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To-Do List

To-Do List

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Users can add things that need to be done on the wiki here, or find things on the list that need to be done. If you finish something that's on the list, please remove it.

Large issues

  • The WoWP wiki is mostly empty. It needs LOTS of love.
  • Most Japanese tank pages need help, especially in the Player Opinion and History sections.
  • A whole lot of the player opinion and history sections for all tanks need help.
  • Some maps are missing from the Maps Page e.g. Kharkov & Windstorm. Many need description and/or minimap pictures, e.g. Tundra needs both updated.

Date-triggered issues

  • Update rebalanced tanks (player opinion sections, changelogs for patch changes logging per tank(?) at 9.3 launch (after 9/22/2014) (IS, SU-100, Churchill I, StuG III G for HD reworks; Leo 1, FV4202, AMX50B, WTF-100, FV183, etc for stats only) - check Category: Update Required and address/clear tags as required
  • Any page tagged Update Required will show in the category - as the wiki was down for 9 months, some tanks never have been caught up. As more are added from older patches, they will need work too.

Smaller issues

  • Spelling and grammar errors. Always.
  • Battle Mechanics page: The Contents box is too long and requires readers to excessively scroll down to get to the body of the article. I would suggest only displaying section down to 1 decimal deep (e.g. display "6.2 Manual Aiming", but don't display "6.2.1 Arcade View"). This would reduce the size of the contents box.
  • Battle Mechanics page: Section 2.1, the equipmentBonus% terms in both stat equations are misleading. Those terms aren't straight percentages, they are percentages of the nominalStat. I would suggest the terms be displayed like this: ( equipmentBonus% / 100 ) * nominalStat. Additionally, in the case of degressiveStat, the equipment bonus is subtracted, not added.
  • Battle Mechanics page: Section 3.1, the table borders don't display. HTML properly calls for border="1", but it isn't working.
  • Battle Mechanics page: Section 3.3, there is a bit of error text in the first paragraph that needs clean up: "possibly modified by experience bonuses and penalties. }} {{panel content toc|title=Capturing the Base|content= A standard battle can be won either by destroying all enemy tanks or by capturing the base." I assume this should just be a header that says "Capturing the Base."
  • WoT: Battle Tiers for all tanks is missing. It provides useful information
  • Finish determining if more of the WoT Tactics pages should be spun off into subpages for organization/size purposes. In addition, I'm not sure why but Sidescraping just feels...unfinished. If someone could look at it and maybe figure that one out, that'd be great - Force
  • Maybe look into the Esports pages. If they're here, they may as well be made to standard.
  • WoWs Flags: Add information about latest ranked flag and Go Navy! flags. Also missing the Abyss flag, "message.png" earned during Halloween, as well as "Humble Bundle", "Year of the Dog", "FNFL", "buffed.de", multiple High School Fleet flags, etc. Add any missing information or links regarding other flags.
  • Add missing information about community contributers in List of Community Contributers.