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A tank's gun, typically a cannon, is the tank's main weapon. The gun caliber is not the only factor in its overall performance; one must also look at the penetration and rate of fire as very important considerations when choosing a gun. Longer guns tend to have more accuracy and penetration because more of the gunpowder is burned while the shell is in the barrel, resulting in greater acceleration. Not all guns that are available for a tank can be mounted on any turret. If there is a turret module preceding a gun on a tank tech tree, you will probably need to research, buy, and install it before mounting the gun. A destroyed gun will lock, it will prevent the tank from firing until it is repaired, and a damaged gun will fire with drastically-reduced accuracy.

Gun Characteristics

Damage - The amount of hit points the shell takes from the enemy tank with a hit. Measured in HP (Hit Points), The gun damage statistics are usually written in a format such as #/#/#: referring to the shell types available for the gun, usually AP/APCR/HE ammo types.

Penetration - The penetration of the weapon refers to the amount of flat metal armor the gun can penetrate in millimeters (mm). Penetration is calculated as if firing at flat armor at a range of 100m, and is usually written in the #/#/# format. Again, this refers to the different shell types available for the gun.

Shells - The available shell types for the guns are determined by the color of the damage and penetration attributes: AP, APCR, HE, HEAT. For more info, see Ammo.

Rate of Fire - The rate of fire of a gun is the number of shells that can be fired in a particular span of time, also known as RoF. The rate of fire of a gun is measured in rounds per minute, and for conventional guns is another way to to state the reload time. For guns equipped with a magazine, the given rate of fire is the sustained rate of fire, or the average firing rate including the magazine reload time, not the burst firing rate of a single magazine.

Accuracy - The accuracy of the gun is the maximum shell dispersion when the sights are fully closed/contracted. The accuracy of a gun is measured in meters, indicating the amount of dispersion when fired at a target at a distance of 100m. The shell dispersion is also effected by Gaussian distribution.

Aim Time - The time it takes in seconds for a gun to come to full aim.

More detailed information is available on Autoloaders and Autocannons.

Graffiti_stickers_usa_A.png American Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
37 mm Gun M1916
0104104003030/30/36 HP002828/45/19 mm240024 r/m540.54 m2502.5 s0PremiumIcon.png00104104 kgT1 Cunningham
0I37 mm Semiautomatic Gun M19240100100-110003030/30/36 HP003333/53/19 mm300030-38.96 r/m510.51 m1701.7-2.5 s19001,900 Credits.png0006565 kgT1 CunninghamT2 Medium Tank
0I.50 caliber MG HB M21800180000088 HP002222 mm854185.41-107.62 r/m570.57 m1701.7 s20002,000 Credits.png0007070 kgM2 Light Tank
1II37 mm Browning Semiautomatic Gun0100100-110003030/30/36 HP003939/63/19 mm300030-38.96 r/m470.47 m1701.7-2.5 s22002,200 Credits.png0006565 kgT1 CunninghamT2 Medium Tank
1II20 mm Hispano-Suiza Birgikt Gun0360360-1200001212/12 HP003030/41 mm731773.17-108.43 r/m500.5 m1501.5-1.9 s26002,600 Credits.png0006868 kgT1 CunninghamM2 Light TankT2 Medium TankM3 StuartM5 Stuart
1II20 mm Hispano Suiza Birgikt Gun M112001200001212/12 HP003030/41 mm993499.34 r/m500.5 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png0006868 kgT2 Light Tank
1II37 mm AT Gun M30110110004040/40/50 HP005656/78/19 mm285728.57 r/m400.4 m1501.5 s83508,350 Credits.png0008282 kgT18
1II76 mm Gun M19180040400170170/130 HP004242/100 mm8008 r/m500.5 m4604.6 s27802,780 Credits.png00500500 kgT57
1II37 mm Gun M50103103-120004040/40/50 HP004848/70/19 mm240024-26.09 r/m460.46 m1701.7-2.1 s20002,000 Credits.png0007878 kgM2 Light TankT2 Medium TankM2 Medium TankM3 Stuart
3IV75 mm Howitzer M1A1004242-980175175/110 HP003838/100 mm125012.5-16.22 r/m530.53 m1701.7-2.3 s2600026,000 Credits.png00138138 kgT18T82T40
3IVQF 2-pdr Mk. IX008080004545/45/60 HP006464/121/23 mm285728.57 r/m380.38 m1701.7 s1720017,200 Credits.png00130130 kgT18
3IVOQF 25-pdr Howitzer Mk. II01121120280280/180/180 HP004444/92/71 mm8008 r/m470.47 m5105.1 s0PremiumIcon.png00510510 kgSexton I
3IV105 mm Howitzer M3006969-1260410410/350 HP005353/150 mm3873.87-4.72 r/m540.54 m5105.1 s2285022,850 Credits.png025002,500 kgM37M7 Priest
3IV76 mm AT Gun M19180098980110110/130/170 HP009090/100/42 mm162216.22 r/m430.43 m1701.7 s2730027,300 Credits.png00900900 kgT40
3IV75 mm Gun M2005050-710110110/110/175 HP009090/125/38 mm157915.79-16.67 r/m470.47 m1701.7-1.8 s2300023,000 Credits.png012371,237 kgM3 LeeM7
3IV75 mm Gun M3 L/37005050-1040110110/110/175 HP009292/127/38 mm157915.79-20 r/m410.41-0.46 m2002-2.1 s3000030,000 Credits.png014371,437 kgM3 LeeM4 ShermanM7T21M4A3E8 ShermanM4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
3IV75 mm AT Gun M3 L/370046460110110/110/175 HP009292/127/38 mm142914.29 r/m430.43 m1701.7-1.9 s3000030,000 Credits.png014371,437 kgM8A1
3IV75 mm Gun M3 L/370090900110110/110/175 HP009292/127/38 mm157515.75 r/m460.46 m2102.1 s0PremiumIcon.png014371,437 kgT14M4A2E4 Sherman
3IVQF 6-pounder Mk. IIIA009292007575/75 HP0105105/170 mm262026.2 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00450450 kgRam-II
3IVQF 6 pounder Mk. III0130130-155007575/75 HP0105105/170 mm260926.09-28.57 r/m430.43 m2102.1-2.3 s3050030,500 Credits.png00450450 kgM7T21
2III37 mm Gun M6005050004040/40/50 HP005656/78/19 mm262026.2 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png0008282 kgM22 Locust
2III37 mm Gun M60103103-210004040/40/50 HP005656/78/19 mm260926.09 r/m410.41-0.42 m1701.7 s83508,350 Credits.png0008282 kgM2 Medium TankM3 StuartM5 StuartM7
2III75 mm Howitzer M3004040-460175175/110 HP003838/100 mm130413.04-14.63 r/m550.55 m2302.3 s54005,400 Credits.png00138138 kgM2 Medium TankM5 Stuart
2III75 mm AT Howitzer M30046460175175/110 HP003838/100 mm162216.22 r/m530.53 m1901.9 s54005,400 Credits.png00138138 kgM8A1
4V44-caliber Automatic Cannon0700700004040/40/50 HP004545/61/19 mm367536.75 r/m480.48 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png00358358 kgMTLS-1G14
