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?{{#gw_vehicle_modules: T-44}} 
 {{#combatchars: T-44 | weight}} {{#combatchars: T-44 | weight}}

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This is a sandbox! This is the place to try things out without the worry of ruining a real article. Any content here won't last very long and could be deleted at any time. Enjoy, have fun, and good luck. Oh, please leave this note here (or put it back when you're finished). If in use try the test page.

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USSR Medium Tanks - Blitz

  • Blitz_A-32_anno.png
    Tier_04_icon.png A-32 PremiumIcon2.png

  • Blitz_KV-13_anno.png
    Tier_07_icon.png KV-13 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_Matilda_II_LL_anno.png
    Tier_05_icon.png Matilda IV GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_Object_140_anno.png
    Tier_10_icon.png Object 140 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-28_anno.png
    Tier_04_icon.png T-28 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-34_anno.png
    Tier_05_icon.png T-34 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-34-85_anno.png
    Tier_06_icon.png T-34-85 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-34-85_Rudy_anno.png
    Tier_07_icon.png  PremiumIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-34-85_Victory_anno.png
    Tier_06_icon.png  PremiumIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-43_anno.png
    Tier_07_icon.png T-43 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-44_anno.png
    Tier_08_icon.png T-44 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T-54_anno.png
    Tier_09_icon.png T-54 GoldIcon2.png

  • Blitz_T62A_anno.png
    Tier_10_icon.png T-62A GoldIcon2.png

USSR Medium Tanks - Xbox