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Update 2020

Update 2020

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Update 2020


Here you can find how World of Tanks has evolved over time (2020), with a quick overview of each update. If you're looking for something in particular, feel free to click on the "full patch notes" buttons below and explore the depth of our changes!

Update 2020

Update 1.10


August 2020

  • Equipment 2.0: The equipment/consumables UI and the equipment system were completely reworked. Four equipment categories were added: Firepower, Survivability, Mobility, or Scouting. When equipment is mounted into a slot of the corresponding category, the received bonus increases. All vehicles of Tiers VI–X now have slots with categories.
  • Maps: The Pearl River map will return to the game with a significant makeover. Cliff, Prokhorovka, Berlin and Ruinberg maps have also been updated and reworked to address issues, improve areas of cover, strengthen spawn positions and create new opportunities for both teams.
  • New Battle Communication System: The communication system for Random Battles has been revised to expand and improve interactions between players.
  • Revamped Bond Mechanics: Bonds can now be earned in a different way with the goal of making the whole system more transparent, understandable, and predictable.

Update 1.9.1


June 2020

  • Battle Pass: Season 2 has been added. New rewards for Main Progression Stages, improved functionality and player notifications. Reworked navigation on the Main Progression screen.
  • Maps: Berlin map added for Tiers IV-X in Standard and Encounter battles.
  • Vehicle Customization: You can now add a new customization element: progressive decals. They change their appearance as you progress through certain objectives.
  • New Adjustable Style: A new universal adjustable style has been added for all nations. You can select and replace camouflage, emblems, and fonts of tactical numbers.

Update 1.9


May 2020

  • Tech Tree Changes: the Tech Tree interface will become more user-friendly, simple and clear. The central branch will be the clearest and simplest—this will be the branch of heavy tanks. From there, there will be transitions to medium tanks and tank destroyers. Artillery at the top and light tanks at the bottom will frame the Tech Trees.
  • Collectors' Vehicles: 92 vehicles relocated from the Tech Tree.
  • HP increases for low-tier vehicles: Tier I−VI vehicles, durability progression from tier to tier will also become more consistent. Additionally, we have proportionally increased the ammo rack capacity of these vehicles to compensate for their general increase in HP.

Update 1.8


February 2020

  • Daily Missions: a new set of regular Daily Missions for Random Battles will replace Rewards for Merit.
  • Session Statistics: To make your game experience more enjoyable, the updated Session Statistics will now display the following information:
    • Win percentage
    • Average number of enemies spotted
    • Average number of vehicles destroyed
    • Survival rate
    • Average tier of vehicles you use per session
  • Frontline & Steel Hunter Shared Progression

Update 1.7.1


January 2020

  • Soviet Double-Barreled Vehicles: Three colossal Soviet double-barreled tanks are ready to storm the battlefield.
  • Demount Kit: You can now unmount and send Complex Equipment to the Depot for free without spending Gold.