4V105 mm AT Howitzer M3002323-500410410/350 HP005353/150 mm5005-7.5 r/m550.55 m1701.7-2.3 s4015040,150 Credits.png021002,100 kgT82T40
4V57 mm Gun M1 L/50006666-126007575/75/95 HP0110110/180/29 mm214321.43-26.09 r/m390.39 m1701.7-2 s3300033,000 Credits.png00400400 kgT82T40M8A1T49
4V105 mm Howitzer M401261260410410/350 HP005353/150 mm4624.62 r/m490.49 m5105.1 s4050040,500 Credits.png028002,800 kgM37
4V76 mm AT Gun M7 L/50004545-540110110/110/175 HP0101101/157/38 mm142914.29-15.79 r/m410.41-0.43 m1701.7 s3350033,500 Credits.png014501,450 kgM8A1T49M10 WolverineM18 Hellcat
4V105 mm Howitzer M2A10069690410410/350 HP005353/150 mm6456.45 r/m490.49 m5005 s4020040,200 Credits.png027002,700 kgM7 Priest
4V105 mm SPH M4 L/23003636-700410410/350 HP005353/150 mm7507.5 r/m550.55 m2302.3 s4030040,300 Credits.png026002,600 kgM4 ShermanM4A3E8 ShermanM4A3E2 Sherman JumboT20M26 PershingM46 Patton
4V105 mm AT SPH M4 L/230030300410410/350 HP005353/150 mm7597.59-7.69 r/m530.53 m1701.7 s4030040,300 Credits.png026702,670 kgM10 Wolverine
4V76 mm Gun M7 L/500075750110110/110/175 HP0101101/157/38 mm139513.95 r/m460.46 m2302.3 s3350033,500 Credits.png014501,450 kgT1 Heavy TankM6
4V75 mm Gun M6004848-600110110/110/175 HP009696/143/38 mm150015-15.79 r/m400.4 m1501.5-2.1 s3335033,350 Credits.png014501,450 kgM24 Chaffee
4V155 mm Howitzer M10022220700700/700 HP007878/240 mm3513.51 r/m550.55 m5705.7 s6320063,200 Credits.png017351,735 kgM41
5VI76 mm AT Gun M1A1004545-680115115/110/185 HP0128128/177/38 mm162216.22-18.75 r/m390.39-0.41 m1701.7 s5033050,330 Credits.png015671,567 kgT40T49M10 WolverineM18 Hellcat
5VI76 mm Gun M1A1006868-1040115115/110/185 HP0128128/177/38 mm142914.29-16.67 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s5033050,330 Credits.png015671,567 kgM4 ShermanT1 Heavy TankM6T21M4A3E8 ShermanM4A3E2 Sherman JumboT20M26 Pershing
5VI76 mm AT Gun M1A2004545-540115115/110/185 HP0128128/177/38 mm181818.18-19.35 r/m350.35-0.38 m1701.7 s6200062,000 Credits.png015901,590 kgM10 WolverineM36 JacksonM18 Hellcat
5VI76 mm Gun T940060600115115/110/185 HP0137137/185/38 mm181818.18 r/m390.39 m1701.7 s6400064,000 Credits.png015901,590 kgM24 Chaffee
5VI155 mm Gun M1918M1001818-200950950/950 HP008585/90 mm2882.88-3.16 r/m480.48 m7407.4 s8620086,200 Credits.png032353,235 kgM41M12
5VI76 mm Gun M1A2006060-1260115115/110/185 HP0128128/177/38 mm163616.36-27.07 r/m400.4 m2302.3 s6200062,000 Credits.png015901,590 kgM6T21M4A3E8 ShermanM4A3E2 Sherman JumboT20T71T29M26 Pershing
5VI76 mm Gun T1850060600150150/150/185 HP0175175/220/38 mm107110.71-14.35 r/m380.38-0.39 m2302.3 s6300063,000 Credits.png00646646 kgT71T69
6VII90 mm AT Gun M3003030-560240240/240/320 HP0160160/243/45 mm7507.5-8.22 r/m350.35-0.36 m1701.7 s8100081,000 Credits.png020502,050 kgM36 JacksonM18 HellcatT25 ATT25/2
6VII90 mm Gun M3004848-730240240/240/320 HP0160160/243/45 mm6386.38-7.89 r/m380.38 m2302.3 s8100081,000 Credits.png020502,050 kgM6T20T29M26 PershingM46 Patton
6VII155 mm Gun M1A1002020-2612501250/1250 HP008888/90 mm2472.47 r/m470.47 m5705.7 s111500111,500 Credits.png075007,500 kgM12M40/M43
6VII90 mm Gun M36007070-710240240/240/320 HP0172172/262/45 mm7897.89 r/m380.38 m2302.3 s8850088,500 Credits.png020802,080 kgM46 Patton
7VIII90 mm AT Gun T15E2004747-720240240/240/320 HP0170170/258/45 mm7797.79-8.7 r/m350.35-0.36 m1701.7 s111900111,900 Credits.png020502,050 kgT25 ATT25/2T28T28 Prototype
7VIII105 mm AT Gun T5E1004040-630320320/320/420 HP0198198/245/53 mm6596.59-8.11 r/m380.38-0.39 m1701.7 s118000118,000 Credits.png024002,400 kgT25 ATT28T28 PrototypeT95T30
7VIII105 mm Gun T5E1004343-630320320/320/420 HP0198198/245/53 mm4384.38-6.12 r/m400.4-0.42 m2302.3 s118000118,000 Credits.png024002,400 kgT29T32M103
7VIII203 mm Howitzer M100202018501850/1450/1850 HP0102102/241/102 mm1561.56 r/m560.56 m6906.9 s150000150,000 Credits.png084008,400 kgM40/M43
7VIII90 mm Gun T15E10054540240240/240/320 HP0170170/258/45 mm7327.32 r/m380.38 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png020502,050 kgT26E4 Super Pershing
7VIII105 mm Gun T5E1E0060600320320/320/420 HP0198198/245/53 mm5055.05 r/m420.42 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png024002,400 kgM6A2E1
7VIII90 mm Gun T178004040-450240240/240/320 HP0173173/300/45 mm7277.27-9.09 r/m380.38 m2602.6-2.9 s121000121,000 Credits.png010751,075 kgT69T54E1
7VIII90 mm Gun T15E2M2007070-710240240/240/320 HP0180180/268/45 mm7327.32-7.89 r/m370.37 m2302.3 s128900128,900 Credits.png022502,250 kgM26 PershingM46 Patton
7VIII90 mm Gun T15E20054540240240/240/320 HP0170170/258/45 mm7897.89 r/m380.38 m2302.3 s111900111,900 Credits.png020502,050 kgT32
7VIII90 mm Gun M410060600240240/240/320 HP0173173/263/45 mm9529.52 r/m360.36 m2002 s9550095,500 Credits.png023002,300 kgM48A1
8IX120 mm Gun T53A10034340400400/400/515 HP0248248/297/60 mm4004 r/m350.35 m3403.4 s0PremiumIcon.png027902,790 kgT34
8IX240 mm Howitzer M100161622502250/1800/2250 HP0120120/370/120 mm1281.28 r/m620.62 m7407.4 s257000257,000 Credits.png084008,400 kgT92
8IX105 mm Gun T5E1M2005454-570390390/390/480 HP0218218/265/53 mm6006-6.82 r/m400.4-0.42 m2002-2.3 s219000219,000 Credits.png024002,400 kgM46 PattonM48A1
8IX105mm Gun T140E20036360390390/390 HP0210210/255 mm5635.63 r/m400.4 m2902.9 s170000170,000 Credits.png021772,177 kgT54E1
8IX120 mm Gun T1220033330400400/400/515 HP0242242/330/60 mm5265.26 r/m400.4 m2602.6 s230000230,000 Credits.png027902,790 kgM103
9X120 mm AT Gun T53003434-420400400/400/515 HP0248248/297/60 mm5945.94-6.9 r/m380.38-0.39 m2102.1-2.3 s250000250,000 Credits.png027902,790 kgT28T28 PrototypeT95T30
9X155 mm AT Gun T7003030-340750750/750/950 HP0276276/320/90 mm2862.86-3.28 r/m380.38-0.39 m2502.5-2.9 s335000335,000 Credits.png033713,371 kgT95T30
9X120 mm Gun M58003333-420400400/400/515 HP0269269/381/60 mm5365.36-6 r/m350.35-0.37 m2002-2.3 s310000310,000 Credits.png031003,100 kgM103T110E5
9X120 mm Gun T1790036360400400/400/515 HP0269269/381/60 mm7747.74 r/m350.35 m2702.7 s310000310,000 Credits.png028492,849 kgT57 Heavy Tank
9X105 mm Gun M680057570390390/390/480 HP0268268/350/53 mm6826.82 r/m360.36 m2002 s325000325,000 Credits.png028502,850 kgM48A1
9X155 mm AT Gun T7E20027270850850/850/1100 HP0295295/375/90 mm2862.86-3.28 r/m360.36-0.37 m2502.5-2.9 s335000335,000 Credits.png033713,371 kgT110E3T110E4

