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 <h2>Light Tanks</h2> <h2>Light Tanks</h2>
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 <h2>Medium Tanks</h2> <h2>Medium Tanks</h2>
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Vehicles imported into or designed by the various 20th-Century Chinese states and Taiwan. Communist Chinese tanks tend to carry the largest possible calibers into battle but pay heavily for the privilege.

China's tank development consisted of three phases. Prior to 1950 China relied on foreign made tanks purchased from or supplied by France (Renault NC31), Britain (Vickers Mk.E B), the USA (M5A1 Stuart), as well as tanks seized from Japan at the end of WWII (Chi-Ha). Chinese tanks through Tier-4 represent this period. In the early 1950s China was heavily influenced by vehicles of other nations, notably the T-34 and the IS-2, which were provided to China by the Soviets together with design and fabrication assistance for local production. By the late 1950's China began developing its own tanks by making modifications and improvements on the Soviet T-54 design. The Chinese Type-59 main battle tank and Type-62 light tank were the first Chinese tanks to be mass produced.

Chinese tanks, for the most part, have unparalleled mobility, good camouflage values and sloped armor. This makes their tanks very flexible regardless of if they are a heavy, medium, or light. They still play as you would expect, but they can often change their combat role a bit, should it be necessary. However, they have very poor gun depression, even worse than German or Russian tanks, and arguably the worst in the game. They also have very poor module health, and their modules are usually exposed. This results in frequent crew loss, destroyed tracks, engine fires, or even ammo rack detonation. However, while most Chinese tanks have (comparably) poor hull armor, their turret armor is unparalleled, sometimes even surpassing the hull armor values of heavy tanks.

Chinese Medium Tanks are, up to a point, very similar to those of the Soviet line, combining mobility and firepower at the expense of a low rate of fire and poor gun depression. At higher tiers they gain firepower and become more adept at brawling than their Soviet counterparts, while being less well-rounded.

Chinese Light Tanks have excellent mobility, trading armor for nimbleness and speed. The guns are fast firing, have decent gun depression, and have quite good handling. By using their camouflage, mobility, and firepower, Chinese light tanks have incredible flexibility on the battlefield, able to dish out punishment from anywhere on the map.

Light Tanks

    Type 62

    Type 62

    Type 62 Dragon

    Type 62 Dragon

Medium Tanks

    Type 59

    Type 59