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Battle Tier
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[Client Values; Actual values in
Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.
920,000  Credits Cost
910192 HP Hit Points
51.16/56.826.15/60.8 t Weight Limit
  1. Commander
  2. Gunner
  3. Radio Operator
  4. Driver
  5. Loader
  6. Loader
500640 hp Engine Power
35/11 km/h Speed Limit
1620 deg/s Traverse
9.7724.47 hp/t Power/Wt Ratio
NoNo Pivot
// mm Hull Armor
75/75/7075/75/70 mm Turret Armor








Shell Cost
450/370/300/300/360 HP Damage
61/140/167/219/54 mm Penetration





5.45 r/m 

Standard Gun

Reload Times
Nominal: 11 s
50% Crew: 13.63 s
75% Crew: 11.9 s
100% Crew: 10.55 s
Rammer: 9.5 s
Vents: 10.32 s
Both: 9.29 s
Both and BiA: 9.08 s
Both and Max Crew %: 8.71 s

See Crew, Consumables, or Equipment for more information.





6.19 r/m 

Standard Gun

Reload Times
Nominal: 9.7 s
50% Crew: 12.02 s
75% Crew: 10.49 s
100% Crew: 9.3 s
Rammer: 8.37 s
Vents: 9.1 s
Both: 8.19 s
Both and BiA: 8.01 s
Both and Max Crew %: 7.68 s

See Crew, Consumables, or Equipment for more information.
Rate of Fire






Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 1 (450 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 2452.5
50% Crew: 1980
75% Crew: 2268
100% Crew: 2556
100% Crew
Vents: 2614.5
Rammer: 2839.5
Both: 2902.5
Both and BiA: 2970
Both and Max Crew %: 3096

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2902.5
50% Crew: 2430
75% Crew: 2718
100% Crew: 3006
100% Crew
Rammer: 3289.5
Vents: 3064.5
Both: 3352.5
Both and BiA: 3420
Both and Max Crew %: 3546

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 2 (370 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 2016.5
50% Crew: 1628
75% Crew: 1864.8
100% Crew: 2101.6
100% Crew
Vents: 2149.7
Rammer: 2334.7
Both: 2386.5
Both and BiA: 2442
Both and Max Crew %: 2545.6

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2386.5
50% Crew: 1998
75% Crew: 2234.8
100% Crew: 2471.6
100% Crew
Rammer: 2704.7
Vents: 2519.7
Both: 2756.5
Both and BiA: 2812
Both and Max Crew %: 2915.6

See here, here, or here for more information.






Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 1 (300 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1857
50% Crew: 1500
75% Crew: 1716
100% Crew: 1938
100% Crew
Vents: 1983
Rammer: 2154
Both: 2202
Both and BiA: 2250
Both and Max Crew %: 2349

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2157
50% Crew: 1800
75% Crew: 2016
100% Crew: 2238
100% Crew
Rammer: 2454
Vents: 2283
Both: 2502
Both and BiA: 2550
Both and Max Crew %: 2649

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 2 (300 Damage):

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 1857
50% Crew: 1500
75% Crew: 1716
100% Crew: 1938
100% Crew
Vents: 1983
Rammer: 2154
Both: 2202
Both and BiA: 2250
Both and Max Crew %: 2349

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2157
50% Crew: 1800
75% Crew: 2016
100% Crew: 2238
100% Crew
Rammer: 2454
Vents: 2283
Both: 2502
Both and BiA: 2550
Both and Max Crew %: 2649

See here, here, or here for more information.

