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Aerial Torpedo Drop Patterns

Aerial Torpedo Drop Patterns

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This page refers to the pre-0.8.0 torpedo squadrons. It is obsolete.

Aerial Torpedo Drop Patterns
Image Nation Ships Notes
IJN_Torp_Drop.jpg Wows_flag_Japan.png Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo, Hiryu, Shokaku, Taiho, Hakuryu The Japanese manual drop is special, since it converges on the end-point of the spread. This allows for potential pincer-torpedo attacks, and landing one is also something hard to master. Most captains focus on giving minimal reaction time to enemy targets; however, some will attempt a long-ranged "snipe" with torpedoes that can potentially be deadly. Such long-ranged snipes work best on disabled ships, such enemies with their engine or rudder incapacitated, who are ramming into an allied ship, or that have run aground.
Kaga_Torp_Drop.jpg Wows_flag_Japan.png Kaga Kaga’s torpedo drop is unique in two ways. One, it is made up of two lines of torpedoes: a wide "forward" line, and a narrow "trailing" one. Secondly, she boasts the fastest-moving aerial torpedoes in the game, making avoiding damage from a good drop exceedingly difficult.
USN_Torp_Drop.jpg Wows_flag_USA.png Langley, Bogue, Independence, Ranger, Lexington, Essex, Midway The American manual drop is almost the antithesis of the Japanese one: wider, with narrower gaps between the torpedoes that make it more difficult for ships to dodge all of them. It also does not narrow as the Japanese spread does, with all six fish traveling in a straight line — parallel to those on either side — after being dropped.
Enterprise_Torp_Drop.jpg Wows_flag_USA.png Enterprise Enterprise’s torpedo drop pattern resembles a "W", and is challenging to use on anything besides large capital ships that will have difficulty dodging all of her torpedoes. In order to hit smaller and more maneuverable targets such as destroyers, captains will have to master the art of manually dropping each squadron on opposite sides of the enemy ship.
GrafZeppelin_Torp_Drop.jpg Wows_flag_Germany.png Graf Zeppelin The torpedo drop patter of Graf Zeppelin is uniquely suited to punishing ships that aren't maneuvering against her torpedo bombers. With three torpedoes lined up in the center, one right after the other, a practiced captain can easily put down a drop to ensure that a battleship eats at least those three fish and probably one of the flankers as well.