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How it Works: Consumables. 17 Aug 2020

Consumables are temporary bonuses that have strong effects with a limited number of uses. There are a variety of consumables; some are only available to certain ships or classes at certain tiers. Choosing the right consumable and knowing when to use it can be the difference between a good game or a great game -- or between winning and losing.

The tables below contain base values only. Commander skills, signal flags, and upgrades can change these values. For example, the signal flag November Foxtrot (-5% reload time on all consumables.) reduces the cooldown times of all consumables by 5%. The Superintendent skill for cruisers and destroyers adds one additional charge for each consumable. Other skills and signals affect only certain consumables. The upgrades Ship Consumables Modification 1 : +10% action time. and Squadron Consumables Modification 1 : +50% action time [CVs only]. increase the action times of ship and squadron consumables, respectively. Finally, for some consumables, there is also a special upgrade that increases its action time.



Damage Control Party

Damage Control Party is the basic consumable found on all ships. It instantly repairs all module incapacitations, extinguishes fires, and stops floods. While it is active enemy submarine-launched torpedoes cannot home.

——  Details  ——  

Repair Party

The ship's Repair Party restores the ship's hit points by repairing damage.

——  Details  ——  

Catapult Fighter

When activated, the Catapult Fighter consumable deploys a group of fighters from the ship's catapult to defend the ship against air attack.

——  Details  ——

Spotting Aircraft

Similar to the Catapult Fighter consumable, the Spotting Aircraft consumable launches a plane from the ship's catapult. The unarmed Spotting Aircraft increases the range of the ship's main battery and gives an "aerial" perspective when scoping.

——  Details  ——

Smoke Generator

The common Smoke Generator emits vision-obscuring smoke that can hide ships or block the view through a choke point.

——  Details  ——  

Crawling Smoke Generator

With similarities to both the base Smoke Generator and the Exhaust Smoke Generator, the Crawler Smoke Generator deploys smoke to conceal the ship while the ship moves at up to 1/4 speed.

——  Details  ——  

Exhaust Smoke Generator

Found exclusively on Italian ships, the Exhaust Smoke Generator deploys smoke to conceal the ship. What makes this type of generator unique is that it generates a screen that covers the ship while it moves at up to full speed. Other generators require that the ship move slowly or not at all to stay within the smoke screen.

——  Details  ——

Engine Boost

The Engine Boost consumable enhances the ship's engine power and top speed.

——  Details  ——

Main Battery Reload Booster

A Main Battery Reload Booster briefly reduces the reload time of the ship's main battery. The quick reload may allow the battery to fire one or more knockout salvos in a critical situation.

A similar thing is Burst Fire.

——  Details  ——

Torpedo Reload Booster

Activating a Torpedo Reload Booster instantly reduces the ship's torpedo reload time. (The Booster will not activate if a mount is not reloading.) A captain can use the Booster immediately after firing all of his torpedoes, then fire a full salvo again in short order. This often surprises an enemy who feels safe after dodging the first salvo.

——  Details  ——

Hydroacoustic Search

The Hydroacoustic Search consumable increases the ability of the ship to detect other ships and torpedoes. It detects submarines at maximum depth at a range of 2 km.

——  Details  ——

Defensive AA Fire

Defensive AA Fire temporarily increases the continuous damage of anti-aircraft guns.

——  Details  ——

Surveillance Radar

Surface-search or Surveillance Radar expands the range at which the ship can detect other ships, without regard to line-of-sight obstacles such as smoke, terrain, or weather.

——  Details  ——

Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carriers have only two consumables, neither of which can be activated by the player. They activate automatically at need.


Damage Control Party

Just as with gunships, a carrier's Damage Control Party extinguishes fires, halts flooding, repairs damaged modules, and clears sonar pings. It activates at need.

——  Details  ——  
Aircraft Carrier Tier Nation(s) Duration Cooldown Charges
All IV - XI Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_Japan.png Wows_flag_SSSR.png Wows_flag_Germany.png Wows_flag_UK.png Wows_flag_France.png Wows_flag_Italy.png Wows_flag_Pan_Asia.png 60 seconds 90 seconds Infinite

CAP Fighters

CAP Fighters are carrier-based fighters that orbit the ship and attack enemy aircraft that come within range. They are deployed automatically by the carrier in self-defense.

——  Details  ——  

Carrier Squadrons

These consumables are accessed from carrier-based strike squadrons. They are all player-controlled.


Engine Cooling

Activating the Engine Cooling consumable extends the engine boost time of aircraft. It is found on all strike aircraft.

——  Details  ——

Patrol Fighters

Patrol Fighters are carrier-based fighters identical to CAP Fighters but with a different mission — to defend a strike squadron.

——  Details  ——

Aircraft Repair

Similarly to the Repair Party on gunships, the Repair consumable on aircraft carrier squadrons partially restores squadron aircraft HP.

——  Details  ——

Smoke Curtain Generator

The Smoke Curtain Generator on aircraft carriers works the same as with smoke generators on surface ships, but uses the aircraft to direct the smoke screen.

