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Grille 15

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The gun elevation and depression are totally fake in relation of vehicle's geometry. You just can't get in position without expose the whole vehicle to enemy fire. The maps design just do not match Grille characteristics. Specially in terms of shooting spot and concealment.

The accuracy means nothing, it misses shot after shot: whille you are sniping weakspots at 500m with just 4cm more accuracy the enemies are shooting back your whole paper vehicle. So you have not an accurate gun to deal with the job: 4cm more accuracy for all that bad stats...sorry, it is not even near ballanced. Because of that you shoot and misses or shoot and just do not pen (Grille 15 penetration is a bad joke for a TD in tier X. the question is: is Grille 15 really a tier X? The answer is: NO, PERIOD!) And its gold ammo is... (sorry sensored). This forces you to play with HE if you wanna do any damage. But it's HE has real bad penetration and has not a good alpha. It is not uncommom you shoot IS-7 with 11 damage only. The DPM is crap for a vehicle with such limitations and is under the line.

Grille 15 has time after time lots of module damage. Grille 15 just can't do module damage on other vehicles. You shoot an T49 with HE and gets just 360 of damage with any module damage and not even a track broken. The vehicle just puts you nuts.

The vehicle has crap viewrange for its height and cammo factor. And if you shoot you got spoted... forgot the bushes.. you will have any stealth! Consider to that you have not how to shoot far from bushes because of lack in gun depression and map design characteristics.

The dispersion on turret traverse is horrendous and make its aimtime totally insufficient, ruins the accuracy you haven't and turns its gameplay into a boring experience. I have to use enhanced gun laying drive and crew with BIA. My aimtime is 1.28 and with chocolate it is 1.23. Belive, it is a complete crap even with this values in face of turret traverse dispersion.

The penetration is garbage for a vehicle that have to play at red lines to stay alive.

The readness is any because of lack in gun elevation (totally fake in relation with vehicles geometry), depression and not fully turn turret. Join that to garbage chassis traverse and you are into the hell.

The terrain resistances are huge for such ligh vehicle, and its stats just do not confirm in real gameplay. STRV 103B is by far faster than Grille 15, beside the stats of Grille about speed and power to weigh ratio being better.

The cammo is about inexistent; and, with that bad terrain resistances the vehicle is slow like a hell. Stay way of the swamps. So if you count that you have just about 5% of the map to play. And forgot repositioning because you will be spoted when you try. The arties just ruins your life: they just can aim and shoot before you could maneuver your tank, and each near arty shell and you will have 10s of stum in a vehicle that has wait a life to shrink the aim for every adjustment, this puts you in a constant crap gameplay situation. So do not consider run away from it, just it is not possible. And remmeber that even with the arty nerf it still can one shot you. And remmember, the arty nerf came with an arty buff in accuracy, aimtime and reaload. So your life got just ruined by it.

Resume: stay away of this vehicle. I never ground it, wargaming pushed it over me. And worselly, after that they nerfed the vehicle in gun depression, engine power and backward speed. The worse is that they cut 1/4 of backward speed. A super bad joke. They just did not buff any bad stats of vehicle. They really nerf gun depression... it was fake and now it is facker... super absurd decision of the staff, totally non-sense.

Stay in mind: Grille 15 is a pushed over vehicle, so it is bad and is intended to be bad, this means: the problem is yours period.

It has same turret dispersion of FV 215b 183. But, it have not that gun or armor and not even that chassis traverse. Belive or not: Grille 15 has 40t and its traverse is worse than 64t of FV. T110E3 has a 155 gun but has 0.077 dispersion on turret turn. Why has Grille 15 5 times its factor???????????????????? It is not acceptable, it is not decent, it is not honest. Specially in a vehicle pushed over players, a vehicle that players did not ground.

While the new chinese heavy and others have 0.077 turret traverse dispersion on a 130mm gun, Grille 15 has 0.384 in a 150mm gun. It is about 500% worse, really 5 times worse. So you will see it turning and shooting while you are just waiting the aim to shrink or you will miss by far. And get happy if you pen. And remenber: Grille 15 gun turret traverse is one of the slowest in the game

And never forget that you are in an open vehicle, so you have not any chance of buffing its bad characteristics with vents! Grille is really crap and have nothing you could do to make it more competitive. You can turn your turret 100° but can't shoot because of super bad dispersions that make you have to wait about 3s at minor 5° adjustment. Take that in consideration.

This is why you never saw this crap in competions, it just can't compete.