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Heroic Clash Collection

Heroic Clash Collection

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PCZA034_Jap_BB_EA_Dragons.png Late October. Three sentinels are guarding blessed pearls hidden in the ocean depths. At the mercy of a storm, sailors are fighting the elements like a tiger facing a dragon. They are bound to win.

The Heroic Clash collection is presented in the form of a puzzle composed of 60 pieces. Collection items can only be obtained from the Heroic Clash containers. The exchange rate for duplicates of this collection is 2:1.


The puzzle shows the following picture:


Overall Reward

Image Name Notes
PJES390_Yumihari_UGC.png Mount Fuji Sunrise Permanent camouflage for Yumihari
Reward_unlock_camo_submarine.png Camouflage Color Scheme Custom color schemes for the camouflages of all Flag of Japan Japanese Submarines.