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23:52, 26 July 2021(10,606 bytes)change-log added
08:07, 25 July 2021(10,039 bytes)update commander skills and stuff
23:31, 14 April 2021(10,114 bytes)Corrected a spelling error in the performance section (mountss -> mounts)
20:17, 24 January 2021(10,699 bytes)removed the word "though." Was "The maneuverability is also average, with a rather slow speed though." Now, "The maneuverability is also average, with a rather slow speed." It was difficult to know original intent. It is possible the sentence is incomplete or that "though" is a misspelling or auto-correct. However, deleting the word seemed like a safe solution.
20:07, 24 January 2021(10,706 bytes)Removed apostrophe. "The combination of it's reload time.." to "The combination of its reload time.."
22:35, 27 May 2020(10,435 bytes)fixed grammatical errors, rewrote a paragraph, and added a con
20:35, 7 May 2020(10,271 bytes)Add availability.
10:14, 1 May 2020(10,258 bytes)Added performance as well as Pros and Cons
18:41, 27 April 2020(8,137 bytes)Added Upgrades, Captain skills, Camo and Flag sections
23:13, 26 June 2019(6,605 bytes)added template
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