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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.7.0

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.7.0

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Main changes

  • Implemented several game clusters (multicluster technology; used in the test but will not be used unless required).
  • Added the camouflage feature. Camo purchase and its mounting are available in the game section Appearance.
  • Added tank horns. One horn type is available as the test version. You can buy it in the section Appearance. Press H in battle to activate the horn.
  • Added levels of tank companies varied by tier: up to tier 4, up to tier 6, up to tier 8 and up to tier 10 (including tier 10). Implemented tier limits for SPGs in up to tier 4, up to tier 6 and up to tier 8 battles (the next test version will include light tanks limitations).
  • Added the complaint system. You can choose the complaint type when in battle by right-clicking on the player's nickname shown in the appearing context menu.


  • Added new maps – Marsh and Fjords.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the tank models.
  • Fixed multiple bugs, blockings and jam-ups on the majority of maps.
  • Added animated birds on several maps.
  • Added clan logos displayed on tanks.
  • Fully re-worked collision models of tanks:
Tiger I, Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t), VK 36.01 (H), JagdPz IV, VK 30.02 (D), Pz III/IV, Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f), Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f), Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A., E-100
M4 Sherman, T29, T32, T30, T14, M5 Stuart, M7, M2 Medium Tank, M4A2E4, Ram II
T-34, KV, MS-1, A-20, SU-18, IS-3, T-44, SU-85B, SU-14, Valentine II, Matilda IV, KV-220, KV-3, T-54, IS-7, KV-13, Object 704, A-32

Gameplay and game mechanics

  • Doubled number of penalty points given for team kill and team damage.
  • Changed the mechanism of the thinnest armor search at High-Explosive round damage.
  • Added tracers of the enemies in the view range when they are seen in the narrow sector in the gun direction.
  • Added tracers of the enemy vehicles seen in the howitzer mode, when the shooting tank is in the view range.
  • At battle exit, the vehicle stays on the battlefields until the end of the battle. If it has not been destroyed during the battle, it is destroyed automatically before the end of the battle.
  • Fixed the rare bug of the unreasoned detection of the enemy team.
  • Fixed the rare bug of the sudden horizontal deposition of reticle at changing to the sniper mode.
  • Fixed the rare bug of the Pz IV unreasoned turning speed decreasing when in battle.
  • Fixed the rare bug of the reticle hanging at its moving in the sniper mode when the vehicle stands tightly to the objects.
  • Fixed the bug in the Invader achievement granting terms.
  • Added the special shell type, with damage equal to 240, to all German guns 8.8cm L/71.
  • Decreased the parameters of gun 7.5cm conic of VK3601H.
  • Added gun 7.5cm conic to the both turrets of Tiger tank. - this implemention will be present in this test game version and will not be added with the final v.7.0 update.
  • Т-44: added gun LB-1 to its second turret, added engine V-54-6, with 680 h.p.
  • Changed models and parameters of the both turrets of IS-3.
  • Slightly reduced the normalization of armor-piercing and composite shells.
  • Changed the view range and round rack durability parameters of medium tanks tier 7, 8 and 9.
  • Tanks KV-220 are divided into two types: Beta Tester tanks (KV-220 marked with T symbol) and the special tanks (KV-220 without the T mark).
  • Re-set the parameters of all automatic guns.
  • Rounded down the prices of tier 2-3 tanks purchased with credits.