——  Details  ——
Aircraft Carrier Tier Nation(s) Smoke Screen Dispersion Time Action Radius Duration Cooldown Charges
Icon_default_aircarrier.png Yorktown, Icon_default_aircarrier.png Essex VIII - X Wows_flag_USA.png 60 seconds 530 meters 10 seconds 90 seconds 2



Damage Control Party

The Damage Control Party consumable immediately stops fires and floods and repairs damaged modules. While it is active enemy submarine-launched torpedoes cannot home, and the fuel system cannot leak oil.

——  Details  ——
Submarine Tier Nation(s) Action Time Cooldown (seconds) Charges
All VI - X Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_Japan.png Wows_flag_SSSR.png Wows_flag_UK.png 15 sec 60 3
All VI - X Wows_flag_Germany.png 5 sec 60 3
Icon_default_submarine_premium.png U-4501 X Wows_flag_Germany.png 15 sec 60 3


The Hydrophone consumable emits every few seconds in all directions a fairly slow hydrophone ping that has a range and does not go through land. When the submarine using the Hydrophone is not on the surface and the hydrophone ping hits enemy ships or submarines that are on the surface or at periscope depth, this happens:

  • the submarine player sees for a few seconds their silhouettes in the game world where they were hit
  • and their last known positions are updated on the minimap for the submarine player's team.

The enemies are not informed. So it does not detect but "semi-detects" enemies. Hydrophone also highlights the sea bottom topography.

——  Details  ——
Submarine Tier Nation(s) Ship Bearing Range Ship Bearing Effect Duration Interval Between Pings Action Time Cooldown Charges
All VI - VIII Wows_flag_USA.png 8.00 km 4 s 6 s 30 s 60 s Unlimited
All X Wows_flag_USA.png 9.00 km 4 s 6 s 30 s 60 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine_premium.png I-56 VIII Wows_flag_Japan.png 7.00 km 4 s 6 s 30 s 80 s 1
All VI - VIII Wows_flag_SSSR.png Wows_flag_Germany.png 7.00 km 4 s 6 s 30 s 80 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine.png K-1 X Wows_flag_SSSR.png 7.00 km 4 s 6 s 30 s 80 s Unlimited
All X Wows_flag_Germany.png 8.00 km 4 s 6 s 30 s 80 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine.png Undine VI Wows_flag_UK.png 6.00 km 4 s 4 s 30 s 30 s 4
Icon_default_submarine.png Sturdy,
Icon_default_submarine_premium.png Alliance
VIII Wows_flag_UK.png 6.00 km 4 s 4 s 30 s 30 s 5
Icon_default_submarine.png Thrasher X Wows_flag_UK.png 6.00 km 4 s 4 s 30 s 30 s 6

Submarine Surveillance

The Submarine Surveillance consumable detects submarines that are at underwater and periscope depths, also through land. It becomes ready only after the preparation time.

——  Details  ——
Submarine Tier Nation(s) Submarines' Spotting Range Preparation Time Action Time Cooldown Charges
All VI - X Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_UK.png 6.00 km 330 s 60 s 120 s Unlimited
All VI - X Wows_flag_Germany.png 9.00 km 330 s 60 s 120 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine_premium.png U-4501 X Wows_flag_Germany.png 6.00 km 330 s 60 s 120 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine.png S-1 VI Wows_flag_SSSR.png 7.00 km 290 s 20 s 80 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine.png L-20 VIII Wows_flag_SSSR.png 9.00 km 290 s 25 s 80 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine_premium.png S-189 VIII Wows_flag_SSSR.png 9.00 km 290 s 60 s 80 s Unlimited
Icon_default_submarine.png K-1 X Wows_flag_SSSR.png 10.00 km 275 s 30 s 60 s Unlimited

Enhanced Rudder Gears

The Enhanced Rudder Gears consumable decreases the diving plane shift time and thus the dive and ascent times.

——  Details  ——
Submarine Tier Nation(s) Diving plane shift time Dive/ascend speed Action Time Cooldown (seconds) Charges
All VI - X Wows_flag_USA.png -20% +20% 30 sec 120 2

Reserve Battery Unit

The Reserve Battery Unit consumable preserves dive capacity. While active, dive capacity does not decrease.

——  Details  ——
Submarine Tier Nation(s) Dive capacity depletion Duration (seconds) Cooldown (seconds) Charges
All VI - X Wows_flag_Japan.png Wows_flag_Germany.png -100% 30 90 2

Repair Party

Like the one found on gunships, a submarine's Repair Party restores the submarine's hit points by repairing damage. However, it can only be used when the submarine is on the surface.

——  Details  ——
Submarine Tier Nation(s) Heal Rate[1] Ship HP Restore[2] Duration Cooldown Charges
Icon_default_submarine_premium.png U-4501 X Wows_flag_Germany.png 0.5% / sec 50% 40 seconds 80 seconds 2


With Update 0.9.4 all base consumables were removed from the game and all "premium" consumable became free.

As of Update 0.8.0, aircraft can no longer spot enemy torpedoes and players controlling aircraft carriers (not including the strike aircraft) do not have to (i.e. cannot) manually activate their consumables. Aircraft characteristics.

  1. Heal rate is the percentage of the ship's full Health Points repaired per second.
  2. Ship HP restore is the percentage of normal damage taken (full penetrations and torpedo hits that don't hit the torpedo protection) that can be repaired.