Graffiti_stickers_uk.png British Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
0IOQF 3-pdr Gun Mk. I009090-111005050/50/65 HP003838/66/23 mm120012-16.67 r/m450.45 m2302.3-2.9 s0PremiumIcon.png00240240 kgVickers Medium Mk. IVickers Medium Mk. II
0I15 mm Machine Gun BESA0360360-40000099 HP002525 mm760976.09-102.38 r/m530.53-0.56 m1701.7-2 s19001,900 Credits.png0007070 kgVickers Medium Mk. ICruiser Mk. III
1IIQF 6-pdr 8 cwt Mk. II006060-80007070/70/95 HP004545/57/29 mm133313.33-15.79 r/m520.52 m1901.9-2.3 s30003,000 Credits.png00300300 kgVickers Medium Mk. IVickers Medium Mk. II
1IIOQF 3-pdr Gun Mk. II0111111005050/50/65 HP004343/72/23 mm166716.67-22.22 r/m410.41-0.43 m1701.7-2.3 s31003,100 Credits.png00250250 kgVickers Medium Mk. IIVickers Medium Mk. III
1IIQF 2-pdr AT Gun Mk. IX0112112004545/45/60 HP006464/121/23 mm260926.09 r/m380.38 m1701.7 s20002,000 Credits.png00130130 kgUniversal Carrier 2-pdr
1IIQF 6-pdr 8 cwt AT Gun Mk. II006464007070/70/95 HP004545/57/29 mm187518.75 r/m500.5 m1701.7 s30003,000 Credits.png00300300 kgUniversal Carrier 2-pdr
2IIIQF 2-pdr Mk. IX008787-130004545/45/60 HP006464/121/23 mm240024-28.57 r/m360.36-0.4 m1701.7-2.3 s60006,000 Credits.png00130130 kgCruiser Mk. ICruiser Mk. IIICruiser Mk. IIVickers Medium Mk. IIICruiser Mk. IV
3IV40 mm Pom-Pom0120120-200004545/45/60 HP004949/71/23 mm243024.3-36.92 r/m410.41-0.48 m1701.7-2.3 s2000020,000 Credits.png00160160 kgCruiser Mk. ICruiser Mk. IIICruiser Mk. IICruiser Mk. IVCovenanter
3IVQF 6-pdr 8 cwt Mk. I008080007070/70/95 HP005757/72/29 mm157915.79-20 r/m440.44-0.48 m1701.7-2.3 s2500025,000 Credits.png00450450 kgVickers Medium Mk. IIVickers Medium Mk. III
3IVQF 6-pdr 8 cwt AT Gun Mk. I006464007070/70/95 HP005757/72/29 mm187518.75 r/m460.46 m1701.7 s2500025,000 Credits.png00450450 kgUniversal Carrier 2-pdr
3IVQF 6-pdr AT Gun Mk. II0102102-120007575/75/100 HP0105105/170/30 mm214321.43-26.09 r/m410.41 m1701.7-2 s2500025,000 Credits.png00400400 kgValentine ATAlecto
3IVQF 6-pdr AT Gun Mk. IV0102102-120007575/75/100 HP0110110/180/30 mm214321.43-26.09 r/m370.37 m1701.7-2 s2700027,000 Credits.png00450450 kgValentine ATAlecto
3IVQF 40 mm Mk. VI Bofors0120120005050/50/60 HP006363/101/23 mm320032-35.82 r/m390.39-0.41 m1901.9 s2400024,000 Credits.png00470470 kgCruiser Mk. IVCovenanter
3IVQF 2-pdr Mk. X006060-180005050/50/60 HP007878/121/23 mm285728.57 r/m360.36 m1501.5-1.7 s30003,000 Credits.png00130130 kgCovenanterValentineMatildaChurchill ICrusader
3IVOQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. I003535-1150175175/110 HP003838/100 mm139513.95-16.67 r/m510.51-0.55 m1901.9-2.3 s3000030,000 Credits.png00116116 kgCovenanterMatildaChurchill ICrusader
3IVQF 6-pdr Mk. III004444-84007575/75/100 HP0105105/170/30 mm133313.33-27.27 r/m410.41-0.43 m1901.9-2.3 s2700027,000 Credits.png00400400 kgValentineChurchill ICrusaderCromwell
3IVQF 2-pdr Mk. X-B009292005555/55 HP0121121/145 mm285728.57 r/m360.36 m1901.9 s2800028,000 Credits.png00175175 kgMatilda
3IVQF 6-pdr AT Gun Mk. III009696007575/75/100 HP0105105/170/30 mm260926.09 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s2700027,000 Credits.png00400400 kgAT 2
4V3.7-inch Howitzer003030-500370370/280 HP004747/110 mm5005-8.57 r/m510.51-0.58 m2302.3-3.4 s3500035,000 Credits.png00393393 kgCruiser Mk. IICromwellChurchill VIIComet
4V3.7-inch AT Howitzer004242-480370370/280 HP004747/110 mm7507.5-8 r/m490.49 m2102.1-2.5 s3500035,000 Credits.png00393393 kgValentine ATAlectoAT 2
4VQF 6-pdr Gun Mk. V004444-84007575/75/100 HP0110110/180/30 mm133313.33-27.27 r/m390.39-0.41 m1901.9-2.5 s3500035,000 Credits.png00450450 kgValentineChurchill ICrusaderCromwellChurchill VII
4V75 mm Gun Mk. V004444-840110110/110/175 HP009191/144/38 mm9099.09-20 r/m390.39-0.42 m1501.5-2.5 s4500045,000 Credits.png00500500 kgValentineChurchill ICromwellChurchill VIIComet
4VOQF 25-pdr AT Gun-Howitzer Mark III0060600180180/180/280 HP007171/92/44 mm105310.53 r/m460.46 m2102.1 s4000040,000 Credits.png00510510 kgAlecto
4VQF 6-pounder Mk.V A005555007575/75/100 HP0110110/180/30 mm260926.09 r/m410.41 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00450450 kgMatilda Black Prince
4VQF 6-pdr AT Gun Mk. V009696-120007575/75/100 HP0110110/180/30 mm275027.5-49.51 r/m370.37 m1701.7 s3500035,000 Credits.png00450450 kgAT 2AT 8AT 7
4V75 mm AT Gun Mk. V01201200110110/110/175 HP009191/144/38 mm260926.09 r/m390.39 m1701.7 s4500045,000 Credits.png00500500 kgAT 8
5VI75 mm Vickers HV006161-840135135/135/175 HP0145145/202/38 mm125012.5-15.38 r/m340.34-0.36 m2302.3 s6300063,000 Credits.png00591591 kgChurchill ICromwellChurchill VIIComet
5VI3-inch 20 cwt AT Gun Mk. III0065650140140/140/190 HP0112112/140/38 mm150015 r/m360.36 m1701.7 s6200062,000 Credits.png010211,021 kgChurchill Gun Carrier
6VIIOQF 77 mm Gun Mk. II006161-1400140140/140/190 HP0148148/208/38 mm139513.95-15.38 r/m340.34-0.36 m1901.9-2.3 s5000050,000 Credits.png00681681 kgChurchill VIICometBlack PrinceCenturion Mk. I
6VIIOQF 77 mm AT Gun Mk. II0084840140140/140/190 HP0148148/208/38 mm157915.79-18.18 r/m320.32 m1701.7 s6200062,000 Credits.png00681681 kgAT 8AT 7
6VIIOQF 17-pdr AT Gun Mk. VII006060-700150150/150/190 HP0171171/239/38 mm139513.95-16.67 r/m320.32 m1701.7 s6500065,000 Credits.png00826826 kgAT 8AT 7AT 15
6VIIQF 3.7-inch AT Gun0046460230230/230/300 HP0151151/189/47 mm8578.57 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s7200072,000 Credits.png017831,783 kgChurchill Gun Carrier
6VIIOQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII007070-840150150/150/190 HP0171171/239/38 mm120012-14.29 r/m340.34 m1901.9-2.3 s6000060,000 Credits.png00826826 kgBlack PrinceCenturion Mk. ICaernarvon
7VIIIOQF 32-pdr AT Gun004646-600250250/250/330 HP0214214/246/47 mm7067.06-12 r/m330.33-0.34 m1701.7-2.9 s105000105,000 Credits.png029722,972 kgChurchill Gun CarrierAT 15Tortoise
7VIIIOQF 20-pdr AT Gun Type A Barrel005050-600230230/230/280 HP0226226/258/42 mm103410.34-11.11 r/m310.31 m1901.9-2.1 s120000120,000 Credits.png012421,242 kgAT 7AT 15
7VIIIOQF 20-pdr Gun Type A Barrel006060-720230230/230/280 HP0226226/258/42 mm7507.5-10 r/m330.33 m1901.9-2.3 s120000120,000 Credits.png012421,242 kgCenturion Mk. ICaernarvonCenturion Mk. 7/1Conqueror
8IXOQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel006060-720230230/230/280 HP0226226/258/42 mm7697.69-10.53 r/m320.32 m1701.7-1.9 s180000180,000 Credits.png012821,282 kgCaernarvonCenturion Mk. 7/1Conqueror
8IXOQF 20-pdr AT Gun Type B Barrel006060-700230230/230/280 HP0226226/258/42 mm120012-13.95 r/m300.3 m1501.5-1.7 s180000180,000 Credits.png012821,282 kgAT 15Tortoise
9X120 mm AT Gun L1A10050500400400/400/515 HP0269269/352/120 mm8458.45 r/m310.31 m1701.7 s320000320,000 Credits.png028502,850 kgTortoise
9X105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A10072720390390/480/480 HP0268268/210/105 mm5005-6.45 r/m320.32 m2102.1-2.3 s290000290,000 Credits.png012821,282 kgCenturion Mk. 7/1FV4202
9X120 mm Gun L1A10035350400400/400/515 HP0269269/352/120 mm5715.71-6.9 r/m330.33 m1701.7-1.9 s300000300,000 Credits.png028502,850 kgConquerorFV215b
9X183 mm L400121211501150/1750/1750 HP0310310/275/92 mm2002 r/m400.4 m3403.4 s335000335,000 Credits.png054005,400 kgFV215b (183)

