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Attack Aircraft

Attack Aircraft

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Attack Aircraft — a type of aircraft that is armed with unguided rockets. These aerial weapons are very effective against lightly armored targets and are fairly easy to aim. Some of these rockets can cause fires.

Air Group Baselines

This type of aircraft is usually based on fighters so has a high speed and can reach the desired point in a short time. They are most effective against lightly armored targets.

Attack aricraft armament, rockets, have following performance characteristics:

  • maximum damage;
  • armor penetration;
  • fire chance (HE rockets).

There are two types of ammunition available — rockets with high-explosive (HE) warheads and rockets with armor-piercing (AP) warheads.

AP Rockets

AP rockets are capable of inflicting high damage to the enemy ship, including to the citadel. However, they can ricochet or fail to pierce armor at the acute angle. When hitting thin, e.g. destroyer, armor at right angles they mostly achieve over-penetrations and get only 1/10 of the maximum damage.

HE Rockets

Attack aircraft combat sight.

There are two types of HE rockets available. They vary in damage as follows:

  • small damage, compensated by the large number of rockets;
  • heavy damage, though from fewer rockets. (available on Tier VIII — X aircraft carriers)

HE rockets can cause fires. The fire chance can be increased by:


The attack aircraft sight looks like an ellipse or circle with special marks showing the spread at maximum convergence. The ellipse reduction to the ideal radius occurs in case the aircraft are not making sharp maneuvers.

You can launch rockets as soon as the sight color swap to green, but for maximum efficiency it`s better to reach the ideal radius.

Attack Aircraft by country

Великобритания_флаг_ВМС_с_тенью.png U.K. Attack Aircraft

Третий_рейх_флаг_ВМС_с_тенью.png German Attack Aircraft

Wows_flag_USA.png U.S. Attack Aircraft

Wows_flag_Japan.png Japanese Attack Aircraft

Machine Gun Action Times

(Update 0.10.5)

Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s)
IV Hōshō A4N 3.8
VI Ryūjō A5M Claude (stock) 3.8
A6M2 Zero (researchable) 3.8
VIII Shōkaku A6M5 Zero (stock) 3.9
N1K2-J Shiden Kai (researchable) 3.9
VIII Kaga, VIII Kaga B A6M5 Zero 3.9
X Hakuryū A7M Reppū (stock) 4
A8M Rikufū (researchable) 4
Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s)
IV Langley F3F Gulfhawk 3.3
VI Ranger F2A Buffalo (stock) 3.3
F4F Wildcat (researchable) 3.6
VIII Lexington F6F Hellcat (stock) 3.4
F4U-1D Corsair HVAR 127 mm (researchable) 3.4
F4U-1D Corsair Tiny Tim (researchable) 4.9
VIII Enterprise F6F Hellcat 3.4
X Midway F4U Corsair (stock) 3.5
F8F Bearcat HVAR 127 mm (researchable) 3.5
F8F Bearcat Tiny Tim (researchable) 5
VIII Saipan, VIII Sanzang (Pan-Asia) F8F Bearcat Tiny Tim 5
X Franklin D. Roosevelt TB2D Skypirate 5
Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s)
IV Hermes Sea Gladiator 2.8
VI Furious, VI Ark Royal Skua (stock) 2.9
VI Furious Sea Hurricane (researchable) 2.9
VI Ark Royal Skua 2.9
VIII Implacable Firefly (stock) 2.9
Seafire (researchable) 2.9
VIII Indomitable de Havilland Sea Hornet 2.9
X Audacious Firebrand (stock) 3
Wyvern (researchable) 3
Aircraft Carriers Attack Aircraft Machine Gun Action Time (s)
IV Rhein Ar 68 1.5
VI Weser Ar197 (stock) 1.5
Bf 109E (researchable) 1.5
VIII August von Parseval Bf 109T (stock) 1.5
VIII August von Parseval Bf 109G (researchable) 1.5
VI Erich Loewenhardt Bf 109T 1.5
VIII Graf Zeppelin, VIII Graf Zeppelin B Me 155A 3.9
X Manfred von Richthofen Fw 109A8 (stock) 1.5
Me 155G (researchable) 1.5