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|Anno= A further development of a multi-purpose cruiser ship for the Royal Navy. Despite the fact that the ship's displacement was limited by international treaties, she carried numerous rapid-firing main guns.

|Performance= If Tier VI's Leander is considered "settling in" to the back half of the British cruiser line, then the best advice for captains embarking aboard Tier VII's ' for the first time is "buckle up and enjoy the ride".

' maintains the branch's theme of 152mm main battery rifles, but moves up to mounting twelve of them in four triple-barrel turrets. As such, she is considerably up-gunned from Leander, and successors Edinburgh and Neptune boast identical configurations. At eight rounds per minute (a 7.5 second reload time), her main battery boasts the best rate of fire of all Tier VII cruisers, and she retains the 8.0 km maximum torpedo range of Leander’s upgraded torpedoes. Her unique mix of main battery and longer range torpedoes allow ' to hang in fights with equal-tier cruisers of other nations, and maintains her as a threat to enemy destroyers who wander too close.

First-time ' captains may think that she feels big for a light cruiser, and they're right. She has an increased beam over Leander, which allowed her designers to fit triple-barreled turrets on her hull. There's a subsequent increase to her detection radius, but she retains most of Leander’s handling characteristics; '’s turning circle is tighter, and her rudder shift is — for all intents and purposes — the same. Her anti-aircraft suite is satisfactory if unremarkable, and is approximately on par with German counterpart Yorck.

Despite the British cruiser reputation for light armor, i's belt armor is a surprisingly respectable 114 mm — much better Russian Tier VII cruiser Shchors, and at least competitive with the armor protection of other nations — and can bounce a surprising amount of shells when angled. However, her citadel is long and her athwartship armor is quite weak, so it is still inadvisable to attempt to bow-tank.

Just like Leander, ' works best with friendly ships around. She's ideal for backing up allied destroyers, though she can even cause significant damage to battleships in the right situations. Nonetheless, if kept in combat where she is able to maximize her strengths against enemy cruisers and destroyers, she is an exceptional ship in the hands of the right captain.


  • Good main battery range (15.4 km fully upgraded).
  • Highly effective against enemy cruisers and destroyers.
  • Guns can devastate enemy battleships if stealth can be maintained.
  • Retains access to the Repair Party (While active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second.) consumable.
  • Excellent main battery guns in a user-friendly layout.
  • Below average detection range (i.e. good stealth).
  • Excellent handling characteristics; quick rudder shift and tight turning circle.
  • Best belt armor in the line, especially for her tier.


  • Long citadel and weak athwartship armor.
  • Fairly ineffective against angled enemy battleships.
  • Anti-aircraft suite is merely average.
  • Though her maximum range is respectable, her shell velocity drops off sharply and makes landing hits difficult past medium range.

|Research= Availability of researchable upgrades for ' is as follows:

  • Hull: Upgrade to Hull (B) for additional health, a small increase in AA, and improved rudder shift time. Research of this module unlocks progression to Edinburgh.
  • Torpedoes: The 533 mm Mk IX* torpedoes are nothing more than a small bump to her torpedo damage and flood chance.
  • Gun Fire Control System: Upgrade to Mk VII mod. 2 for an extra 10% range on the main battery.

'’s stock range isn't bad for her guns; what she needs most is increased survivability. Invest experience points into Hull (B) first, then go for the Fire Control Systems module. The Torpedo module upgrade and can be left for last or skipped entirely.


|Upgrades= The recommended upgrades for ' are as follows:

Upgrade Slot 1 allows players to mount one of two viable options. Main Armaments Modification 1 is a generally viable choice, but players wishing to specialize for anti-aircraft duties should mount Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 (Increases survivability of the secondary battery and AA mounts: +100% survivability to each.).

Upgrade Slot 2 offers captains the ability to mount a special upgrade.Captains with access to Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 (Increases the action time of the Hydroacoustic Search and Short-Range Hydroacoustic Search consumables.: +20% action time.) would be well-advised to equip it in this slot.

Upgrade Slot 3 offers choices for specialization in different roles. Aiming Systems Modification 1 should be equipped for ship to ship combat. AA Guns Modification 2 (OBSOLETE Replaced by Auxiliary Armaments Modification 2.) is a good choice to provide additional defense against aircraft.

|CommanderSkills= Level 1's Priority Target is a great skill for ' commanders, as it allows players to know when it is (theoretically) safe to expose their broadside in a turn without severe punishment. Level 2's best skill is Adrenaline Rush since it provides a massive DPM boost once your health drops low and thanks to your heal you can easily control your health. Jack of All Trades is a great skill after captains have taken Concealment Expert since the skill reduces the cooldown of important consumables such as Smoke Generator (While active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates.) and Repair Party (While active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second.). Superintendent is recommended at Level 3 given how dependent '’s performance is on effective use of her consumables. Basic Firing Training isn't a bad pick for captains who want to get the most out of their AA, especially when combined with Level 4's Advanced Firing Training for more range. At Level 4, picking up Concealment Expert is first priority. Advanced Firing Training, Radio Position Finding, and Manual Fire Control for AA Armament are worthy of consideration later on; Manual Fire Control for AA Armament is a more attractive skill for subsequent ships in the line and is recommended if captains intend to move the commander to the next ship.

|Consumables= ' can equip the following consumables:

Though given the choice between Smoke Generator (While active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates.), Spotting Aircraft (While active, a spotter plane circles the ship enhancing main battery firing range.), and Catapult Fighter (While active, a group of fighter planes circles the ship providing protection by attacking incoming enemy aircraft.)