Graffiti_stickers_germany_S.png German Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
0I3,7 cm KwK 36 L/46.5007777-156003636/36/42 HP004040/74/18 mm260926.09 r/m460.46 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png00100100 kgLeichttraktorPzKpfw III Ausf. APzKpfw IIIPzKpfw II Luchs
0I2 cm Breda0240240-420001111/11 HP003030/47 mm979697.96-119.01 r/m530.53 m1601.6-1.8 s19701,970 Credits.png0007070 kgLeichttraktorPz.Kpfw. I
0I2 cm KwK 38 L/550240240-420001111/11 HP002323/46 mm10909109.09-153.85 r/m570.57 m1401.4-1.7 s19201,920 Credits.png0007070 kgLeichttraktorPzKpfw IIPz.Kpfw. IPzKpfw III Ausf. APz.Kpfw. II Ausf. GPanzer I Ausf. CPzKpfw II Luchs
0I3,7 cm SA 38 L/340100100004040/40/45 HP004141/64/18 mm262526.25 r/m400.4 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png0007070 kgPzKpfw 38H735 (f)
0I2 cm KwK 30 L/550240240-320001111/11 HP002323/46 mm963396.33-102.94 r/m590.59 m1701.7 s19101,910 Credits.png0007070 kgPzKpfw IIPz.Kpfw. IPzKpfw 35 (t)
0I3,7 cm KwK 34 (t) L/40007272004040/40/45 HP004040/69/18 mm260926.09 r/m480.48 m1701.7 s20002,000 Credits.png0007070 kgPzKpfw 35 (t)
0I2 cm KwK 38 L/55J0400400001111/11 HP002323/46 mm14286142.86 r/m570.57 m1401.4 s0PremiumIcon.png0007070 kgPzKpfw II Ausf. J
1II2 cm Flak 38 L/1120260260-600001111/11 HP003939/51 mm10909109.09-162.16 r/m450.45 m1301.3-1.6 s31603,160 Credits.png00110110 kgPzKpfw IIPzKpfw 35 (t)PzKpfw 38 (t)PzKpfw III Ausf. APz.Kpfw. II Ausf. GPanzer I Ausf. CPzKpfw IIIPzKpfw 38 nAPzKpfw II LuchsVK 1602 Leopard
1II3,7 cm PaK 38 (t) L/47009696004040/40/45 HP004242/74/18 mm285728.57 r/m390.39 m1501.5 s27302,730 Credits.png00100100 kgPanzerjäger I
1II4,7 cm PaK 38 (t) L/43005656-86006060/60/75 HP006262/115/24 mm240024-26.09 r/m370.37 m1301.3-2 s34603,460 Credits.png00100100 kgPanzerjäger IPzKpfw 38 (t)PzKpfw 38 nA
1II15 cm sIG 33 L/11002020-300200200/300/300 HP007575/75/228 mm3853.85-5.41 r/m550.55 m5105.1 s44404,440 Credits.png00760760 kgSturmpanzer I BisonSturmpanzer IIGrille
1II3,7 cm KwK 38 (t) L/47007272-90004040/40/45 HP004242/74/18 mm260926.09 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s27302,730 Credits.png00100100 kgPzKpfw 35 (t)PzKpfw 38 (t)PzKpfw 38 nA
1II3,7 cm KwK 38 (t) L/47007878004040/40/45 HP004242/74/18 mm262526.25 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png00100100 kgT-15
1II4,7 cm SA 35 L/340112112005252/52/62 HP005555/90/24 mm276327.63 r/m390.39 m1101.1 s0PremiumIcon.png00100100 kgPzKpfw S35 739 (f)PzKpfw B2 740 (f)
1II7,92 mm Mauser E.W.141064064000088/8 HP003333/43 mm18182181.82 r/m450.45 m1301.3 s32003,200 Credits.png0003030 kgPanzer I Ausf. C
2III5 cm PaK 39 L/60006262-75007070/70/90 HP006767/130/25 mm206920.69-24 r/m380.38 m2002-2.3 s99709,970 Credits.png00700700 kgPanzerjäger IMarder II
2III5 cm KwK 38 L/42005050-93007070/70/90 HP006060/96/25 mm240024 r/m480.48 m2302.3 s85708,570 Credits.png00700700 kgPzKpfw III Ausf. APzKpfw IIIPzKpfw II Luchs
2III5 cm KwK 39 L/60005050-120007070/70/90 HP006767/130/25 mm240024-28.57 r/m390.39-0.4 m1701.7-2.3 s99709,970 Credits.png00700700 kgPzKpfw IIIPzKpfw 38 nAPzKpfw II LuchsVK 1602 LeopardPzKpfw IVVK 2801
4V3 cm M.K.1030180180-360003030/30/40 HP009595/110/15 mm191219.12-43.45 r/m460.46-0.5 m1701.7-2.3 s3350033,500 Credits.png00141141 kgPz.Kpfw. II Ausf. GPzKpfw II LuchsVK 1602 Leopard
4V7,6 cm PaK 36 (r)0036360125125/125/185 HP0118118/158/39 mm120012 r/m430.43 m2902.9 s3075030,750 Credits.png016701,670 kgMarder II
4V10,5 cm leFH 18 L/280038380410410/350/350 HP005353/150/64 mm4514.51 r/m490.49 m5105.1 s4011040,110 Credits.png023002,300 kgWespe
4V7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48004040-790110110/110/175 HP0110110/158/38 mm153815.38-17.14 r/m370.37 m1701.7 s2738027,380 Credits.png015201,520 kgHetzerStuG IIIJagdPz IV
4V10,5 cm StuH 42 L/28002020-400350350/350/410 HP006464/150/53 mm6986.98-8.33 r/m530.53 m1701.7 s2800028,000 Credits.png021002,100 kgHetzerStuG IIIJagdPz IV
4V15 cm sFH 13 L/17001818-220680680/680 HP007575/228 mm3513.51 r/m530.53 m5105.1 s4492044,920 Credits.png012001,200 kgGrilleHummel
4V7.5 cm A18 KwK0060600110110/110/175 HP0116116/167/38 mm140014 r/m410.41 m2502.5 s0PremiumIcon.png015201,520 kgT-25
4V7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48008787-920110110/110/175 HP0110110/158/38 mm140014 r/m390.39 m1701.7-2 s0PremiumIcon.png015201,520 kgPzKpfw IV HydraulicPzKpfw V-IV AlphaPzKpfw V-IV
4V7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48005454-920110110/110/175 HP0110110/158/38 mm139513.95-17.65 r/m390.39 m1701.7-2.3 s2738027,380 Credits.png015201,520 kgPzKpfw III/IVPzKpfw IVVK 3001 (H)VK 3001 (P)VK 3601 (H)VK 2801VK 3002 (DB)
4V10,5 cm KwK 42 L/28002828-600350350/350/410 HP006464/150/53 mm6126.12-7.5 r/m550.55 m2302.3 s2800028,000 Credits.png021002,100 kgPzKpfw IVVK 3001 (H)VK 3001 (P)VK 3601 (H)VK 2801VK 3002 (DB)PzKpfw V PantherPzKpfw VI TigerPzKpfw VI Tiger (P)Panther II
3IV7,5 cm PaK 40/20037370110110/110/175 HP009898/126/38 mm125012.5 r/m420.42 m2702.7 s2890028,900 Credits.png015201,520 kgMarder II
3IV10,5 cm leFH 16 L/220038380410410/350 HP005353/150 mm3823.82 r/m540.54 m5105.1 s2775027,750 Credits.png020002,000 kgWespe
3IV7,5 cm StuK 40 L/43004040-440110110/110/175 HP0103103/139/38 mm153815.38 r/m390.39 m1701.7 s2500025,000 Credits.png014371,437 kgHetzerStuG III
3IV7,5 cm KwK 37 L/24007070-800110110/110/175 HP004343/100/38 mm139513.95-17.65 r/m550.55 m1701.7-2.3 s1045010,450 Credits.png00780780 kgPzKpfw IIIPzKpfw IVVK 2801
3IV7,5 cm KwK 40 L/43007878-920110110/110/175 HP0103103/139/38 mm139513.95-17.65 r/m410.41 m1701.7-2.3 s2500025,000 Credits.png014371,437 kgPzKpfw III/IVPzKpfw IVVK 3001 (H)VK 2801
5VI7,5 cm StuK 42 L/70003636-680135135/135/175 HP0150150/194/38 mm133313.33-15.79 r/m330.33 m1701.7 s5300053,000 Credits.png017401,740 kgStuG IIIJagdPz IVJagdpanther
5VI15 cm sFH 18 L/30001818-300950950/750 HP008585/228 mm2842.84 r/m480.48 m6906.9 s8673086,730 Credits.png026802,680 kgHummelGW Panther
5VI7,5 cm KwK 44/1 L/700060600135135/135/175 HP0150150/194/38 mm130413.04 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00955955 kgPzKpfw IV Schmalturm
5VI7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70003636-1100135135/135/175 HP0150150/194/38 mm105310.53-13.33 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s5300053,000 Credits.png017401,740 kgVK 3001 (H)VK 3001 (P)VK 3601 (H)VK 3002 (DB)PzKpfw V PantherPzKpfw VI TigerPzKpfw VI Tiger (P)Panther IIE-50
5VI7,5 cm KwK 42 L/700082820135135/135/175 HP0150150/194/38 mm133313.33 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00955955 kgPanther-M10
7VIII10,5 cm K 18 L/520026260300300/300/380 HP0169169/227/53 mm6456.45 r/m360.36 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png030003,000 kgDicker Max
7VIII7,5 cm KwK 41 L/58 Konisch006868006565/165 HP0167167/225 mm117611.76 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s91509,150 Credits.png016201,620 kgVK 3601 (H)
7VIII8,8 cm PaK 43 L/71005050-570240240/240/295 HP0203203/237/44 mm9849.84-10 r/m320.32 m2302.3 s112180112,180 Credits.png025622,562 kgJagdpantherFerdinandJagdpanther II
7VIII10,5 cm PaK 45 L/520040400320320/320/420 HP0200200/244/60 mm7327.32-7.5 r/m340.34 m1701.7 s116490116,490 Credits.png030003,000 kgJagdpantherFerdinandJagdpanther II
7VIII7,5 cm KwK 45 L/100008080-900135135/135/175 HP0198198/244/38 mm125012.5-13.33 r/m300.3-0.32 m2302.3 s128570128,570 Credits.png021002,100 kgPzKpfw V PantherPanther IIE-50
7VIII8,8 cm KwK 43 L/71006060-920240240/240/295 HP0203203/237/44 mm6596.59-8.22 r/m340.34 m2902.9 s112180112,180 Credits.png025622,562 kgPzKpfw VI TigerPzKpfw VI Tiger (P)Panther IIVK 4502 (P) Ausf. APzKpfw VIB Tiger IIE-50E-75VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B
7VIII8.8 cm PaK 43 L/71 Ausf. A0068680240240/240/295 HP0203203/237/44 mm111111.11 r/m310.31 m2002 s0PremiumIcon.png025622,562 kg8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger
7VIII10,5 cm KwK 45 L/52004242-560320320/320/420 HP0200200/244/60 mm5505.5-6.74 r/m370.37 m2302.3 s116490116,490 Credits.png030003,000 kgVK 4502 (P) Ausf. APzKpfw VIB Tiger IIE-75VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B
6VII8,8 cm KwK 36 L/56005050-920220220/220/270 HP0132132/171/44 mm8118.11-9.23 r/m380.38 m2302.3 s6600066,000 Credits.png020502,050 kgVK 3001 (H)VK 3001 (P)VK 3601 (H)VK 3002 (DB)PzKpfw V PantherPzKpfw VI TigerPzKpfw VI Tiger (P)Panther IIVK 4502 (P) Ausf. A
6VII8,8 cm PaK 36 L/56005050-600220220/220/270 HP0132132/171/44 mm105310.53-11.11 r/m350.35 m1701.7 s6600066,000 Credits.png020502,050 kgJagdPz IVJagdpanther
6VII15 cm sFH 36 L/30 Ausf. 194300303012001200/900/1200 HP008888/240/88 mm2552.55 r/m430.43 m6306.3 s110300110,300 Credits.png027502,750 kgGW Panther
6VII17 cm K72 (Sf)00212114001400/1400 HP008888/95 mm2062.06 r/m460.46 m6906.9 s120300120,300 Credits.png076807,680 kgGW Tiger
8IX21 cm Mrs 18/1 (Sf)00151520002000/1550/2000 HP0105105/303/105 mm1491.49 r/m580.58 m7407.4 s245000245,000 Credits.png079007,900 kgGW Tiger
8IX10,5 cm KwK46 L/700040400320320/320/420 HP0234234/294/60 mm5005 r/m330.33 m2902.9 s0PremiumIcon.png036003,600 kgLöwe
8IX10,5 cm KwK 46 L/68003636-420320320/320/420 HP0225225/285/60 mm4764.76-6.59 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s178500178,500 Credits.png036003,600 kgPzKpfw VIB Tiger IIE-75VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B
8IX21 cm Mörser 18/200303020002000/1550/2000 HP0105105/303/105 mm1611.61 r/m560.56 m6906.9 s245000245,000 Credits.png1450014,500 kgGW Typ E
8IX8,8 cm KwK 46 L/100006666-740240240/240/295 HP0223223/261/44 mm8708.7-9.09 r/m300.3 m2902.9 s174550174,550 Credits.png033503,350 kgE-50
8IX10,5 cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf. B0048480390390/390/510 HP0220220/270/60 mm6006 r/m320.32 m2302.3 s225600225,600 Credits.png030003,000 kgE-50
9X12,8 cm PaK 44 L/55003030-400490490/490/630 HP0246246/311/65 mm5005-5.5 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s310000310,000 Credits.png034803,480 kgFerdinandJagdpanther IIJagdtiger
9X12,8 cm PaK 44/2 L/610036360560560/560/700 HP0276276/352/65 mm5265.26 r/m330.33 m2302.3 s339000339,000 Credits.png035803,580 kgJagdtiger
9X12,8 cm KwK 44 L/55003636-680490490/490/630 HP0246246/311/65 mm3823.82-4.2 r/m380.38 m2902.9 s310000310,000 Credits.png034803,480 kgE-75VK 4502 (P) Ausf. BE-100Maus
9X10,5 cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf. K0048480390390/390/510 HP0270270/350/60 mm6256.25 r/m300.3 m2102.1 s225600225,600 Credits.png030003,000 kgE-50 Ausf. M
9X15 cm KwK 44 L/380028280750750/750/950 HP0235235/334/85 mm3003 r/m400.4 m2902.9 s340000340,000 Credits.png036503,650 kgE-100
9X17 cm PaK4600242410501050/1050/1400 HP0299299/420/85 mm2332.33 r/m350.35 m2702.7 s365000365,000 Credits.png076807,680 kgJagdPz E-100