  • Modified the minimap: rescaling, transparency changing, on/off in battle, markers for commands "Need help", "Follow me", "Attack".
  • Added help bars to the Garage interface elements. To activate them, please press F1 when in Garage.
  • Modified vehicle markers: added distance sorting.
  • Added the additional parameters settings of vehicle markers.
  • Added the option of alternative colour vehicle markers. Select the "Alternative colour scheme" in the settings to activate the option.
  • Modified the players table in the map loading window.
  • Added the description of the battle tasks in the map loading window.
  • Added the new mode of in-battle players lists displaying. Added the mode change buttons.
  • Added the option of the vehicle quick un-equipping and sending crew to barracks at tank selling.
  • Added clan information to the player's profile window.
  • Changed the hint design seen after the tank destruction.
  • Added view of equipment operation to the in-battle interface, which affects the visibility (masking net and binocular telescope).
  • Added the automatic demounting of the consumables conflicting with the vehicle.
  • Added the sound at the end of the gun splash narrowing.
  • Changed the sound notification at the hitting and damaging of a vehicle's module.
  • Added the sound at the vehicle colliding with the static object at the speed of 10 km/h.
  • Added the sound notification of the base capture process.
  • Added blocking of spamming with single-type messages and symbols in the battle chat.
  • Added the option of setting the game commands to the additional mouse buttons.
  • Added the notification at selling the tank which cannot be purchased anymore (for example, a tank given on a special occasion).
  • Added the notification about the screenshot saving.
  • Added the notification about the impossibility of the tank selling at reaching the vehicle selling limit.
  • Added the notification about the ammunition allowance refilling at the absence of Gold and the presence of Gold shells and consumables in the vehicle's ammo allowance.
  • Removed the setting of camera positioning adjustment.
  • Added the indicator of Caps lock mode to the login window.
  • Excluded all achievements, except for the Battle Hero and Epic ones, from the Personal file of a tanker.
  • Fixed the display of experience received for the first victory of the day during the specials involving the experience increase.
  • Fixed and modified the names of several American tanks.
  • Fixed and modified texts of several interface elements help hints and of several dialogue windows.
  • Added the display of achievements, received in game, on the login window.

System updates

  • Improved the game performance at some configurations.
  • Re-worked the system of special effects display. Changed the effects of shooting, damaging and explosions.
  • Added additional settings of special effects.
  • Added the advanced support of Logitech keyboards and Alienware laptops.
  • Fixed several bugs of the game display at the multi-monitor configurations.
  • Fully re-worked the algorithm of advanced dynamic shadows displaying.
  • Added the new type of the full screen smoothing FXAA.
  • Improved the quality of the voice chat connection.
  • Added the post-effect "vignetting".

