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Update 2014

Update 2014

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Update 2014


Here you can find how World of Tanks has evolved over time (2014), with a quick overview of each update. If you're looking for something in particular, feel free to click on the "full patch notes" buttons below and explore the depth of our changes!

Update 2014

Update 9.5

December 2014
  • New vehicles: The second branch of British tank destroyers has been added to the game, ending with the FV4005 Stage II on Tier X.
  • New maps: Ghost Town (for Team Battles), Mittengard (for low-tier battles), and Winterberg (Ruinberg in Winter mode).
  • Maps removed: Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire have been removed from the game.
  • AFK warnings: In case players are inactive in the game, they’ll get issued a warning in the game. Further inaction will result in a cut of rewards and ultimately a game ban.

Update 9.4

November 2014
  • New map: Stalingrad, a city map, has been added to the game.
  • Team Battles: Format changed from 7/42 to 7/54, with Tier VIII as the highest tier.
  • Strongholds: Major improvements and changes added.

Update 9.3

September 2014
  • Strongholds: Both the War Department and the Legionnaires feature have been added to the game.
  • Light tanks: New high-tier light tanks have been added for USA, USSR, and Germany. Existing light tanks have been rebalanced.
  • Transmissions: Some vehicles with the transmission in front are no longer set on fire when getting hit. However, the engine can still be damaged.
  • Murovanka: Complete change of the map. Size has been increased from 800x800 to 1000x1000m, and spawn points were adjusted.
  • KV-1S: This Soviet vehicle is now split in two – the KV-1S on Tier V, and the KV-85 on Tier VI.

Update 9.2

July 2014
  • New game mode for clans: Strongholds have been introduced to the game. This is a game mode for clans to battle for Industrial resources, which can be used to purchase Reserves granting different types of bonuses.
  • Maps: An altered version of the map Prokhorowka was added, called Fiery Salient. Other maps were corrected and slightly changed or have been removed for specific modes.

Update 9.1

June 2014
  • New map: Kharkov has been added to the game.
  • Historical Battles: Siege of Tobruk scenario added, Battle of Kursk and Battle of the Bulge have been removed.
  • Marks of Excellence: An indicator of skill for avid tankers. Those have to be earned on each individual vehicle (Tier V–X), and up to three can be earned. The difficulty increases for each Mark of Excellence you earned on a specific vehicle – while the 1st might be relatively easy to get, the third one is a real achievement.

Update 9.0

April 2014
  • HD models: With this update, all older vehicles are gradually updated to HD, and all new vehicles introduced to the game already come with HD textures.
  • New game mode: Historical Battles are now available in the game. Different historical scenarios can be played with different vehicles that were used in the real battle back in World War II. Three scenarios are available at the moment: Battle of Kursk, Battle of the Bulge, and Operation Spring Awakening.
  • Confrontation: The game mode has been removed entirely.

Update 8.11

February 2014
  • New game mode: Confrontation is an alternative to Random battles. While the rules stay the same, all vehicles of one nation are matched against another one, for example, Germany vs. USSR or France vs. the USA. This battle mode is available for all tiers.
  • New maps: Windstorm, a winter map, has been added. Two other maps have been introduced as well that are alternative versions of already existing maps: Ruinberg on Fire and Winter Himmelsdorf. The map Port, however, has been removed.
  • Team damage: The algorithm for this system has been changed. Now, damage dealt to a platoon mate will be punished. For SPGs, the algorithm is now considering splash damage and is now more forgiving in this case.