Graffiti_stickers_france_A.png French Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
0I37 mm APX SA180100100-237003030/30/36 HP002929/46/18 mm240024-26.09 r/m540.54 m2002-2.5 s0PremiumIcon.png00100100 kgRenaultFTD1Hotchkiss H35
0I13.2 mm Hotchkiss mle. 19300420420-72000088/8 HP002323/36 mm739773.97-186.21 r/m580.58 m2002 s15001,500 Credits.png0007070 kgRenaultFTD1
0I25 mm antichar SA-L mle. 19340400400002020/20 HP005050/75 mm352935.29 r/m430.43 m1501.5 s30003,000 Credits.png0007070 kgRenaultFT AC
1II25 mm Canon Raccourci Mle. 19340160160-360002727/27 HP004646/68 mm285728.57-35.29 r/m450.45 m1501.5-1.7 s23202,320 Credits.png0007171 kgRenaultFTD1Hotchkiss H35AMX 38D2
1II25 mm antichar SA-L mle. 19370400400002020/20 HP005050/75 mm352935.29 r/m410.41 m1501.5 s30003,000 Credits.png0007070 kgRenaultFT AC
1II25 mm automatique mle. 19360400400002020/20 HP005050/75 mm625962.59 r/m430.43 m1701.7 s65006,500 Credits.png0007070 kgRenaultFT AC
1II76 mm Schneider0024240165165/110 HP003838/100 mm9529.52 r/m510.51 m4004 s28302,830 Credits.png00420420 kgRenaultBS
1II47 mm SA340112112-156005050/50/62 HP002525/46/24 mm187518.75-27.27 r/m520.52-0.53 m1501.5-2.3 s24002,400 Credits.png0009090 kgD1AMX 38D2AMX 40B1
1II37 mm SA380100100-162004040/40/45 HP003434/67/24 mm193519.35-25 r/m480.48 m2002 s18901,890 Credits.png0007070 kgHotchkiss H35AMX 38
2III47 mm SA-L Mle.370110110-150005555/55/70 HP006666/98/24 mm260926.09-27.27 r/m350.35-0.37 m1701.7-2 s84008,400 Credits.png00100100 kgRenaultFT ACRenault UE 57
2III47 mm SA350112112-156005555/55/70 HP004545/79/24 mm187518.75-27.27 r/m460.46-0.47 m1501.5-2.5 s32503,250 Credits.png00100100 kgAMX 38D2AMX 40B1
2III47 mm SA370112112-120005555/55/70 HP006666/98/24 mm230823.08-26.09 r/m390.39 m1701.7-2.3 s47504,750 Credits.png00100100 kgD2B1
2III75 mm APX 1897004040-2000110110/110/175 HP006868/100/38 mm157915.79-17.14 r/m450.45 m1701.7 s2236022,360 Credits.png010201,020 kgSomua SAu-40ARL V39
3IV75 mm PaK 40/20040400110110/110/175 HP009898/126/38 mm159215.92 r/m370.37 m1501.5 s0PremiumIcon.png015201,520 kgFCM36 PaK40
3IV57 mm 6 pdr AT Gun Mk IV007070007575/75 HP0110110/180 mm214321.43 r/m390.39 m2002 s2500025,000 Credits.png00450450 kgRenault UE 57
3IVCanon de 105 court mle 1935B0024240410410/350 HP005353/150 mm3873.87 r/m550.55 m5105.1 s3011030,110 Credits.png017001,700 kgLorraine39 L AM
3IV75 mm SA32006060-740110110/110/175 HP007474/100/38 mm9689.68-15.79 r/m460.46 m2302.3-2.5 s1036010,360 Credits.png015201,520 kgAMX 40ELC AMXBDR G1B
4VCanon de 105 court mle 1934S002424-340410410/350 HP005353/150 mm4514.51 r/m490.49-0.5 m4604.6 s4070040,700 Credits.png017001,700 kgLorraine39 L AMAMX 105AM
4V105 mm leFH18 L280042420410410/350/350 HP005353/150/64 mm6456.45 r/m490.49 m5105.1 s0PremiumIcon.png023002,300 kg105 leFH18B2
4V75 mm Long 44 AC004040-1600110110/110/175 HP0100100/129/38 mm157915.79-17.14 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s2700027,000 Credits.png014001,400 kgSomua SAu-40ARL V39
4VC. de 105 court mle 1934S AC0030300410410/350 HP005353/150 mm7067.06 r/m530.53 m2302.3 s4070040,700 Credits.png017001,700 kgSomua SAu-40
4VCanon de 105 mle1930 Schneider AM0034340445445/330 HP006060/223 mm5455.45 r/m470.47 m4604.6 s5500055,000 Credits.png027002,700 kgAMX 105AM
4V75 mm Long 44004848-740110110/110/175 HP0100100/129/38 mm139513.95-15.79 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s2700027,000 Credits.png014001,400 kgELC AMXBDR G1B
4VObusier de 155 mm C mle.19170024240720720/720 HP007777/232 mm3163.16 r/m530.53 m5105.1 s4492044,920 Credits.png012001,200 kgAMX 13 F3 AM
4V75 mm SA49 L48003636-420110110/110/175 HP0108108/148/38 mm155915.59-17.7 r/m420.42 m2302.3-2.5 s3564035,640 Credits.png015201,520 kgAMX 12tAMX 13 75
5VI90 mm D 9140036360240240/240/320 HP0170170/248/45 mm5005 r/m380.38 m2902.9 s6100061,000 Credits.png015601,560 kgELC AMX
5VI17 pdr AT Gun MK.II0086860150150/150/190 HP0171171/239/38 mm111111.11 r/m360.36 m2302.3 s4500045,000 Credits.png016401,640 kgS-35 CA
5VICanon de 105 mle1930 Schneider AC004242-800300300/330/360 HP0165165/223/54 mm5005-6.25 r/m390.39-0.41 m2302.3-2.9 s6000060,000 Credits.png024002,400 kgS-35 CAARL V39
5VICanon de 155 mm de 33 calibres002020-280950950/720 HP009090/232 mm2632.63-2.86 r/m480.48 m6906.9-7.1 s8500085,000 Credits.png026802,680 kgAMX 13 F3 AMLorraine155 50
5VI75 mm SA50003030-480135135/135/175 HP0144144/202/38 mm115711.57-13.85 r/m360.36 m2302.3-2.5 s6420064,200 Credits.png017401,740 kgAMX 12tAMX 13 75AMX 13 90
5VI76 mm Gun M1A10070700115115/110/185 HP0128128/177/38 mm157915.79 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s5033050,330 Credits.png015671,567 kgARL 44
5VIObusier de 155 mm mle.19500028280950950/950/720 HP009090/90/232 mm3163.16 r/m460.46 m5805.8 s9600096,000 Credits.png026802,680 kgLorraine155 50Lorraine155 51
6VII90 mm DCA 30004848-740240240/240/320 HP0135135/175/45 mm6326.32-8.22 r/m400.4 m2302.3-2.5 s6400064,000 Credits.png020502,050 kgBDR G1BARL 44AMX M4(1945)
6VII90 mm canon DCA 30 AC006565-1000240240/240/320 HP0135135/175/45 mm7147.14-9.52 r/m380.38-0.4 m1701.7-2.3 s6400064,000 Credits.png020502,050 kgS-35 CAARL V39AMX AC Mle. 1946
6VII105 mm Canon 13TR004040-600300300/330/360 HP0165165/223/54 mm5615.61-6.25 r/m410.41 m2902.9-3.4 s9435094,350 Credits.png024002,400 kgARL 44AMX M4(1945)
6VII90 mm F3003636-740240240/240/320 HP0170170/248/45 mm6476.47-18.26 r/m380.38-0.39 m2302.3-3 s8700087,000 Credits.png022002,200 kgARL 44AMX M4(1945)AMX 13 90AMX 50 100Lorraine 40 tBat Chatillon 25 t
6VIICanon de 155 mm L GPF00282812501250/1250/720 HP009595/95/232 mm2502.5 r/m450.45 m5505.5 s116730116,730 Credits.png032353,235 kgLorraine155 51
7VIII90 mm DCA 45 AC0080800240240/240/320 HP0212212/259/45 mm6676.67-9.52 r/m340.34-0.36 m1701.7-2.9 s121250121,250 Credits.png027502,750 kgARL V39AMX AC Mle. 1946AMX AC Mle. 1948
7VIII90 mm DCA 45005050-740240240/240/320 HP0212212/259/45 mm7407.4-16.19 r/m360.36-0.38 m2902.9-3.4 s121250121,250 Credits.png027502,750 kgARL 44AMX M4(1945)AMX 50 100AMX 50 120
7VIII100 mm SA 47 AC0072720300300/300/400 HP0232232/263/50 mm6006-7.5 r/m340.34 m2302.3-2.9 s127550127,550 Credits.png030003,000 kgAMX AC Mle. 1946AMX AC Mle. 1948
7VIII100 mm SA 47003030-600300300/300/400 HP0232232/263/50 mm5665.66-7.4 r/m360.36 m2702.7-3 s127550127,550 Credits.png030003,000 kgAMX 50 100Lorraine 40 tAMX 50 120Bat Chatillon 25 t
7VIIICanon de 155 mm00363612501250/1250/720 HP009595/95/233 mm2732.73 r/m440.44 m5005 s130800130,800 Credits.png075007,500 kgBat Chatillon 155
9X120 mm SA 46 AC0064640400400/400/515 HP0267267/351/65 mm5775.77-6.45 r/m330.33 m2302.3-2.9 s339000339,000 Credits.png035803,580 kgAMX AC Mle. 1948AMX 50 Foch
9X120 mm SA 46004040-560400400/400/515 HP0267267/351/65 mm5335.33-6.4 r/m350.35 m3003 s339000339,000 Credits.png035803,580 kgAMX 50 120AMX 50B
9X155 mm SA 58 AC0030300850850/850/1100 HP0293293/408/90 mm3003 r/m360.36 m3003 s375000375,000 Credits.png050005,000 kgAMX-50 Foch (155)
9X105 mm CN 105/570030300390390/390/480 HP0259259/360/53 mm5895.89 r/m380.38 m2702.7 s325000325,000 Credits.png030003,000 kgBat Chatillon 25 t

