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Heavy Tanks (Blitz)

Heavy Tanks

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Heavy tanks are large and heavy vehicles designed to turn the tide on a battlefield through irresistible force. Thick armor and powerful cannons make each heavy tank a force to be reckoned with.

Generally, heavy tanks are slow, heavy and well armored. Large size and lack of mobility generally prohibit a heavy tank from performing as a scout. Heavy tanks are best utilized spearheading attacks or denying routes to an enemy attack force. Due to the slow speed of heavy tanks, re-positioning quickly is usually not an option and moving to defend a different flank or position can be slow. Heavy tanks are often committed to a route after moving a distance. While a very formidable vehicle, heavy tanks are extremely vulnerable to long-distance snipers and fast vehicles that can outmaneuver their turrets. Therefore, it is essential that a heavy tank should move with support to protect them against multiple, smaller threats. Heavy tanks usually have a slower turret traverse speed than medium tanks.

Due to their heavy armor, finding weak points and using flanking shots are often needed to penetrate the armor of the heavy tank. Drivers of heavy tanks should learn their own weak points and find ways to protect them.

On the mini-map and as an over-head marker, heavy tanks appear as a red or green rhombus with two black dashes through them at a 45 degree angle.

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