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Hello, traveler!

You must be weary after searching so far for a place to rest. But come! take refuge in my little coded fraction of residence. After all, if it's cozy enough for an imprint of myself, it should be cozy enough for you.

World of Tanks is kind of a hobby of mine. I mainly play with the wotb American tier 3 T82 tank destroyer and the German tier 5 heavy tank, the KV-1 . I used to play with the Hetzer a lot, but the t82 is just right for me: it can one shot just about any tank, tier 3 or 4 with full penetration on HE rounds, and has an adequately long reload time (19 seconds with the 105 mm AT howitzer M3). My all-time favorite tank though has to be the KV-1 because of its impenetrable armor (110 mm at highest with the upgraded KV-1 ChTZ mod. 1942 turret), ability to implement the invincible stance, and its upgraded 85 mm F-30 gun.

I have a little knowledge of html and JavaScript (I'm using html for this page). If I see a bug, I will carefully try to fix it using another complete, bug-free tank page as a template.

I am not an admin, and I don't have any authority whatsoever. I'm merely a World of Tanks enthusiast with a hobby that happens to be in coding.

If an admin or figure of authority on this site happens to have a problem with what I do, please contact me at my email (which I'm sure you can access). Please don't delete my account without trying to contact me first! I've worked very hard on my account in what little spare time I have, and I only mean to help in whatever way possible. Sorry for being paranoid, and tank you!