Graffiti_stickers_ussr_S.png Soviet Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
0I37 mm Hotchkiss009292-104003030/30/36 HP003434/44/19 mm240024-26.09 r/m540.54 m2302.3-2.5 s0PremiumIcon.png00104104 kgMS-1BT-2
0I37 mm B-3006767-160003636/36/40 HP004040/64/19 mm240024-26.09 r/m460.46 m2302.3-2.5 s19501,950 Credits.png0007777 kgMS-1BT-2T-26
0I20 mm TNSh0320320-420001010/10 HP002828/39 mm902390.23-114.29 r/m530.53 m1701.7-1.9 s23802,380 Credits.png0006868 kgMS-1BT-2
1II23 mm VJa0225225-480001212/12 HP003030/42 mm818281.82-114.29 r/m540.54 m1601.6-1.9 s27502,750 Credits.png0007171 kgMS-1BT-2T-26BT-7
1II45 mm mod. 1932005454004747/47/62 HP005151/88/23 mm206920.69 r/m460.46 m2502.5 s20002,000 Credits.png00240240 kgMS-1
1II45 mm 20KS008080004747/47/62 HP005151/84/23 mm285728.57 r/m430.43 m1701.7 s27102,710 Credits.png00250250 kgAT-1
1II76 mm Howitzer mod. 1927002424-480164164/110 HP004242/100 mm8828.82-8.96 r/m500.5 m4404.4 s28302,830 Credits.png00230230 kgSU-18SU-26
1II45 mm 20K008080-150004747/47/62 HP005151/88/23 mm260926.09 r/m460.46 m1901.9-2.3 s25302,530 Credits.png00250250 kgBT-2T-26BT-7T-46A-20T-50T-50-2
1II45 mm 20KL006161-104004747/47/62 HP005151/84/23 mm262526.25 r/m410.41-0.43 m1701.7-2.1 s0PremiumIcon.png00250250 kgT-127BT-SVValentine II
1II37 mm M50103103004040/40/50 HP004848/70/19 mm240024 r/m460.46 m1901.9 s0PremiumIcon.png0007878 kgM3 Stuart Lend Lease
1II76 mm Howitzer mod. 1903/30004848-560164164/110 HP004242/100 mm9849.84-10.17 r/m490.49 m4604.6 s40904,090 Credits.png00389389 kgSU-26SU-5
1II76 mm KT-280069690105105/110/164 HP003737/100/38 mm130413.04 r/m600.6 m2302.3 s35803,580 Credits.png00540540 kgT-28
3IVQF 2-pdr Mk. IX-A005050004545/45/60 HP006464/121/23 mm210021 r/m400.4 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00130130 kgTetrarch
3IV57 mm ZiS-8S006060-80007575/75/95 HP007575/112/29 mm193519.35-23.08 r/m410.41-0.43 m1701.7-2.3 s2291022,910 Credits.png00400400 kgAT-1SU-76
3IV45 mm VT-42007777-140004949/49/63 HP007575/95/23 mm260926.09 r/m370.37 m1901.9-2.3 s2054020,540 Credits.png00322322 kgT-46A-20T-50T-50-2
3IV122 mm Howitzer mod. 1930002424-280150150/270/270 HP006161/61/160 mm6456.45-6.98 r/m530.53 m4604.6 s3500035,000 Credits.png00425425 kgSU-26SU-5
3IV76 mm L-11005050-770110110/110/156 HP006868/100/38 mm100010-16.22 r/m510.51 m2902.9 s2599025,990 Credits.png00660660 kgA-20T-34T-50-2
3IV57 mm ZiS-8007676-78007575/75/95 HP007575/112/29 mm206920.69 r/m450.45-0.46 m2302.3 s2291022,910 Credits.png00400400 kgT-28T-50T-50-2
3IV76 mm F-320069690110110/110/156 HP006767/100/38 mm153815.38 r/m510.51 m2902.9 s2761027,610 Credits.png00770770 kgT-28
3IVQF 6 pounder Mk. V0140140007575/75 HP0110110/180 mm262526.25 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00450450 kgChurchill III
3IV76 mm F-34007070-770110110/110/156 HP008686/102/38 mm117611.76-16.22 r/m460.46 m2302.3 s3055030,550 Credits.png011551,155 kgT-34T-50-2
2III76 mm L-10S0040400105105/110/164 HP006666/100/38 mm125012.5 r/m550.55 m2902.9 s1031010,310 Credits.png00641641 kgAT-1
2III37 mm ZiS-19S007878004040/40/50 HP005858/92/19 mm285728.57 r/m350.35 m1701.7 s27502,750 Credits.png00200200 kgAT-1
2III37 mm ZiS-19008080-150004040/40/50 HP005858/92/19 mm260926.09-28.57 r/m390.39 m1901.9-2.3 s25602,560 Credits.png00200200 kgBT-2T-26BT-7T-46A-20
2III76 mm L-10006060-690105105/110/164 HP006666/100/38 mm130413.04 r/m570.57 m2902.9 s1031010,310 Credits.png00641641 kgT-46T-28
2III76 mm L-10U0072720105105/110/164 HP006666/100/38 mm131313.13 r/m530.53 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00641641 kgA-32
4V76 mm ZiS-3006060-640110110/110/156 HP007878/120/38 mm146314.63-17.65 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s3484034,840 Credits.png012551,255 kgSU-76SU-85B
4V37 mm Automatic SH-370120120-180004040/40/50 HP004646/62/19 mm6376.37-129.81 r/m450.45 m2302.3 s2698026,980 Credits.png00200200 kgT-46A-20T-50T-50-2
4V57 mm ZiS-4007676-78008585/85/95 HP0112112/189/29 mm176517.65-26.09 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s4013040,130 Credits.png00740740 kgT-28T-34T-50-2
4V152 mm Mortar NM mod. 19310014140360360/320 HP007575/206 mm6596.59 r/m510.51 m4004 s4836048,360 Credits.png00425425 kgSU-5
4V76 mm ZiS-501201200110110/110/156 HP009999/121/38 mm140014 r/m460.46 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png011551,155 kgKV-220KV-220 Beta-Test
4V76 mm ZiS-960060600110110/110/156 HP008686/102/38 mm161516.15 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png011551,155 kgMatilda IV
4V76 mm S-54006868-1140115115/110/165 HP0109109/156/39 mm105310.53-16.67 r/m410.41 m2302.3-2.9 s4148041,480 Credits.png013901,390 kgT-34KV-1ST-34-85KV-13
4V76 mm ZiS-5006868-1210110110/110/156 HP008686/102/38 mm139513.95-16.67 r/m460.46 m2302.3 s3340033,400 Credits.png011551,155 kgKV-1T-150KV-1SKV-13
4V57 mm 4130166166-184008585/85/95 HP0112112/189/29 mm260926.09 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s3800038,000 Credits.png00740740 kgKV-1T-150
4V122 mm U-11003636-800450450/370 HP006161/160 mm5085.08-5.45 r/m570.57 m2902.9 s5992059,920 Credits.png016001,600 kgKV-1T-150KV-1ST-34-85KV-2T-43KV-13
4V76 mm S-54S0052520115115/110/165 HP0109109/156/39 mm146314.63 r/m390.39 m2302.3 s3947039,470 Credits.png013901,390 kgSU-85
4V122 mm M-30S0032320450450/370 HP006161/160 mm5265.26 r/m550.55 m2302.3 s4250042,500 Credits.png016001,600 kgSU-85
5VI57 mm ZiS-2007272008585/85/95 HP0112112/189/29 mm187518.75-26.09 r/m340.34 m1701.7-2.3 s6221062,210 Credits.png00850850 kgSU-76SU-85B
5VI85 mm D-5S-85A0043430160160/160/280 HP0117117/161/43 mm133313.33 r/m420.42 m2302.3 s5900059,000 Credits.png015001,500 kgSU-85B
5VI85 mm LB-2S0043430160160/160/280 HP0130130/170/44 mm133313.33 r/m380.38 m2302.3 s6260062,600 Credits.png015501,550 kgSU-85B
5VI85 mm D-5S-85A0058580160160/160/280 HP0117117/161/43 mm139513.95 r/m410.41 m1701.7 s0PremiumIcon.png015001,500 kgSU-85I
5VI85 mm F-30007676-910160160/160/280 HP0120120/161/43 mm117611.76-12 r/m420.42 m2902.9-3.4 s4100041,000 Credits.png015501,550 kgKV-1KV-3
5VI85 mm D-5S004848-620160160/160/280 HP0120120/161/43 mm133313.33-13.64 r/m430.43 m2302.3 s6153061,530 Credits.png015001,500 kgSU-85SU-100
5VI122 mm Howitzer A-190026260465465/390 HP006565/217 mm4804.8 r/m530.53 m5705.7 s8150081,500 Credits.png023402,340 kgSU-8
5VI152 mm Howitzer ML-20 mod. 19310026260910910/700 HP008888/228 mm2972.97 r/m570.57 m6306.3 s8383083,830 Credits.png023632,363 kgSU-8