Standard Gun

Using Shell Type 3 (360 Damage):
With wholly penetrating hits

Theoretical Damage Per Minute
Nominal DPM: 2228.4
50% Crew: 1800
75% Crew: 2059.2
100% Crew: 2325.6
100% Crew
Vents: 2379.6
Rammer: 2584.8
Both: 2642.4
Both and BiA: 2700
Both and Max Crew %: 2818.8

Advantageous Damage Per Minute
First-shot DPM: 2588.4
50% Crew: 2160
75% Crew: 2419.2
100% Crew: 2685.6
100% Crew
Rammer: 2944.8
Vents: 2739.6
Both: 3002.4
Both and BiA: 3060
Both and Max Crew %: 3178.8

See here, here, or here for more information.
Damage Per Minute



0.57 m 

With 50% Crew: 0.706 m
With 75% Crew: 0.617 m
With 100% Crew: 0.547 m
With BiA: 0.534 m
With BiA and Vents: 0.523 m
Maximum possible: 0.501 m

For more details, see Crew



0.45 m 

With 50% Crew: 0.557 m
With 75% Crew: 0.487 m
With 100% Crew: 0.431 m
With BiA: 0.422 m
With BiA and Vents: 0.413 m
Maximum possible: 0.396 m

For more details, see Crew



2.9 s 

With 50% Crew: 3.592 s
With 75% Crew: 3.137 s
With 100% Crew: 2.781 s
With GLD: 2.528 s
With BiA: 2.719 s
With BiA and Vents: 2.66 s
With both and GLD: 2.418 s
Maximum possible: 2.318 s

For more details, see Crew or Equipment



3.4 s 

With 50% Crew: 4.212 s
With 75% Crew: 3.678 s
With 100% Crew: 3.26 s
With GLD: 2.964 s
With BiA: 3.188 s
With BiA and Vents: 3.119 s
With both and GLD: 2.835 s
Maximum possible: 2.718 s

For more details, see Crew or Equipment
Aim time
1417 deg/s Turret Traverse
360° Gun Arc
-5°/+18°-7°/+18° Elevation Arc
9550 rounds Ammo Capacity
2015 % Chance of Fire

320 m 

With 50% Crew: 251.4 m
With 75% Crew: 285.7 m
With 100% Crew: 320 m
With Recon and Situational Awareness: 336.2 m
With Coated Optics: 352 m
With Binocular Telescope: 400 m
Maximum possible: 458.1 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment

330 m 

With 50% Crew: 259.3 m
With 75% Crew: 294.7 m
With 100% Crew: 330 m
With Recon and Situational Awareness: 346.7 m
With Coated Optics: 363 m
With Binocular Telescope: 412.5 m
Maximum possible: 472.4 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment
View Range



360 m 

With 50% Crew: 290.6 m
With 75% Crew: 332.8 m
With 100% Crew: 375.5 m
With 100% Signal Boost: 432 m
When affected by 100% Relaying: 396 m
Maximum possible: 540.4 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment



440 m 

With 50% Crew: 355.2 m
With 75% Crew: 406.8 m
With 100% Crew: 458.9 m
With 100% Signal Boost: 528 m
When affected by 100% Relaying: 484 m
Maximum possible: 660.5 m

For more details, see Skills or Equipment
Signal Range
Values are Stock - click for Top




The KV-2 is a Soviet tier 6 heavy tank.

Heavy assault tank. Developed on the basis of the KV-1 in January 1940, with a total of 334 vehicles manufactured from 1940 through 1941. The KV-2 tanks were used in action in 1941, with most of the vehicles lost the same year.

Combining exceptional firepower with a relatively cumbersome, poorly-armored, and slow platform, the KV-2 is one of the most unique and fun tanks in the game. With its 152 mm howitzer, it is a dangerous opponent against anything it is likely to face, dealing heavy damage or crippling modules of even heavily armored tanks using its powerful high explosive rounds. However, it is itself quite vulnerable to most guns it is likely to face, and has its own weaknesses to balance.

The KV-2 leads to the SU-152.

Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables




Tier Gun Penetration
Rate of fire
Aiming time

VII 107 mm ZiS-6 167/219/54 300/300/360 6.19 0.45 3.4 2400 68290
V 122 mm U-11 61/140 450/370 5.45 0.57 2.9 1600 45920
VI 152 mm M-10 110/136/86 700/700/910 2.5 0.6 3.8 2300 60000



Tier Engine Engine Power
Chance of Fire on Impact

IV M-17T 500 20 610 13460
VI V-5 640 15 750 27860
VI V-2K 500 15 750 23050



Tier Suspension Load Limit
Traverse Speed
Rmin Weight

IV KV-2 mod. 1940 56.8 16 B/2 10600 4020
VI KV-2 mod. 1941 60.8 20 B/2 10600 15900



Tier Radio Signal Range

V 10R 360 100 3660
VII 10RK 440 100 18600

Compatible Equipment

Low Noise Exhaust System Class 2 Medium Spall Liner Camouflage Net Class 2 Coated Optics Class 2 Experimental Optics Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive Improved Configuration Venting System Innovative Loading System Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Class 2 Improved Hardening Class 2 Additional Grousers Class 2 Modified Configuration Class 2 Improved Rotation Mechanism Class 2 Improved Aiming Class 2 Improved Ventilation Class 2 Binocular Telescope Class 2 Gun Rammer Class 2 Turbocharger Class 2 

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Natural Cover Optical Calibration Aim Tuning Experienced Firefighters Manual Fire Extinguisher Pre-Battle Maintenance Vent Purge Large First Aid Kit Large Repair Kit Duty Comes First Lend-Lease Oil Shell Organizer Orderly Ammo Rack Focus on Target Extra Combat Rations Removed Speed Governor Increased Focus Small First Aid Kit Small Repair Kit Gearbox Intricacy Steady Hand Combat Course 

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


- 152mm HE can one-shot, do massive damage, cripple multiple modules and damage through any armour. Near misses damage, too.

- HE shell has high penetration (86) for its type, can fully penetrate surprisingly many targets.

- While overall armor is mediocre, the side armor is relatively thick and can be used to bait shots.

- Useful against ANY tier enemies; lower and same tier tanks can be 1-shotted, higher ones crippled.

- Sniping stationary or slow targets works with HE, since you only need to hit (anywhere) to do damage.

- Despite its hard stats, the gun tends to hit often without fully aiming, even when snapshotting (guided by the hand of Stalin)

- Fear factor: Nobody wants to be the first around a corner if they know a locked and loaded KV-2 is waiting for them!

- It can be used to shift USSR research line from IS line to KV line and SPGs line.

- 152 mm caliber means that AP shells can overmatch a whopping 50 mm of armor, which is a common thickness at tiers 4-6

- HE shells are cheap in comparison with the average damage they do, so this tank can earn nice credits if played right

- Very fun and deadly vehicle to play, especially in well-coordinated platoons


- Weak overall armor, with huge and soft turret

- Agonizingly slow reload (approx. 20 sec) and long aim time

- Very tall silhouette; easy to hit, but hard to hide

- Bad gun depression

- Bad camo and view range, gets easily spotted

- Fear factor: gets focused often by artillery and other tanks due to soft armor but dangerous gun

- Poor AP penetration on 152mm, only useful against lower tiers

- Slow shell velocity on 152mm, hitting moving targets at range is very hard

- Slow turret and hull traverse, with mediocre overall mobility

- Fuel tanks get damaged very easily, and often catch fire as a result


The KV-2 remains among the most fun tanks to play in the game. It was the undisputed king of "derp" for a long time, but starting patch 9.10, a bigger tank with a similar gun, the O-I, has challenged it to the title. The title is still being disputed, with fights between both tanks often. In the hands of a skilled player, it's a vehicle to be feared of by all tiers that come across it. It can be a difficult tank to take advantage of to the new players. It has a very tall profile, a huge turret and the hull and armor rating of the KV-1, which makes bouncing shots from many other tanks very hard. However, clever use of side scraping and angling of the square turret when not taking shots can enhance the armor enough to bounce the odd shell. Some players may want to use the 107mm which has consistent penetration, decent alpha and a good rate of fire. However, this gun is much better suited to T-150 which has better armor, and it feels like a waste on this tank.

