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Hello! You have reached my secret lair where I plot the annihilation of enemy warships (waiiiit, how did you get past my picket destroyers, surveillance radar, and hydroacoustic search?) (you used a seaplane? CHEATER)

About fox:

CL and DD main (but he prefers gunboats over torp boats)

Can usually be found here on the wiki or the forums, or researching various ships. In-game he can be found playing with his clan, [TFFOX] Task Force Fox, or setting things on fire with his gunboat DDs and light cruisers. In the real world he can be found spending an unhealthy amount of time on his computer and he hates having to go outside because it means he has to put down his books and shut off WoWS.

If you want to contact me, drop me a forums PM.

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When WG nerfs my DDs

Links to my stuff

My Recruiting station invite link:

Fox's actual website: //tiny.cc/foxforhire