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?Shinano started as the third Yamato class battleship. However; after the battle of Midway, Japan decided to convert her into an aircraft carrier, a ship type now in need of being replaced. She was intended to act as a sort of vanguard, fitted out with machine shops, extra munitions, fuel, and even extra aircraft apart from her own airwing, around 70 total. +
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?This role, coupled with her battleship origins lead to a heavily armoured ship, retaining the Yamato's underwater protection. The extra aircraft aboard, while technically not part of her own air group, would launch off with her own. After their mission was over, they would either return to Shinano, or land on a carrier brought up from the rear as an instant replacement for the assumed attrition. +
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?It was never to be, however. While under construction at Yokosuka naval yard, paranoia grew that she was exposed and it was decided to fit her out at Kure naval yard. During transit, the ship was caught by submarine ''USS Archerfish'', which struck her with 4 torpedoes before retreating. After seven hours and numerous attempts to save the ship, Shinano sank.+
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?Conway's All the Worlds Fighting Ships: 1922-1946, Shattered Sword, Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers: 1921-45+
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