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Every time you go to battle, you can have the entire battle recorded for later view if you set the drop-down menu "Enable Battle Recording", found on the General-tab in the ingame Settings, to "Always". If you always watches your battles to the end, the setting "Last" will be sufficient. The resulting replays will be found in the folder .../World_of_Tanks\replays , with the latest at the bottom.

These replays serves two purposes: It lets you analyse the battle afterwards and get opinions from other players, and it serves as evidence regarding breaches of the Game Rules that has occurred. Well, there is always the third purpose, bragging about your successes and gloating over the enemies' (or team-mates') mistakes!

For easy sharing, there are a number of sites that let you upload replays with comments.

To watch a replay, be it your own or a downloaded one, you must close the game and then double-click (open) the desired replay-file. Once you are done watching, the client has to be closed once again.[1]


  • Pause the replay = Spacebar
  • Increase replay speed = Up-arrow
  • Decrease replay speed = Down-arrow
  • Skip forward 20 seconds = Right-arrow
  • Skip forward 40 seconds = Ctrl + Right-arrow
  • Go to the end of battle = End
  • Go back 20 seconds = Left-arrow
  • Go back 40 seconds = Ctrl + Left-arrow
  • Go to the start of the battle = Home
  • Toggle camera lock (between looking around freely and fixed in the same direction as the player did) = Left mouse button.
  • Prt Scr = Take a screenshot, which goes to the folder .../World_of_Tanks/screenshots


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