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The Armory is an in-game complement to the Premium Shop, offering items in exchange for in-game currencies.

Introduced in Update 0.7.6, the Armory replaced the old Ranked/Clan Battles reward ship system and since has expanded widely.

Legal Tender

Across the top of the main Armory screen there is a bar displaying all currencies available for use in Armory[1] exchanges.


Event Currencies, Resources, Doubloons Doubloons, and Credits Credits can be exchanged for loot, much of which is unavailable elsewhere. Each item or bundle is offered for a single currency (only Steel can convert to Coal during an exchange, but that is rarely advisable). In the few cases that an item can be acquired for more than one currency (e.g. signal flags for either Coal or Credits), the item is listed twice — once for each currency.


Each account starts with a fresh set of coupons. Coupons can be used for a one-time discount on an exchange in the corresponding category. Only one coupon can be used per exchange. For high-ticket items such as ships, this discount can be quite significant.

Coupons cannot be used to apply discounts when exchanging the following currencies for items: Doubloons Doubloons, Copper Copper Molybdenum Molybdenum, or Event Currencies.

Coupons are periodically refilled, but cannot be stockpiled -- a coupon unused when a refill occurs simply has its refill date updated. Refill frequencies are as follows:

  • Ships (25% off): 1 coupon every 6 months, with the nearest update. Future refill dates are subject to change.
  • 27 June 2018 (Update 0.7.6)
  • 24 December 2018
  • 26 June 2019 (Update 0.8.5)
  • 24 December 2019 (est.)
  • 26 June 2020 (est.)
  • Upgrades (25% off): 1 coupon every update.
  • Signals (50% off): 2 coupons every update.
  • Signals (25% off): 2 coupons every update.
  • Camouflages (25% off): 2 coupons every update.

A coupon refresh need not occur with an update. When an update is delayed, the coupon refresh may occur on the originally projected date.


Down the left side of the main Armory screen there is a list of categories of items available for exchange. The main categories are described below. Additional categories may appear, notably for events.


Some ships can be exchanged for Coal Coal; others only for Steel Steel. With Update 0.8.2 premium ships purchasable with Doubloons Doubloons also appear in the Armory.


Special upgrades, e.g. Damage Control Party Modification 1 (Increases the action time of the Damage Control Party and Fast Damage Control Team consumables.: +40% action time.), can be exchanged for Coal Coal. Standard and unique or legendary upgrades are not available here.[2]


Standard combat and economic signals are available for Coal Coal. Standard combat signals are also available for Credits Credits.[3] Signals are bundled in lots of twenty (20).


A selection of camouflages is available for Coal Coal in lots of twenty (20).

Special permanent camouflages for Steel ships are available for Copper Copper and Molybdenum Molybdenum.


Containers for certain collections, e.g. Battle of the North Cape Collection, are available for Coal Coal in bundles of five (5). With these, a player can complete older, now-inactive collections.


Backgrounds for personal patches bearing the player's clan hack can be exchanged for Coal Coal.


Seasoned commanders can be hired for Coal Coal or Doubloons Doubloons.


Mixed types of items may be grouped into an event category. Typically, the items in these categories can be exchanged only for the currencies corresponding to the event, or for Doubloons Doubloons. In some cases, event currencies can be converted directly to Credits Credits.

Making the Exchange

To exchange currency for an item or bundle, click on the item. A page bearing the item/bundle description will appear (Read it) with, if there is sufficient of the currency available, a large orange Exchange button. If the item is eligible for a coupon discount, a Use Coupon button will appear directly above it; select the coupon to use. To return to the category page, use the <- Back button in the upper left corner.

To make multiple exchanges easier, a slide counter may appear above the Exchange button. Set the counter to the number of exchanges desired to make them all in one transaction. (Note that Coupons apply only to a singe exchange.)

To initiate the exchange, click the orange Exchange button. You will be asked for confirmation. Exchanges are not conditional or reversible.

Some items may be exchanged only once per account. If you have already obtained the item, it will be greyed out.


  1. Original name: 'Arsenal'.
  2. Non-CV upgrades were briefly available for Ironium earned in the 2019 Space Battles event.
  3. N.b. at current exchange rates, the cost in Credits is far higher than the cost in Coal.