillery Shell Rammer Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Camouflage Net 


Historical Info

N/A (see below)

Historical Gallery

Historical Accuracy Errata

The following are consensus errors or inconsistencies which have been identified with the configuration of the vehicle in question and conflict with information available on the public record. The causes for these divergences in the game are normally not disclosed and may be rooted in game balance.

The vehicle's in-game description is false. No historical records of this SPG exists since all Tiger (P)s were converted into the Ferdinand tank destroyer.

Sources and External Links

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