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At Account Level 10, captains unlock the ability to fly signals on their ships that grant small bonuses to gameplay and rewards.

On achieving Account Level 14, captains can display non-national flags.


Signals are small flag-like pennants, displayed individually or as a set, that nominally are used to communicate to other ships. In game, they confer combat or economic bonuses to the ship flying them. A maximum of eight (8) signals can be flown simultaneously on battleships, cruisers, and destroyers; aircraft carriers are limited to four (4) signals.

Signals are consumed after use. They can be obtained as follows:

  • In-game achievements. Each achievement (except Devastating Strike) grants signals once per 24-hour period. (For example: the first time each day that a captain earns the "Confederate" achievement, he would be awarded 10 "Zulu Hotel" signals. A second "Confederate" within the 24 hour window would yield no signals.)
  • All signals (except Special Signals) can be purchased in the Arsenal for Coal.
  • Some signals may be purchased from the Premium Shop (depending on server).
  • Signals can be acquired from containers, especially the Signals & Camouflage containers.
  • Campaigns, challenges, and combat missions often reward signals.
  • Playing one battle in a Public Test will grant 3 of every non-special signal. Additional Public Test missions may give Special Signals.
  • Economic Signals can be purchased at the time of mounting for in-game currency Doubloons if Auto-Resupply is enabled.
  • Special Signals can be obtained only through containers, events, or missions.

Signals may be sold for credits, though this is generally not worthwhile, especially for Economic Signals.

In order to equip signals, click the "Exterior" tab under the BATTLE! button in the top center of the screen, then select "SIGNALS" from the menu at left. This will display a list of available signals with quantities of each. Click on the desired signal, then press the "Mount" button. You can also choose to Auto-Resupply your signals, so that after each battle, a replacement signal is automatically mounted on your ship. If you do not select this option, your ship will have no signals mounted when you return to port after your next battle.

List of Combat Signals

List of Economic Signals

List of Special Signals


National Flags

Each ship in the tech tree of a single nation flies the national flag or naval ensign of that nation. Ships from tech trees that cover multiple nations — such as Commonwealth or Pan-Asia — can choose to fly either the "national" flag shown in the tech tree, or the ensign of the nation they actually represent.

Non-national Flags

Beginning at Account Level 14 captains may elect to hoist a non-national flag alongside the ship's national flag. These flags may be obtained from a variety of sources: from in-game events, to special flags available in certain ship bundles in the store, to contests or events on the regional forums.

Flags differ from Signals in key ways.

  • Signals are functional where flags are cosmetic. (The few flags that affect rewards are rare and generally unavailable.)
  • A player is limited to displaying one (1) non-national flag on each ship. (The ability to display two may be earned through some Collections.)
  • A flag is not consumed when displayed; it stays hoisted until the captain hauls it down.
  • The same flag may be displayed on more than one ship at a time.

The below are all non-national flags:

List of Ranked Flags

List of Promotional Flags

List of Special Flags

List of Ship Flags

List of Charity Flags