Various fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug with the Tank Company Window disappearance
  • Fixed the technical text appearance in invite windows
  • Re-worked limitations on vehicle types in Tiered Tank Company battles
  • Re-worked models of damaged tanks: VK 3001H, SU-152, АТ-1, VK3001P, VK1602, SU-76, Pz II Luchs, BТ-7, IS-4 (tank is not fully tuned and it has shortcomings)
  • Fixed a bug in camouflage of tanks: PzJager I, Object 212, VK 3601 (H), KV.
  • Fixed and re-worker models of tanks: A-20, T-32 (suspension crash-model), KV-220, M7, SU-152, T28.
  • Fixed the crew personal file display as he is sent to barracks.
  • Fixed errors in the Tank Company battle interface associated with Tiered Tank Company battles
  • Fixed inability to change the texture quality to "low."
  • Fixed the sky translucence through map objects with enabled anti-aliasing regime SSAA + FXAA.
  • Fixed garage and store filters.
  • Game screenshots can now be saved in a separate folder.
  • Fixed RMB context menu in a player battle list.
  • Fixed player statistics display for all tanks.
  • Fixed dual cursor bug when the connection lost window appears.
  • Fixed inability to sell a tank with partially full crew.
  • Re-worked characteristics for tanks: the SU-85I, Pz IV Hydraulic, MTLS-1G14.
  • Increased minimum battle levels for tanks VK1602 and T-50.
  • Removed a conical 7.5 cm gun from both Pz VI Tiger turrets.
  • Fixed a bug with inability to reject the invitation from other clusters.
  • Fixed loading screen asymmetries in the tank list.
  • Fixed a sniper scope appearance while re-playing battle videos.
  • Fixed save of screen size settings when using Alt + Enter.
  • Fixed appearance of room invitations when “receive invitations from friends only” is on.
  • Fixed receiving invitations from players in combat.
  • Fixed ability to send invitations to players with "ignore" on.
  • Fixed battle chat block while working with a command list.
  • Removed ability to ignore the user agreement in a login window.
  • Fixed a rare client freeze when trying to connect to a created battle.
  • Fixed inability to get into a training room with an invitation.
  • Replaced SU-85I engine with StuGIII engine.
  • Removed "improved ventilation" module in SPG Gw-Tiger and rebalanced vehicle parameters.
  • Fixed tanks falling through an upper part of the bridge on "Marsh" map.
  • Fixed "accelerated crew training” check-box disappearance after leaving Tank Company.
  • Fixed delay while re-logging from one cluster to another.
  • Fixed handling of invitations sent from other clusters.
  • Fixed non-stop sound of a base-capture alarm.
  • Increased load limit for IS-3 default suspension.
  • Fixed a rare error with the game client freeze when entering the garage while updating modules.
  • Fixed PzVI Tiger crash model bug
  • Slightly reduced the absorption of HE damage by armour for non-penetrating HE hits
  • Fixed a number of chat bugs
  • Blocked the horn functionality
  • Added base spots to the minimap Arctic Region.
  • Fixed the work of suspension for PzVIB Tiger II tank
  • Added tank company tier filter
  • Fixed system message bugs when medals are received
  • Fixed rare bug with game client closure while in the tank company interface
  • Reordered game menu buttons
  • Fixed bugs of turret camouflage in M6A2E1.
  • Fixed IS-4 hitbox
  • Team kill and team damage penalty rates set to as for v.6.7
  • Reduced T40 tank destroyer repair cost
  • Reduced price for APCR 105mm shell T5E1M2
  • Fixed bug with invitations to clan battles
  • Fixed bug with cursor disappearance
  • Changed the voice notification for spotting enemy, penetrating and non-penetrating hits
  • Removed the alarm sound for enemy base capture. Reduced the volume of alarm sound for own base capture
  • Fixed the performance drop for some configurations
  • Fixed the bug with tank company interface being blocked
  • Fixed several spots where vehicles get stuck on Marsh map
  • Fixed bug of the Ready! button in the tank company interface
  • Fixed bug of sound failure in Garage after leaving a battle
  • Fixed bug with 'objects in the air' on Prokhorovka map
  • Removed equipment Improved Ventilation from Gw-Panther SPG
  • Fixed bug with unnecessary tool tip display
  • Reordered the location of some objects on Fjords map
  • Fixed bug with 'objects in the air' on Steppes map
  • Fixed bug with timer performance when playing recorded battle
  • Increased performance of shot effects
  • Fixed bugs with display of clan logo
  • Fixed bug with tracer effects disappearance when 'advanced shadows' option is enabled
  • Fixed bugs with team lists: the transparency of the list, saving position on the list at the battle start, etc.
  • Fixed SU-76 tank destroyer hitbox
  • Fixed bugs with display of certain shot effects
  • Fixed bugs with display of special effects on AMD Radeon video cards
  • Fixed bug when creating invitation list
  • Fixed bug with client failure when selling tanks
  • Fixed textures on Arctic Region map
  • Fixed bug with display of incorrect tier for light tanks in the tank company interface.
  • Fixed bug when LMB click when playing recorded battle
  • Fixed several spots where vehicles get stuck on Fisherman's Bay map
  • Fixed bug with unsynchronized position of tank turret and shooting direction when playing recorded battle
  • Fixed incorrect display of armor thickness for Т29, Т34, T30, VK3601H, KV-3, KV-220, Т-34 and some other vehicles.
  • Fixed bug when unable to purchase modules in some cases
  • Fixed bug with the game doesn't remember sound settings
  • Fixed effects for 90mm AT Gun M3.
  • Fixed the absence of clan logo for VK 3002 (DB) tank
  • Fixed texture bugs for M4 Sherman turret
  • Fixed conflict between tank model of PzKpfw II Ausf. J and its hitbox
  • Fixed game client failure when battle chat window is active
  • Fixed bug with log records as initial credits and gold added to player’s account;
  • Fixed effects in a sniper mode;
  • Fixed bugs causing reduced performance;
  • Temporarily only one test server will be available.