5VI85 mm S-31007070-910160160/160/280 HP0119119/159/43 mm117611.76-12.5 r/m420.42 m2902.9-3.4 s4220042,200 Credits.png015001,500 kgT-150KV-3
5VI85 mm D-5T006868-760160160/160/280 HP0120120/161/43 mm120012-12.24 r/m460.46 m2902.9 s6153061,530 Credits.png015001,500 kgKV-1SKV-13IS
5VI85 mm ZiS S-53005656-700160160/160/280 HP0120120/161/43 mm115411.54-12.77 r/m420.42 m2302.3-2.9 s6200062,000 Credits.png015501,550 kgT-34-85T-43T-44
5VI152 mm M-100036360700700/700/910 HP0110110/206/86 mm2502.5 r/m600.6 m4004 s6000060,000 Credits.png023002,300 kgKV-2
5VI152 mm ML-20 mod. 1931/370026260700700/700/910 HP0135135/228/86 mm3393.39 r/m500.5 m3403.4 s4929049,290 Credits.png025002,500 kgSU-152
5VI152 mm ML-20S0026260700700/700/910 HP0135135/228/86 mm3513.51 r/m480.48 m3403.4 s5388053,880 Credits.png025002,500 kgISU-152
6VII85 mm D5S-85BM003838-500180180/180/300 HP0144144/194/44 mm100010-10.53 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s7360073,600 Credits.png018501,850 kgSU-85SU-100
6VII107 mm ZiS-6005050-610300300/300/360 HP0167167/219/54 mm5885.88-6.67 r/m450.45 m2902.9-3.4 s6829068,290 Credits.png024002,400 kgT-150KV-2KV-3KV-4
6VII122 mm D-2-5T002626-500390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm3753.75-4.17 r/m460.46 m3403.4 s8498084,980 Credits.png026002,600 kgKV-1SKV-3ISKV-4IS-3
6VII100 mm D10S0044440230230/230/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm8458.45 r/m400.4 m2302.3 s7818078,180 Credits.png022572,257 kgSU-100
6VII122 mm D-2-5S0036360390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm4694.69 r/m430.43 m2902.9 s8498084,980 Credits.png026002,600 kgSU-100
6VII85 mm D5T-85BM004848-680180180/180/300 HP0144144/194/44 mm100010-11.11 r/m370.37 m2302.3-2.9 s7360073,600 Credits.png018501,850 kgT-34-85T-43KV-13IST-44
6VII152 mm BR-2001616-470950950/750/950 HP008888/246/90 mm2622.62-2.91 r/m490.49-0.51 m5705.7 s106230106,230 Credits.png057205,720 kgS-51SU-14Object 212
6VII122 mm A-19 mod. 19370028280390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm6676.67 r/m430.43 m2902.9 s9400094,000 Credits.png026002,600 kgSU-152ISU-152
6VII100 mm D-10S mod. 1944003636-440230230/230/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm8968.96-10.53 r/m350.35-0.37 m1701.7-2 s8370083,700 Credits.png023002,300 kgSU-100M1SU-101
6VII100 mm LB-1C0044440230230/230/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm9529.52 r/m330.33 m1701.7 s130750130,750 Credits.png024002,400 kgSU-100M1
6VII100 mm D10T003636-560230230/230/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm6986.98-7.41 r/m420.42 m2902.9 s7818078,180 Credits.png022572,257 kgKV-3IST-44IS-3
6VII107 mm ZiS-6M0060600300300/300/360 HP0167167/219/54 mm7007 r/m430.43 m2902.9 s0PremiumIcon.png024002,400 kgKV-5
6VII100 mm LB-1005050-560230230/230/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm7597.59-8.7 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s130750130,750 Credits.png024002,400 kgT-44T-54
6VII100 mm D10T mod. 19450050500230230/230/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm7417.41-7.69 r/m390.39 m2902.9 s9370093,700 Credits.png023002,300 kgT-54
6VII152 mm ML-20SM mod. 19440034340700700/700/910 HP0135135/228/86 mm3513.51 r/m460.46 m2702.7 s7820078,200 Credits.png025002,500 kgObject 704
7VIII130 mm B-13-S20030300440440/510/580 HP0196196/171/65 mm3753.75 r/m380.38 m2902.9 s0PremiumIcon.png052905,290 kgSU-100Y
7VIII203 mm B-4001212-4018501850/1450/1850 HP0102102/260/102 mm1381.38-1.66 r/m550.55-0.57 m6906.9 s150000150,000 Credits.png052005,200 kgS-51SU-14Object 212
7VIII122 mm D-25S (Wedge Breech)0035350390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/64 mm7507.5 r/m410.41 m2902.9 s0PremiumIcon.png025902,590 kgSU-122-44
7VIII122 mm D-25 mod. 1944002828-320390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/64 mm7697.69-8.11 r/m410.41 m2902.9 s106400106,400 Credits.png025902,590 kgSU-152ISU-152SU-101
7VIII122 mm D-25T002626-500390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm4884.88-5.45 r/m460.46 m2902.9-3.4 s125140125,140 Credits.png025902,590 kgKV-3ISKV-4IS-3IS-8ST-IIS-4
7VIII122 mm D-300030300390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm5135.13 r/m460.46 m3403.4 s0PremiumIcon.png025902,590 kgIS-6
7VIII122 mm D-25-440026260390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm3133.13 r/m430.43 m3403.4 s106370106,370 Credits.png026002,600 kgT-44
7VIII122 mm D-490035350390390/390/465 HP0175175/217/61 mm8118.11 r/m390.39 m2502.5 s135140135,140 Credits.png025902,590 kgSU-122-54
8IX107 mm ZiS-240050500320320/320/420 HP0227227/289/62 mm5265.26-5.41 r/m380.38 m3403.4 s180000180,000 Credits.png028402,840 kgKV-4
8IX122 mm BL-9S0032320390390/390/465 HP0225225/265/68 mm6906.9 r/m380.38 m2902.9 s178500178,500 Credits.png025902,590 kgISU-152
8IX100 mm D-54S003636-450320320/320/420 HP0219219/350/50 mm8458.45-8.82 r/m360.36 m1901.9-2.1 s140000140,000 Credits.png025572,557 kgSU-101SU-122-54
8IX122 mm BL-9002828-400390390/390/465 HP0225225/265/68 mm4514.51-4.88 r/m400.4 m2902.9-3.4 s178500178,500 Credits.png027902,790 kgIS-3IS-8ST-I
8IX180 mm B-1-P00181817001700/1100/1700 HP0102102/360/102 mm2022.02 r/m420.42 m6306.3 s118880118,880 Credits.png1722517,225 kgObject 261
8IX100 mm D-540050500320320/320/420 HP0219219/350/50 mm7327.32 r/m390.39 m2902.9 s221000221,000 Credits.png025572,557 kgT-54
8IX100 mm D-10T2C0050500320320/320/420 HP0201201/350/50 mm7697.69 r/m350.35 m2302.3 s221000221,000 Credits.png023002,300 kgT-54
9X152 mm BL-10002020-300750750/750/950 HP0286286/329/90 mm3413.41-3.51 r/m390.39-0.41 m2902.9-3.4 s320000320,000 Credits.png065006,500 kgISU-152Object 704
9X122 mm M62-C20035350440440/440/530 HP0268268/400/68 mm6006 r/m360.36 m2502.5 s295500295,500 Credits.png033973,397 kgSU-122-54
9X122 mm M62-T2003030-400440440/440/530 HP0268268/400/68 mm4514.51-5 r/m380.38 m2902.9-3.4 s335000335,000 Credits.png033973,397 kgIS-8ST-IIS-4
9X100 mm D-54TS0050500320320/320/420 HP0264264/350/50 mm9099.09 r/m340.34 m2002 s242700242,700 Credits.png028002,800 kgT-62A
9X130 mm S-70A0042420550550/550/750 HP0290290/330/75 mm5455.45 r/m320.32 m2502.5 s295000295,000 Credits.png029802,980 kgObject 263
9X152 mm M640035350850850/850/1100 HP0303303/450/90 mm3533.53 r/m330.33 m2702.7 s300000300,000 Credits.png065006,500 kgObject 268
9X130 mm S-700030300490490/490/640 HP0260260/303/68 mm4384.38 r/m400.4 m3403.4 s297000297,000 Credits.png029802,980 kgIS-7

