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Referrals Program 2.0

Referrals Program 2.0

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World of Tanks Referrals Program 2.0
The World of Tanks referal program allows players to recruit players with less than 600 battles to... (placeholder text).


The button for entering the referral program can be found in the Garage, in the lower left corner. Click on this button to go to the referral program interface. Referals_2.0.jpeg

It will be possible to send invitations to potential recruits to participate in the referral program in the following ways:

  • send the generated link by private message in chat, mail, etc.
  • create a post / news on social media.


Opening the link will take the potential recruit to the start page, where he can create a new account or log in to the portal. A check is made to see if the player can become a recruit. If the recruit passes the check, he must confirm his participation in the referral program together with the player who sent the link (you will need to enter the name of the inviting player).

Who can become a Commander / Recruit?


Any player who has fought 600 or more random battles in the game will be able to become a commander and invite recruits.

A commander can invite 2 recruits every four months. Four months later, a new season will begin and the commander will be able to invite 2 more recruits.


The commander will be able to recruit a player if the following conditions are met:

  • They are a new World of Tanks player and have less than 200 battles, or they have not played World of Tanks for at least 60 days.
  • They have not yet completed the contract as a recruit.
  • They are not currently participating in the referral program as a recruit.
  • They have never been and are not at the moment a program commander.
  • Their account is not blocked by the commander or marked for deletion by WarGaming.

The recruit must follow the invitation link sent by the commander and join the referral program. After that, the commander will have a recruit card in the appropriate window ("Contract").

Completing a Referral Contract

Referral program 2.0 consists of three consecutive stages. To complete each stage, the commander and recruit (s) must act together and earn 500 referral points by completing special tasks in random battles. In total, to complete all three stages, you need to earn 1500 referral points. Referral points are earned for certain actions in battle. The conditions can be viewed in the interface: "How to get referral points." Possible conditions:


Some of the tasks for recruits can be done independently; other tasks need to be completed only when playing in a platoon with the commander, since referral points go into the overall standings. In the case of completing platoon tasks, progress will be accelerated, since platoon and individual tasks can be performed simultaneously. The commander will not have individual tasks, but he will be able to help his recruits by playing with them.

When playing in a platoon with his recruits, the commander will receive 50% more credits and experience per battle, and the recruits will receive 100% more experience and credits. If the recruit plays himself, the bonus will still be: an additional 50% to experience and credits.

Cancelling a Referral Contract

The referral contract can be terminated at any time by either party. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. Through the context menu on the player's referral program card, by selecting "Terminate the referral contract".
  2. Through the context menu by the player's name in the interface of the progress of the referral program, by selecting "Terminate the referral contract".

After the termination of the referral contract, the parties lose all progress and bonuses. The rewards received as part of the referral program remain with the players. After the termination of the referral contract, both parties are notified of this.

A previously terminated contract cannot be re-entered into.

Referral Program 2.0 Rewards

Rewards for completing stages:

  • Bondss
  • Emblems
  • Inscriptions
  • Camouflage and 2D Styles:


  • Medals :
Prize1.png Prize2.png Prize3.png
For completing stage 1. For completing stage 3. For completing stage 6.
  • Patches:
Referal.png Referal2.png Referal3.png
Commanders Patch
Class III
Commanders Patch
Class II
Commanders Patch
Class I

Program Seasons

Referral Program Season 8

Referral Program Season 7

Referral Program Season 6

Referral Program Season 5

Referral Program Season 4

Referral Program Season 3

Referral Program Season 2

Referral Program Season 1

Referral Program 1.0

On January 15, 2019, the World of Tanks version 1.0 of the referral program was discontinued in all regions. Version 1.4 launched a new referral program, the idea of making recruitment as simple as possible: call your friends to the tanks and earn rewards!