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07:36, 26 February 2019(18,617 bytes)
09:47, 19 February 2019(18,557 bytes)AA Guns Modification 1
04:23, 7 February 2018(17,427 bytes)Added more screenshots
15:34, 22 January 2018(17,373 bytes)Please avoid editorializing in Pros/Cons.
03:00, 31 December 2017(17,263 bytes)added picture of Dunkerque alt camo
17:38, 8 December 2017(16,821 bytes)Moved videos to appropriate section. Added date of sale information.
17:37, 26 August 2017(16,482 bytes)Added Consumables section. Added photos to Historical gallery.
20:50, 23 August 2017(15,095 bytes)Updated Upgrades, Signals, and Commander Skills sections.
13:18, 31 July 2017(13,726 bytes)Protected "Ship:Dunkerque" ([Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
18:02, 3 February 2017(13,726 bytes)"Dunkirk" is the Anglican spelling of the place; "Dunkerque" is the correct name of the SHIP. Added Signal section. Updated Commander Skills for 0.6.0.
15:25, 9 January 2017(13,253 bytes)reformatted the history tab
15:19, 9 January 2017(13,182 bytes)added picture to historical gallery
07:27, 16 November 2016(13,050 bytes)Protected "Ship:Dunkerque": Counter-productive edit warring ([Edit=Allow only administrators] (expires 07:27, 30 November 2016 (UTC)) [Move=Allow only administrators] (expires 07:27, 30 November 2016 (UTC)))
07:25, 16 November 2016(13,050 bytes)Removed Jingles video, again. Not approved for Wiki use, per Pigeon_of_War @ WGNA. Take it up with them; the Wiki editing team has been given a list of whose YouTube videos we can and can't embed in pages, Jingles is not on the approved list.
18:40, 6 November 2016(13,046 bytes)Just because you say something over and over doesn't make it true. Jingles is a WG Community Contributor - why on earth would WG not have permission? So and less you've got something concrete you can cite to say his Videos should not be used then they are appropriate to include. Restoring.
18:57, 27 October 2016(13,018 bytes)WG does not have permission to use Jingles' content on the Wiki; video removed. Belt armor is 225mm, not 25mm; con removed.
15:42, 16 October 2016(13,144 bytes)I can find ZERO evidence of a site policy against including Jingles videos. Restoring.
23:27, 12 October 2016(13,116 bytes)Added Camouflage section.
15:58, 12 September 2016(12,028 bytes)Jingles video still not approved for Wiki use. Still no need to list "cons" twice.
22:46, 16 August 2016(11,818 bytes)Protected "Ship:Dunkerque": Counter-productive edit warring ([Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
22:43, 16 August 2016(11,818 bytes)Removed Jingles video (not approved for Wiki use). Fixed cons (no need to list them twice).
22:30, 16 August 2016(12,044 bytes)Dispersion WORST not good!
07:46, 14 August 2016(10,956 bytes)Added iChase's YouTube review. Corrected formatting of performance section.
03:58, 13 August 2016(10,805 bytes)Added Recommended Commander Skills table.
01:52, 13 August 2016(10,095 bytes)added paragraph to the "player opinion" section
19:47, 12 August 2016(5,060 bytes)Added links to ship articles in Screenshots.
19:23, 12 August 2016(4,963 bytes)Added in-game screenshots
16:36, 12 August 2016(4,287 bytes)Added link to LWM's forum review.
16:30, 12 August 2016(4,110 bytes)Added link to Zoup's YouTube review. Expanded historical section. Added pros and cons by Personator (with some additions and clean-up).
01:19, 29 July 2016(2,688 bytes)added historical info and images
14:25, 28 July 2016(1,065 bytes)Created page with "<!-- DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE LINES WITH COMMENTS (it's look like as this or next line) -->{{WoWs_Ship|Promo=<!-- in case of gift or promo ship write conditions to get it. -->..."
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