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Premium Tanks

Premium Tanks

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Premium tanks are tanks that can be obtained only by purchasing them with gold, in the portal's gift shop (if available), or by some special event or package. All premium tanks start at Elite status since they have nothing to research.

Premium tanks may not perform as well as other tanks of their tier, but they are much better at earning credits. In general (with some exceptions) they perform better than an equivalent stock tank, but not as good as one that is fully upgraded.

Tank prices in parenthesis are that tank's in game value to determine the credits one would get if sold (200 x gold price), those tanks may or may not have ever been for sale. Tanks marked by a blue star are not currently available in the in game store, but may be offered in the portal's gift shop from time to time, or may be planned for future release at a later time (such as the Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydraulic). Tanks marked by a black star are not in game and are not planned to be in game.

France: The French premium vehicles have there own unique traits, they have great RoF, good damage, good pen, and great view range, however the lower tier premiums have poor engine power and a low top speed, the higher tier premium the FCM 50 t has poor armor, and a slow turning speed for such a fast vehicle. The advantages of the French premium tank destroyer the FCM 36 Pak 40 this tanks has great RoF, great alpha damage, decent pen, and a great view range, however the major downside of this vehicle is the slow top speed, and a poor engine which means the vehicle has a extremely bad power to weight ratio. The French premium artillery the 105 leFH18B2 has good accuracy, good RoF, and a good aiming time, however this vehicle has a low top speed and an extremely bad power to weight ratio, which makes it hard to relocate, also it has a small splash radius compared to its counter parts of the same tier. The French premium heavy the FCM 50 t has a great top speed, good RoF, good accuracy, and good gun depression, but the vehicle has poor armor, low alpha damage, and subpar penetration.

USSR: The Soviet premium vehicles have there own unique traits, most have great armor, powerful gun, good power to weight ratios allowing them to easily get to speed and sustain it over terrain. The high tier Soviet premium heavies the IS-6 and KV-5 have great armor, the KV-5 has great RoF, surprisingly mobile for its size, strong armor is great at absorbing HE shell damage, however the KV-5 has two large weakpoints in the front, the turret traverse is slow, and the track traverse speed is also slow.The IS-6 has great frontal (200 mm of effective armor) and side armor, also it has spaced armor on the side of the vehicle which helps with absorbing HE shell damage, the gun on the IS-6 has great alpha damage, this tanks has a powerful engine allowing it to get to top speed and sustain the speed over terrain, the major downsides are on the frontal armor the drivers hatch has very thin armor (about 150mm of effective armor), the gun is very inaccurate, and has a long aiming time. The lower tier Soviet premium heavies the Churchill III, KV-220, and KV-220 Beta-Test. These vehicles have great armor, good RoF, and good pen, however they lack in speed, engine power, and shell Alpha damage. The premium mediums the A-32 and the Matilda IV, these two vehicles differ greatly, the A-32 has great speed, great power to weight ratio, and a good RoF, however it is downsides are that it has no armor, poor penatration, and the vehicle has a hard time turning, the Matilda IV has great frontal armor, great RoF, great gun depression, however this vehicle has a poor power to weight ratio, low shell alpha damage, and a subpar shell penatration. The Soviet medium lights the Tetrarch, BT-SV, LTP, M3 Light, T-127, and the Valentine II. These vehicles vary from having great armor, such as the BT-SV, M3 Light, and T-127, others are slower but have great RoF Valentine II, Tetrarch, and LTP. The Soviet premium tank destroyers the SU-85I (Presently unavailable on NA, EU, and SEA servers), SU-100Y, and SU-122-44, these tanks have great alpha damage, good accuracy, and great speed for there tier, however they have poor armor compared to their counterparts of the same tiers, and subpar view range.

China: The premium vehicles in the Chinese branch are based off the soviet vehicles, they share similar traits such as the Type 59 has similar traits to the T-54 such as strong turret, fragile ammo rack, the Chinese heavy tanks have a powerful engine and great power to weight ratios for there class and tier which allows them to get to top speed easily and sustain the speed. The mediums have strong turrets, great DPM, however they are sluggish compared to there medium counterparts of other nations, they also have below average gun depression (such as the T-34-3 which has -3 degrees gun depression and will be hard to use for the inexperienced) but in the hands of players who know how to use these vehicles they will be a formidable enemy. The Chinese light tank the Type 62 has a great top speed, great terrain resistance, great camo, good RoF, but has a fragile ammo rack, and a poor power to weight ratio due to a poor engine.

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