Which brings us to the excellent 152mm, and the reason why people go out of their way to research and purchase this tank. It has similar damage to many tier X (!!!) 150mm guns when they use HE (that's why it is sometimes called "the best tier X of tier six"). For example, it has similar HE damage and penetration to 60TP and E100 and even higher damage than 705A (all of which are tier X heavies!!), so this can be used favourably to a great extent, even when bottom tier.

The AP penetration is weedy (110/136), meaning you'll have to aim for weak spots and be reasonably close to punch through enemy tanks, or use it only when you are top tier, so you can overmatch armor for full damage regardless of impact angle. But in general, HE shells are much better allround option, as just hitting a tank will cause considerable damage even if the shot does not fully penetrate, regardless of tier. A non-penetrating shot yields 330 dmg on average, but this is massively inconsistent and depends hugely on the thickness of armor at the point of impact. The mantle of the T29, for example, will probably only do around 80hp, so it is still a good idea to aim for weaker parts if you have such opportunity. With 86mm of penetration for the HE, going through the sides and rears of enemy tanks is pretty easy. You can one-shot an enemy KV-2 with ease, even frontally, if you know where to aim. Try to avoid spaced armor and tracks if you want to guarantee the full 910HP average damage.

A good hit with HE will not only remove a huge chunk of hit points; it will also kill crew and damage multiple modules of any tank, if it doesn't outright kill them in 1 shot. Interestingly enough, using HE in the 152mm also turns the KV-2 into a great tank for just hurling shells downrange where enemies commonly peek out (similar to artillery); do not be surprised if you actually manage to blindly one-shot opponents in this manner.

Once you've fired, find some cover as you need to wait roughly 20 seconds for your gun to reload. You'll be extremely vulnerable at this point and the enemy knows this, so make use of hard cover and/or your teammates while you reload. Never go alone in this tank, as you can and will quickly get swarmed immediately after you take a shot. Try to avoid facehugging the enemy because your turret is tall and quite soft; you may not be able to gain the depression required to hit the softer parts of their tanks, and your HE will also damage yourself in point-blank range.

Avoid open ground unless you know its clear, the KV-2 will be easily spotted and quickly destroyed. It is a pure city fighter with bad view range. Play this tank wisely and you will be able to contribute to the victory of your team against virtually any enemy you encounter.

In Update 1.13, the KV-2 received some minor buffs to compensate for the HE changes: Aim time from 4 -> 3.8 (3.84 -> 3.64) Soft stats on gun handling from 0.27/0.27/0.15 -> 0.25/0.25/0.14 Engine power from 600 -> 640 (pw/t from 11.32 -> 12.08) In essence, due to reduced firepower, the KV-2 now moves and aims a little bit faster.

Early Research

The 10RK radio and V2-K engine are already researched from the KV-1. Research the 152mm first because the stock suspension and turret allow for the cannon to be mounted. After that, get the turret for better view range, hit points and traverse speed. The engine should follow for a boost in power and finally the tracks to ensure your you can turn a little better.

Suggested Equipment

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Improved VentilationLarge-caliber Tank Gun Rammer 


Historical Info

When the Soviets entered the Winter War, the KV was among the tanks sent to be tested in combat conditions. The KV outperformed others. It's heavy armor proved highly resistant to Finnish anti-tank weapons, making it more difficult to stop. However, the Soviets found it difficult to deal with the concrete bunkers used by the Finns and a request was made for a tank with a large howitzer. One of the rush projects to meet the request put the howitzer in a new turret on one of the KV tanks. The 152 mm howitzer one as KV-2 Heavy Artillery Tank.

During the Battle of Raseiniai (23–27 June 1941)German forces encountered a unit equipped with the Soviet KV heavy tanks for the first time. The Germans' Panzer 35(t) tanks and antitank weapons were practically ineffective against the Soviet heavy tanks—some of them were out of ammunition, but closed with and destroyed German antitank guns by literally driving over them. Attempts to destroy these armoured giants concentrated on first immobilising them by firing at their tracks and then by tackling them with artillery, AA Guns, or by blowing them up at close range by high explosive charges of the Sticky Bomb type

On June 24, a single KV-2 heavy tank, at a crossroads in front of Raseiniai, managed to cut off elements of the 6th Panzer Division which had established bridgeheads on the Dubysa. It stalled the Division's advance for a full day while being attacked by a variety of antitank weapons, until it finally ran out of ammunition.

