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|content=Most consumables can be used multiple times during a battle (With a few exceptions; see each nations premium food consumable, the various octane gasoline and oil consumables, and the passive effects of the Large Repair kit, Large First Aid kit and Automatic Fire Extinguisher), and are used to provide a bonus during the battle. Various types of consumables are used to repair tank modules, increase tank performance, and heal crew members.

With the release of the 9.18 update, the premium and standard versions of the Repair kit, First Aid kit and Fire Extinguisher are reusable; when activated, the consumable will be unavailable for a 90 second cool down with a timer underneath the consumable informing you how long the cool down will last. You will also only pay for the consumable once if you use the consumable more than one time throughout the battle; therefore you can use the consumable as many times as you like and only pay the standard price once.

Consumables come in two forms: Regular Consumables and Premium Consumables. You can carry up to three different consumables in a single tank. While you cannot carry two identical consumable items, you can carry a regular consumable and its premium counterpart, e.g., the small repair kit and large repair kit. By default, consumables are activated by pressing keys '4,' '5,' or '6,' depending on the consumable desired (unless the hot keys have been remapped).

Originally, you could only purchase Premium Consumables with gold, but since version 8.5 you could also purchase Premium Consumables with their same gold value in credits (e.g., 50 gold = 20,000 credits) and since [update 1.1] you can only purchase Premium Consumables for credits.

Regular Consumables

Premium Consumables