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07:46, 13 August 2020(6,969 bytes)Updated the performance section (remove the mention of stealth firing)
16:04, 10 May 2020(7,049 bytes)Removed reference to premium consumables
18:34, 28 March 2020(7,308 bytes)references to Wikipedia for ship and class
03:58, 28 September 2019(6,142 bytes)Replace Commander Skills; this one is ancient and broken. Copied rec's over; need updating.
14:13, 9 May 2018(5,934 bytes)Added 3D model and date of sale information. Updated Upgrades section.
18:09, 1 August 2017(5,729 bytes)Protected "Ship:Gremyashchy" ([Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
19:09, 27 January 2017(5,853 bytes)Last stand is a must have for any destroyer.
16:57, 27 December 2016(5,892 bytes)Updated link to LWM's forum review.
22:11, 29 September 2016(5,541 bytes)Added sections for Upgrades, Consumables, Commander Skills, and Camouflage.
18:03, 9 August 2016(3,143 bytes)Added link to LWM's forum review.
16:22, 18 May 2016(43 bytes)VER_03:ru moved page Ship:Gremyashchiy to Ship:Gremyashchy without leaving a redirect
11:51, 26 June 2015(43 bytes)Haswell:na moved page Ship:Gremyashchiy to Ship:PRSD001 Gremyashchy 1942
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