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Alternative Fire Modes

Alternative Fire Modes

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On ships with an Alternative Fire Mode, the player can switch between it and the normal mode by pressing F when guns are selected.

Burst Fire

When Burst Fire is enabled and the player shoots with the main battery, the turret fires a burst (=multiple shots with intervals much shorter than the normal reload time). But after the burst, the reload time is much longer than normal. Depending on the ship, this mode can also change the characteristics of guns or shells. All shots in a burst use the same shell type.

A similar thing is the consumable Main Battery Reload Booster.

These ships have Burst Fire:

Ship Tier Type Nation Kind Number of shots Effects on main guns
Asturias, Cataluña, Andalucía, Castilla VII–X Cruiser Spain tech-tree 2 --
Numancia VIII Cruiser Spain premium 3 better AP damage
Annapolis Cruiser U.S.A. tech-tree 3 --
Condé Cruiser France tech-tree 2 better HE penetration (also for secondary guns), dispersion
Edgar Cruiser U.K. tech-tree 3 better AP damage, penetration
Álvaro de Bazán X Destroyer Spain special 3 --
Yamagiri Destroyer Japan tech-tree 3 --
Joshua Humphreys Destroyer U.S.A. tech-tree 3 better damage
Zorkiy Destroyer U.S.S.R. tech-tree 3 better HE penetration