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01:26, 24 August 2020(11,736 bytes)Added info
03:38, 1 August 2020(10,802 bytes){{Fast Damage Control Team}}
18:55, 4 April 2020(10,043 bytes)references to ship - worldofwarships.com & YouTube
19:08, 4 March 2020(9,901 bytes)Undo revision 292292 by iDuckman:na (talk) #%&(%~!
04:34, 21 January 2020(10,789 bytes)Slight corrections. And enough about the AA mount HP nerf BS, WeeGee, nerf this thing already. You can't just listen to one playerbase's requests and expect everyone else to go along with it
01:48, 31 August 2019(8,375 bytes)Style of Pros and Cons, added summary "Con"
04:34, 10 June 2019(8,117 bytes)Added performance, pros and cons, research, upgrades, commander skills, consumables, camouflage, and signals sections
21:05, 28 February 2019(6,606 bytes)Created page.
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