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Carrier Fighter Data

Carrier Fighter Data

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Carrier-based fighters, like Catapult fighters, orbit and attack enemy aircraft that come within range.

Carrier-based fighters are deployed in two ways: 1) automatically by the carrier in self-defense (CAP Fighters), 2) called by the carrier's squadrons by player command (Patrol Fighters). There is no premium version.

CAP Fighters orbit the carrier. Patrol Fighters orbit the spot at which they were called. The two types are otherwise identical.

CAP Fighters

Cost: Free
Type Tier Nation(s) Duration # Fighters[1] Radius Cooldown Charges
all IV-X Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_Japan.png Wows_flag_Germany.png Wows_flag_UK.png 600 seconds 4 3.0km 40 seconds 4
  1. Commander skill Direction Center for Fighters adds one fighter.