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T67 (Stock)

400000 Price
340 Hit Points
13.07 / 13.65 kgWeight
  1. Commander
21.8/19/13Hull Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
21.8/13/13Turret Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
330 h.p.Engine Power
61 km/hSpeed Limit
30 deg/secTraverse Speed
75 Standard Shell Damage
110 mmStandard Shell Penetration
2.4 Time for Complete Loading
16 deg/secTurret Traverse Speed
350 mView Range
325 mSignal Range
Development started in the spring of 1942. After undergoing trials, the decision was made to replace the 57-mm gun with a 75-mm gun. The vehicle passed trials in the fall of 1942 but never saw service.

Compatible Equipment

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Top gun has deadly rapid rate-of-fire and excellent damage per minute for Tier V
  • Has a turret; that makes it more versatile on the battlefield than an normal casemate TD
  • Very low profile and rather small size, meaning excellent camouflage values
  • Good top speed and respectful acceleration due to the low weight and powerful engine
  • Good gun depression at 10 degrees, and relatively good view range, especially for a TD


  • Very thin armor, vulnerable even to Tier 1 guns and can be easily crippled by HE shells
  • Low HP pool, some Tier VI tanks with high alpha, and tanks using a 105mm or 122mm howitzer, can one-shot it
  • Limited ammo capacity at 45 shells, means you cannot afford to waste too many shells
  • Poor hull and turret traverse speed for its dynamics, along with mediocre terrain resistances
  • Top gun has mediocre accuracy and below average penetration for a Tier 5 TD


The T67 is very similar to its parent tank the M8A1 in many ways. It maintains similar speed and agility characteristics, in fact improving slightly on overall agility, while at the same time gaining some firepower; and while slow, the turret traverse is still faster than that of the M8A1. Its acceleration is as good or better than most light tanks at tier.

In terms of gun selection, sticking with the 57mm until the 76mm M1A1 is available is seriously worth considering, as the 76mm L/50 lacks in penetration. Additionally, the 57mm's rate of fire more than compensates for its lack of alpha damage. The top tier gun for the T67, the 76mm M1A1, excels in nearly all areas in terms of damage, rate of fire, and penetration over both the 76mm L/50 and the 57mm.

If you've played through the American medium tree at all you'll find that the engine will carry over. Be aware that despite the similarity in name, the 76 mm AT Gun M1A1 used by the T67 has "AT" in the name. It is different from the M1A1 used by the M4 Sherman and T1 Heavy, and the gun does not carry over from the medium/heavy line.

T67 can be used to scout to some extent. Use this as your advantage and with your speed, locate enemy tanks, report their location to your team, track and do damage to them and escape before they even realize you were there. However, you are still a tank destroyer and your gun is too powerful to be wasted by dying too early in game, so be careful. Also note that you don't have the same camo rating when moving as light tanks even if your camo holds well when sitting stationary in a bush.

The T67, once fully upgraded, can almost be played in a manner similar to that of a scout or flanker. You're fragile (very important to remember this), you have excellent firepower for your tier, and you retain the ability to sneak up on the enemy. Play the T67 as a second line tank and you will succeed. Don't lead a push, as your armor can't take the hits. Simply follow the main push, support the tanks that are pushing, and clean up the stragglers. Or you can snipe at long range with the excellent gun.

Early Research

  • The radios carry over from the M8A1 and the best one should be installed immediately. The 76 mm AT Gun M7 L/50 also carries over but requires the second suspension and turret.
  • The 76 mm AT Gun M1A1 carries over from the T40 if you played it previously, but again it requires the second suspension and turret.
  • Research the Wright Continental R-975C4 engine first if you don't already have it unlocked.
  • Next research the upgraded suspension.
  • Now you can research the second turret in preparation for the 76 mm AT guns.

Historical Info

The manufacture of two pilot models of the T67 tank was initiated in the spring of 1952. They are now being subjected to engineering tests, which are scheduled for completion in the near future. However, in the summer of 1953 Army Field Forces indicated that they were no longer interested in this tank, their reason being that the low-pressure guns developed for its main armament could not guarantee an 88% probability of first-round hit. Because of this withdrawal of user interest, it is possible that work on the T67 will not be continued beyond engineering testing and that the tank itself will not be put into production. The T67 Gun Motor Carriage was a variant of the M18 Hellcat.


On April 18, 1942, it was agreed to construct two prototypes that would be identified as the T67 Gun Motor Carriage. It was to be mobile, weigh around 12 tons, have a crew of five, reach a speed of 50 mph, armor was to be 7/8" on the turret, and 3/8" all around on the hull.

The first prototype was tested and as a result the Tank Destroyer Command and the Ordnance Department wanted the second prototype to have a 75 mm M3 gun. This became the T67 Gun Motor Carriage. It was to have its armor increased to 1" in front. The side armor was reduced and the top and bottom was increased.

The prototypes had helical coil suspensions. Two Buick 320 cubic inch gasoline engines produced a total of 330 HP.

In late 1942, after the testing of a prototype at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Special Armored Vehicle Board recommended that the T67 have a standard engine, a 76 mm gun, and a torsion bar suspension. The Secretary of War approved the building of six prototypes. These would carry the 76 mm M1 in an open turret without a basket. The Continental R975-C1 engine was used. These prototypes were designated the T70 Gun Motor Carriage.

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