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 Cost: 12,000 credits Cost: 12,000 credits
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Currently there are two types of camouflage in World Of Warships. It is unknown if more types will appear in the future. Camouflage is unlocked when your account reaches level 8. The pattern and color scheme of camouflage varies for each country, but essentially is the same mechanics-wise . Camouflage must be resupplied after each battle or can be automatically resupplied by clicking the "Auto Resupply" button in the camouflage tab while in port.

Camouflage Type 1

Description: Reduces ship detectability.

Action: -3% to detectability by enemy ships.

Cost: 8,000 credits

Camouflage Type 2

Description: Reduces firing accuracy of the enemy.

Action: -4% to the firing accuracy of the enemy attacking your ship.

Cost: 12,000 credits