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A tank's gun, typically a cannon, is the tank's main weapon. The gun caliber is not the only factor in its overall performance; one must also look at the penetration and rate of fire as very important considerations when choosing a gun. Longer guns tend to have more accuracy and penetration because more of the gunpowder is burned while the shell is in the barrel, resulting in greater acceleration. Not all guns that are available for a tank can be mounted on any turret. If there is a turret module preceding a gun on a tank tech tree, you will probably need to research, buy, and install it before mounting the gun. A destroyed gun will lock, it will prevent the tank from firing until it is repaired, and a damaged gun will fire with drastically-reduced accuracy.

Gun Characteristics

Damage - The amount of hit points the shell takes from the enemy tank with a hit. Measured in HP (Hit Points), The gun damage statistics are usually written in a format such as #/#/#: referring to the shell types available for the gun, usually AP/APCR/HE ammo types.

Penetration - The penetration of the weapon refers to the amount of flat metal armor the gun can penetrate in millimeters (mm). Penetration is calculated as if firing at flat armor at a range of 100m, and is usually written in the #/#/# format. Again, this refers to the different shell types available for the gun.

Shells - The available shell types for the guns are determined by the color of the damage and penetration attributes: AP, APCR, HE, HEAT, HE premium. For more info, see Ammo.

Rate of Fire - The rate of fire of a gun is the number of shells that can be fired in a particular span of time, also known as RoF. The rate of fire of a gun is measured in rounds per minute, and for conventional guns is another way to to state the reload time. For guns equipped with a magazine, the given rate of fire is the sustained rate of fire, or the average firing rate including the magazine reload time, not the burst firing rate of a single magazine.

Accuracy - The accuracy of the gun is the maximum shell dispersion when the sights are fully closed/contracted. The accuracy of a gun is measured in meters, indicating the amount of dispersion when fired at a target at a distance of 100m. The shell dispersion is also effected by Gaussian distribution.

Aim Time - The time it takes in seconds for a gun to come to full aim.

More detailed information is available on Autoloaders and Autocannons.






Graffiti_stickers_china.png Chinese Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
37 mm Gun APX SA18
0000000237237 0030 30/30/36 HP 0029 29/46/18 mm 02400024 r/m 0005400000000.54 m 2-2.32-2.3s 0000000 Credits.png 00110110 kg Renault NC-31
13.2 mm Hotchkiss mle. 1930
0000000720720 0008 8/8 HP 0023 23/36 mm 136360136.36 r/m 0005800000000.58 m 2----2s 0016001600 Credits.png 0003838 kg Renault NC-31
37 mm Gun KwK 36 L/46.5
000100-160100-160 0036 36/36/42 HP 0040 40/74/18 mm 02609-2826.09-28.57 r/m 0004600000000.46 m 1.7-21.7-2s 0019001900 Credits.png 00100100 kg Renault NC-31Vickers Mk. E Type B
76mm F-34
0000000100100 0110 110/110/156 HP 0086 86/102/38 mm 01579015.79 r/m 0004600000000.46 m 2.3--2.3s 03055030550 Credits.png 00538538 kg Type T-34
Type 62-85TS
000000004747 0180 180/180/300 HP 0145 145/250/43 mm 01053010.53 r/m 0003700000000.37 m 2.3--2.3s 0 PremiumIcon.png 015001500 kg Type 62
100 mm Type 59
000000003434 0250 250/250/330 HP 0181 181/241/50 mm 0069006.9 r/m 0003900000000.39 m 2.9--2.9s 0 PremiumIcon.png 022572257 kg Type 59
100 mm 44-100JT
000000003636 0250 250/250/330 HP 0175 175/235/50 mm 0064506.45 r/m 0004200000000.42 m 2.9--2.9s 0000000 Credits.png 022572257 kg IS-2T-34-1T-34-2
122 mm 37-122JT
000000002828 0390 390/390/465 HP 0175 175/300/61 mm 0042904.29 r/m 0004800000000.48 m 3.4--3.4s 120.000120.000 Credits.png 2.4402.440 kg IS-2110T-34-2