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Update 2018

Update 2018

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Update 2018


Here you can find how World of Tanks has evolved over time (2018), with a quick overview of each update. If you're looking for something in particular, feel free to click on the "full patch notes" buttons below and explore the depth of our changes!

Update 2018

Update 1.3

December 2018
  • Maps: Hinterland map introduced in Grand Battles. Mink, Studzianki, Westfield, Ensk and Serene Coast have been improved.
  • Customisation: Introductions of the decals for Premium Tier VIII and Tier X, new information about removing exterior elements added when you sell vehicles.
  • Personal Missions: The Second Front conditions have been improved.
  • Improvement to vehicles: The T55 A, Object 260 and IS-3A have been improved.

Update 1.2

October 2018
  • Maps: Empire's Border has been introduced. Widepark and Highway have been reworked in HD. Other maps were improved.
  • Customisation: The customisation window has been changed.
  • Clans: The clan creation system has been improved.
  • Improvement to vehicles: The KV-5, IS-6, FCM 50 t, 112, WZ-111/Alpine Tiger, M6A2E1, T-34-3, Type 59, T26E4 SuperPershing and the 8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger have been improved.

Update 1.1

August 2018
  • New Personal Missions: The Second Front takes you on a journey to win the Excalibur, the Chimera, and the Object 279.
  • Maps: Studzianki and Minsk are now available in the game. Pilsen has been reworked in HD and reintroduced to the game. Other maps were improved.
  • New Nation: the Polish tree joins the battle with 10 new vehicles!
  • Stronghold mode: a new functionality to help players find teammates.
  • Customisation: you can now customise all Tier IX vehicles.

Update 1.0.2

June 2018
  • Two Soviet top-tier vehicles: After the Soviet Tech Tree revision with Update 9.22, the incomplete lines have been filled with the Object 277 and the K-91.
  • Changes to Soviet vehicles: The Object 268 v4's performance has been decreased, and the Object 430 Version II was rebalanced to fit into its new role as a long-range supporter.
  • Improvements to maps: Fjords, Erlenberg, Malinovka, and Mountain Pass have been changed to be more balanced and fun to play.
  • Customisation: Now it's possible to fully customise all Tier VI and VIII vehicles.

Update 1.0.1

May 2018
  • New Nation In-Game: Italy joins World of Tanks with a branch of medium tanks leading up to the Progetto M40 mod. 65.
  • Autoreloader Mechanic: Currently reserved for the Italians, this mechanic acts like a conventional autoloader. However, each shell is loaded separately.
  • Frontline mode: A new mode has been introduced, available for a month. Enjoy 30 vs. 30 battles on Tier VIII with respawn, multiple bases, and objectives to destroy.
  • Premium Items: Both Premium consumables and ammunition are now only available for credits.
  • Province: This summer map, previously been removed from the game, is now back and completely revamped.

Update 1.0

March 2018
  • Revamped Graphics: World of Tanks looks more stunning than ever without any drop in performance.
  • HD Maps: 30 battlefields have been reworked with more beautiful graphics than ever before.
  • Music 2.0: Apart from improved sounds, all in-game music has been remastered.
  • New Garage: It's time to get a breath of fresh air!

Update 9.22

February 2018
  • New Soviet heavy tank line: Researchable from the IS, these Soviet heavy tanks feature rear-mounted turrets and high-calibre armament. This line ends with the Object 705A.
  • Changes to Soviet medium tanks: The Object 430 was changed and shifted to Tier IX, and the Object 430U is now at the top of the line.
  • Changes to Soviet tank destroyers: Starting with the SU-100M1, this line is now focusing on close-combat. Armour was improved and accuracy decreased. The Object 263 was changed and shifted to Tier IX, the Object 268 Variant 4 takes its place at Tier X. The SU-122-54 was removed.
  • Two open Soviet lines: Tier X vehicles following the Object 430 Variant II and the T-10 will be announced at a later date.
  • Ranked Battles: Season lasts 21 days, one stage, reworked conditions of earning chevrons, new rank shields, and different rewards.