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Aerial Rocket Data

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14:58, 24 May 2021(6,689 bytes)Added AP penetration values for RZ-73, Panzerbrechend L/4.8 and Panzerbrechend 2 L/4.8 rockets.
04:30, 29 December 2020(6,678 bytes)Fixed rocket data for British carriers, added FDR's special nerfed HVARs, corrected several rocket names
00:33, 28 August 2020(5,993 bytes)Add German rockets, armor pen, updates
23:32, 27 August 2020(5,511 bytes)Add German CV weapons
09:28, 12 March 2020(3,378 bytes)Added missing rocket damage and corrected fire chance and ships (Kaga still need to be added and need to check Indominable)
15:17, 21 February 2019(3,590 bytes)Created page.
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