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18:46, 9 July 2022(22,470 bytes)Edited camo insert to appear blank in prep for 0.11.6 econ changes.
03:09, 12 March 2021(17,591 bytes)CS3 Lose the history of the line re-org. Five years later we don't care.
15:43, 25 June 2020(18,455 bytes)removed mention of premium consumables
00:24, 28 March 2020(18,768 bytes)references to Wikipedia for ship and class
15:30, 7 August 2017(18,647 bytes)Protected "Ship:Hatsuharu" ([Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
06:29, 5 December 2016(18,256 bytes)Revised Performance, Research, and Commander Skills sections. Added Upgrades and Consumables sections. Added Upgrades, Added Historical Gallery photos.
17:31, 1 December 2016(12,268 bytes)Adjusted page for tha Hatsuharu moving to tier 6
06:16, 11 November 2016(12,945 bytes)Updated Type 17 camo info.
14:39, 18 October 2016(12,919 bytes)Added Commander Skills and Camouflage sections. Improved wording of Performance section.
16:53, 18 May 2016(28 bytes)Protected "Ship:Hatsuharu": Global template ([Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
12:02, 26 June 2015(41 bytes)Haswell:na moved page Ship:Hatsuharu to Ship:PJSD006 Hatsuharu 1945
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