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Messerschmitt Bf 109 E Emil

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E Emil

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  • One of the fastest Light Fighters of its tier, even with all of the guns (if using correct equipment).
  • Almost unrivaled overall firepower for a Light Fighter, can defeat A6M1s and A6M2s in head-on duels.
  • Good boost and great at climbing.


  • Decent - but not superb - maneuverability among light fighters of its tier.
  • Stock Armament has low damage output.
  • 15mm and 20mm cannons overheat quickly (like the A6M2 Zero)

|InTheGame_performance= The quintessential Messerschmidt, the Bf 109 E is a fine example of a plane that - once fully upgraded - has nearly everything going for it. While the [[Plane:spitfire-i|Spitfire I] may be a strong plane for those new to the game, the Bf 109 E is an aircraft that has both a higher skill floor, and in many cases a higher skill ceiling.

The greatest difference between the 109 E and its British rival is maneuverability, a Spitfire I will certainly get the edge against the Emil in a turn fight, but that is where the disadvantages end. Like the Spitfire, the Emil can pack two 20mm auto-cannons, but also can mount a 15mm auto-cannon in its nose, giving it the most auto-cannons of any light fighter at tier 5. Although the 15mm auto-cannon is smaller than the 20mm the 109 B mounts, it is overall more powerful - with both a higher rate of fire and similar damage per shot.

The 109 E lives and dies by its speed, even more so than the 109 B. Despite having five guns, every shot needs to count, the more often an Emil can score kills in one pass - the better. Its powerful engine will allow it to engage any target, and even keep up with some heavy fighters known for their speed.

In essence - the Bf 109 Emil is to be flown with tactical viciousness.



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