Graffiti_stickers_china.png Chinese Guns

Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
0I37 mm APX SA180237237003030/30/36 HP002929/46/18 mm240024 r/m540.54 m2002-2.3 s0PremiumIcon.png00110110 kgRenault NC-31
0I13.2 mm Hotchkiss mle. 1930072072000088/8 HP002323/36 mm11739117.39 r/m580.58 m2002 s16001,600 Credits.png0003838 kgRenault NC-31
0I37 mm KwK 36 L/46.50100100-160003636/36/42 HP004040/74/18 mm260926.09-28.57 r/m460.46 m1701.7-2 s19001,900 Credits.png00100100 kgRenault NC-31Vickers Mk. E Type B
1II47 mm Vickers QF005050-96005050/50/65 HP004545/70/23 mm166716.67-18.18 r/m480.48 m2302.3-2.9 s15001,500 Credits.png00100100 kgVickers Mk. E Type B
1II45 mm 20K0120120-136004747/47/62 HP005151/88/23 mm260926.09 r/m460.46 m1701.7-2.3 s25302,530 Credits.png00313313 kgVickers Mk. E Type BType 2597 Chi-Ha
1II57 mm Gun Type 970120120007575/75/95 HP003030/55/28 mm200020 r/m460.46 m2302.3 s20002,000 Credits.png00150150 kgType 2597 Chi-Ha
3IV40 mm Pom Pom0160160004545/45/60 HP004949/71/23 mm243024.3 r/m480.48 m2302.3 s2000020,000 Credits.png00160160 kgVickers Mk. E Type B
3IV47 mm Gun Type 1006161-104007070/70/90 HP008181/130/25 mm200020-24 r/m420.42-0.44 m2302.3 s2100021,000 Credits.png00350350 kgType 2597 Chi-HaM5A1 Stuart
3IV76 mm F-3401001000110110/110/156 HP008686/102/38 mm157915.79 r/m460.46 m2302.3 s3055030,550 Credits.png00538538 kgType T-34
2III37 mm M60123123-147004040/40/50 HP005656/78/19 mm260926.09 r/m420.42 m1701.7 s83508,350 Credits.png0008484 kgM5A1 Stuart
4V57 mm 55-57FG007070-100008585/85/95 HP0112112/189/29 mm200020-26.09 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s4800048,000 Credits.png00448448 kgType T-3459-16
4V76 mm 54-76T0045450115115/115/165 HP008585/106/38 mm162216.22-17.65 r/m360.36 m2302.3 s4900049,000 Credits.png00550550 kg59-16
5VI76 mm 54-76TG (autoloader)004545-600115115/115/165 HP008585/106/38 mm195719.57-21.38 r/m360.36 m2302.3 s6900069,000 Credits.png010001,000 kg59-16WZ-131
5VI85 mm S-53005050-600160160/160/280 HP0120120/161/43 mm120012-13.33 r/m420.42 m2302.3-2.9 s6153061,530 Credits.png015501,550 kgType 58T-34-1T-34-2
5VI85 mm 56-85JT004747-600160160/160/280 HP0128128/172/43 mm105310.53-13.33 r/m380.38 m2302.3-2.9 s7200072,000 Credits.png017501,750 kgType 58WZ-131T-34-1T-34-2
6VIIType 62-85TS0047470180180/180/300 HP0145145/250/43 mm105310.53 r/m370.37 m2302.3 s0PremiumIcon.png016501,650 kgType 62
6VII85 mm 62-85T0047470180180/180/300 HP0145145/250/43 mm105310.53 r/m370.37 m2302.3 s7500075,000 Credits.png016501,650 kgWZ-131
6VII100 mm 44-100JT003434-450250250/250/330 HP0175175/235/50 mm6456.45-6.59 r/m420.42 m2902.9 s7900079,000 Credits.png022572,257 kgT-34-1IS-2T-34-2
7VIII85 mm 64-85T0047470200200/200/320 HP0159159/260/43 mm105310.53-10.91 r/m360.36 m2302.3 s8900089,000 Credits.png017001,700 kgWZ-131WZ-132
7VIII100 mm 59-100T003434-450250250/250/330 HP0181181/241/50 mm6456.45-7.89 r/m390.39 m2702.7-2.9 s102000102,000 Credits.png022572,257 kgWZ-131WZ-132T-34-2WZ-120
7VIII122 mm 37-122JT002828-400390390/390/465 HP0175175/300/61 mm4004-4.62 r/m480.48 m3403.4 s120000120,000 Credits.png024402,440 kgIS-2T-34-2110
7VIII122 mm D-25T002828-450390390/390/465 HP0175175/300/61 mm4804.8-5.31 r/m460.46 m2902.9-3.4 s135000135,000 Credits.png025902,590 kgIS-2110WZ-111 model 1-4
7VIII100 mm Type 590034340250250/250/330 HP0181181/241/50 mm6906.9 r/m390.39 m2902.9 s0PremiumIcon.png022572,257 kgType 59
7VIII85 mm 64-85TG0047470200200/200/320 HP0172172/260/43 mm105310.53-10.91 r/m340.34 m2302.3 s9000090,000 Credits.png017501,750 kgWZ-132
8IX100 mm 60-100T003434-450250250/250/330 HP0189189/244/50 mm7067.06-8.33 r/m360.36 m2302.3-2.5 s180000180,000 Credits.png022572,257 kgWZ-132WZ-120
8IX100 mm 62-100T004040-500320320/320/420 HP0215215/265/50 mm6006-7.32 r/m380.38 m2302.3-2.9 s221000221,000 Credits.png025572,557 kg110WZ-111 model 1-4WZ-120
9X130 mm 59-130T0040400490490/490/640 HP0244244/340/65 mm4294.29 r/m400.4 m2902.9 s330000330,000 Credits.png030903,090 kgWZ-111 model 1-4
9X122 mm 60-122T003434-400440440/440/530 HP0257257/400/68 mm5005-5.5 r/m360.36-0.38 m2702.7-3.4 s300000300,000 Credits.png027572,757 kgWZ-120113
9X122 mm 60-122TG0040400440440/440/530 HP0268268/400/68 mm6256.25 r/m350.35 m2702.7 s185140185,140 Credits.png028002,800 kg121