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07:49, 26 May 2020(31,482 bytes)→ Summer Maps
01:33, 1 January 2019(31,399 bytes)"Cliff" description changed to better describe the advantages of the central plateau area
01:28, 1 January 2019(31,298 bytes)Edits made to make the map summaries more concise, Empire's Border given substance
04:55, 13 October 2018(31,542 bytes)moved maps Highway and Widepark back to current summer maps. Removed Empire's Border from upcoming maps.
05:42, 8 July 2018(30,774 bytes)Moved maps removed in 1.0 to the removed section; changed wording of description of Mannerheim Line; Listed each section in alphabetical order
22:06, 3 June 2018(31,052 bytes)Moved some removed map to their section
19:18, 13 May 2018(31,007 bytes)Province is back as of 1.01
03:52, 17 March 2018(30,059 bytes)added upcoming map
03:28, 16 February 2018(29,452 bytes)added Reference about Football mode coming back based on info from WG Fest 2018 announcement at the end of Himmelsdorf Championship Map.
12:19, 14 March 2017(26,708 bytes)Direct link to Map Restrictions
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