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 |37 mm kan m/Škoda, 1, 100, AP/AP/HE, 40/40/45, 33/44/18, 23.08, 0.44, 1.90, 0,38,{{Link|Strv fm/21}} |37 mm kan m/Škoda, 1, 100, AP/AP/HE, 40/40/45, 33/44/18, 23.08, 0.44, 1.90, 0,38,{{Link|Strv fm/21}}

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A tank's gun, which can be a cannon, autoloader, or howitzer, is the tank's main weapon.To decide which gun to mount, you must look at the penetration, average damage, and rate of fire as very important considerations for choosing a gun.

Not all guns that are available for a tank can be mounted on any turret. If there is a turret module preceding a gun on a tank tech tree, you will need to research and install it before mounting the gun.

A destroyed gun will lock, preventing the tank from firing until it is repaired, and a damaged gun will fire with drastically reduced accuracy.

Gun Characteristics

Damage - The amount of hit points the shell takes from the enemy tank with a hit. Measured in HP (Hit Points), The gun damage statistics are usually written in a format such as #/#/#: referring to the shell types available for the gun, usually AP/APCR/HE ammo types.

Penetration - The penetration of the weapon refers to the amount of flat metal armor the gun can penetrate in millimeters (mm). Penetration is calculated as if firing at flat armor at a range of 100m, and is usually written in the #/#/# format. Again, this refers to the different shell types available for the gun.

Shells - The available shell types for the guns are determined by the color of the damage and penetration attributes: AP, APCR, HE, HEAT. For more info, see Ammo.

Rate of Fire - The rate of fire of a gun is the number of shells that can be fired in a minute, also known as RoF. For guns equipped with a magazine, the given rate of fire is the sustained rate of fire, or the average firing rate including the magazine reload time, not the burst firing rate of a single magazine.

Accuracy - The accuracy of the gun is the maximum shell dispersion when the sights are fully closed/contracted. The accuracy of a gun is measured in meters, indicating the amount of dispersion when fired at a target at a distance of 100m. The shell dispersion is also affected by Gaussian distribution.

Aim Time - The time it takes in seconds for the aiming reticle to shrink to minimum.

See the sections on Autoloaders, Semi-Autos, or Autocannons for more details about those variants of the main gun available in-game.


Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Price Weight Compatibility
37 mm kan m/Škoda
0000000100100 0040 40/40/45 HP 0033 33/44/18 mm 02308023.08 r/m 0004400000000.44 m 1.90-1.90s 0000000 Credits.png 0003838 kg Strv fm/21