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This article is about a tank that was removed from the game
This page is being preserved for historical reasons.


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The T23 was an American tier 8 medium tank. It was removed in patch 0.6.5 and replaced by the previously tier 9 M26 Pershing. The M26 Pershing's position at tier 9 was filled by the M46 Patton. At the time it was removed it was said that the T23 would be back in future patches.

The T23 has since returned, in a different way, in the form of the T23E3.


Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Very good rate of fire
  • High health pool
  • Slow top speed enables accurate firing on the move
  • Good credit maker


  • Low penetration
  • Low alpha damage
  • Painfully slow acceleration
  • Very poor armour for a tier VII medium

Early Research


Suggested Equipment

Vertical Stabilizer Coated Optics Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Improved Ventilation

Historical Info

This experimental medium tank was developed from the end of 1942 through the summer of 1944. The T23 was neither adopted for serial production nor took part in combat.

The first T23 prototypes were completed in January 1943, and these vehicle were the first to be completed in the T20 series. They differed from the other T20 series in using the electric drive transmission manufactured by General Electric. They were also fitted with the vertical volute-spring suspension similar to that used on the Medium M4 Tank. The armament consisted of the 76mm Ml gun. As with the T20 and T22 series, projects were initiated for development of vehicles armed with the 75mm automatic and 3in guns. Designated T23E1 and T23E2 respectively, these projects were cancelled without development. After tests of the T23 pilot vehicle, production was authorized for 250 of these vehicles. The production model differed in several ways from the pilot vehicle: the 76mm Ml gun was replaced with the model M1A1, a vision cupola was provided for the commander, and the gun-ring hatch mounting the .50 caliber AA machine-gun was moved to the loader's position. Production commenced in November 1943, and continued through to December 1944, but none were shipped overseas. Though this vehicle did not see active service, features tried and developed in the T20-T23 series were incorporated into M4 vehicles, in particular; the T23 type turret and 76mm gun, HVSS, and the simplified 47° hull front. Research work on these vehicles also played a big part in the development of the T25 and T26 Medium Tank.

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