When production shifted to the Ural Mountains 'Tankograd' complex, the KV-2 was dropped. While impressive on paper, it had been designed as a slow-moving bunker-buster. It was less useful in highly mobile, fluid warfare that developed in World War II. The turret was so heavy it was difficult to traverse on uneven terrain. Finally, it was expensive to produce. Only about 300 KV-2s were made, all in 1940-41.


Designation of the two models varies between sources and can be confusing. The earlier model of the KV-2 had a turret with a sloped front with rivets and only featured one DT machine gun in a hull mount. It weighed 53.8 tons, and was the lesser produced model. In German sources, this variant is referred to as the KW-II. This model is sometimes erroneously called the KV-2 M1939 or KV-2 M1940. The turret is often wrongly called the MT-1, but that is the designation of the gun mount, not the turret. Sometimes the MT-10 designation is also wrongly used for the turret, and this seems like a mix of the mount name and the gun name (MT-1 + M-10). The turret was actually simply called “big turret” (большой башней).

The later variant of the KV-2 featured the more common and boxy turret, featuring a second DT machine gun in a rear mount, and an improved rear turret hatch that made resupplying ammunition easier. The armor was kept the same, but thanks to the removal of the angled turret front, it had a much roomier crew turret, meaning that working conditions were better for the crew, especially the loaders. In German sources, this variant is referred to as the KW-2B or KW-IIB. It is sometimes wrongly designated as the KV-2A, KV-2 M1940, KV-2 M1941 or KV-2B. The turret is often erroneously called the MT-2, seemingly as a progression over the wrong MT-1 designation of the previous turret. The turret was also simply called “reduced turret” (пониженная башня).

Very few early production models were fitted with the 122 mm (4.8 in) 1938 L/22.7 howitzer fitted to the earlier turret. The number produced is unknown, but were very limited before they were upgunned with the 152 mm (5.98 in) howitzer.

An unknown number of KV-2s were captured by the Wehrmacht. They were sent to Berlin for tests before they were fitted with a new commander’s cupola and sent back to the front line. These were designated (Sturm)Panzerkampfwagen KV-II 754(r) and were often used for artillery observation due to their height.

Perhaps the most interesting variant was a KV-2 armed with a 107 mm (4.21 in) gun. This was during a time when the superheavy tank concept was still being considered by Soviet leadership. There were no plans to serially produce a KV-2 with a 107 mm gun. Instead, just before the Siege of Leningrad, a KV-2 with a 107 mm gun was made and sent for fire testing in March, 1941. The 107 mm gun was going to be mounted on vehicles such as the KV-3, KV-4, and KV-5, but none of these projects left the drawing board as a result of the Siege of Leningrad. All 107 mm guns were destroyed and work on superheavy tanks was stopped.

Historical Gallery

Historical Accuracy Errata

The following are consensus errors or inconsistencies which have been identified with the configuration of the vehicle in question and conflict with information available on the public record. The causes for these divergences in the game are normally not disclosed and may be rooted in game balance.

The 122 mm U-11 was never used by the KV-2 as the gun was developed after most were destroyed, captured or phased out. However, some early KV-2's were equipped with the 122 mm 1938 L/22.7 howitzer, though they were upgunned to the 152 mm howitzer.
  • Early KV-2's were equipped with the unavailable 152 mm 1938/1940 L20 Howitzer.
  • The top speed of the KV-2 was only 25 km/h on road and 12 km/h off road.
  • The KV-2's turret could only traverse on relatively flat ground.
  • Although there were plans for a new turret that featured -7°, it was never built and the second turret featured -5° just like the first
  • The KV-2 was only equipped with the 500 hp diesel engine. The other engine configurations are fake.

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